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[Blinx OCs] Team Timewalker by catgirl140 [Blinx OCs] Team Timewalker by catgirl140

I feel I should apologise for how long this took. Life kept getting in the way, university started again and I was generally really picky how I presented each character. Keiko (1) took the longest to sketch to get her just right but Stuart (3) gave me the most trouble (just like in-game, bastard). Sketched him twice as his first draft looked out of place and his arm was a pain in the butt to draw. Christopher does have a mouth btw, you just can't see it (and I'm not bothered to fix it because I swear I could see it while drawing). You'll notice I made some tweaks to their designs but I won't go into that.

But hey, we're here now and I have an obligation to talked about these guys.

Characters are numbered by the order they joined the team. 2-4 are based off NPCs in MOTAS.

(1) Keiko
Female, Rank A, Team Leader
- The combination of wanting to leave her hometown for bigger, better things and a messy breakup was enough reason to enlist as a Time Sweeper.
- Overall a pretty friendly, outgoing gal who likes having a good time.
- Goes off on her own little adventures that the higher-ups probably shouldn't know about.
- A good leader who is able to bring out the best in her teammates, but gets all hissy when things don't turn out right. 
- Takes a ton of risks to everyone else's chagrin. Somehow it always works out.
- Spends a good chunk of her gold on TF cookies. That or the ingredients to make them herself. 
- Preferred weapon: Shotgun.

(2) Ian
Male, Rank A
- Keiko's best friend, they met at their graduation ceremony when they qualified as fully fledged Time Sweepers.
- Warm, friendly and considerate. Probably gives the best hugs.
- Stuart teases him a lot and Ian is too mellow to protest so Keiko has to step in for his sake.
- Prone to getting captured by the Tom Toms the most. Everyone's been keeping a tally.
- Preferred weapon: G300 RAY.

(3) Stuart
Male, Rank A
- Keiko has a judging tolerance for this guy. She can't even remember why she registered him in the first place.
- He's a fun guy to hang around, just not one for teamwork. He'll go off doing his own thing at the worst of times.
- The most energetic and outgoing of them. Expressive and is basically an open book.
- Keiko and Christopher aren't reluctant to use Stuart's weaknesses to make him cooperate, whether it be food or gold.
- Steals Keiko's cookies when she's not looking. She's still trying to catch him in the act with his hand in the cookie jar.
- Preferred weapon: BAZ-006.

(4) Christopher
Male, Rank S
- Rank S for good reason, his tactics and skills make him a formidable foe in battle. 
- The most dependable and practical and more often than not he's calling out on everyone else's bullshit.
- Baffled when his teammates are the only ones who aren't intimidated by him.
- Kind of guy who only speaks when he needs to.
- Doesn't smile or laugh often either. Keiko and Ian have been teaming up to figure out how they can make him.
- Keeps Stuart in line when Keiko is too frustrated to properly deal with him.
- Preferred weapon: Winterfield.

Backup members not shown: Nelson, Elliot

More about the team...
- The Timewalkers are a special unit that tasked to investigate temporal anomalies in various worlds. (Hence the team name.) Weird shit happens sometimes. Like that one time everyone a time monster reversed time so much is made them into kittens again. Getting back to normal was a hoot.
- The team who made the most contribution to the Big Crystal incident and thus sent to the final battle in A-000. Keiko thinks it was all a fluke though. However, it was the first adventure the team went on just after forming so it made for a learning experience in many ways.
- Everyone is equipped with a black and green TS-X7 variant. Keiko paid Jimmy good money to get them customised. Same goes for the jackets.
- They're not the best team out there when it comes to battle but they manage to do well against most A rank teams. Christopher has to carry the team half the time, to his dismay.
- While they're not the strongest, their personalities and team dynamic make for a pretty solid team.
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Noxivaga Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2018  Student Digital Artist
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Super happy to see art of one of the rank S Sweepers.  I knew who it was as soon as I saw the name (still wishing we had actual visuals for all of them, though, instead of just names).  I think your characterization of him works really well, too, and I can even see him being the type to make good use of a Winterfield.

If I ever find myself wanting to draw more BLiNX characters after having somehow exhausted ideas for the backup team and the like (which I seriously can't promise would ever happen), I'd love to play around with the rank S Sweepers a bit.  In my own head, they're like these mysterious named characters that are the absolute best of one of the most highly-trained forces in the universe (thinking on it, Blinx would also likely be a part of that, but even if we never got the best idea of his personality, he did have screentime).  Could explore all sorts of ideas for their personalities, ranging from the disciplined no-nonsense type like Christopher here to more quirky "strange but incredibly skilled" types.  I end up wanting to imagine that the rank S Sweepers know each other, too, despite being on different teams (at least some of them, since there are too many for one standard team).
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Conveniently you'd only have to work with 15 S-rank Time Sweepers so having them know each other is believable. Thinking of how few of them there are gives me the idea that it's pretty hard to reach the S-rank. Like they would have to be exceptionally skilled and stand out beyond what is expected of a regular Time Sweeper.

Among the save files I think I have access to about 5 of them so if you ever need pics, let me know. I remember particularly liking Pierce's design (16). In related news, I recently acquired Elliot (13) after playing through a few VS matches. He's very... blue.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
The small number is what really makes me interested.  It's this very small, incredibly skilled and pretty unknown group among the already-formidable Sweepers.  I guess they just have something of a mysterious air about them in my mind.  Considering the stuff that Sweepers in general are capable of, I can only imagine what they'd be able to pull off.  Keep in mind that even Furball's not one of them despite the number of massive time monsters he took one, or at least he isn't one prior to the end of the Big Crystal incident.  Thinking a bit more, though, I wonder if the Backup Team as a whole would be on a similar level, though it's hard to imagine the likes of Pelon and Chron being S-ranks with how they both complained about needing to be saved (not to mention Furball single-handedly taking out the monster that Pelon was hiding from).  I guess what the Backup Team even is is an entire question of its own, but they're apparently worthy of trailing Blinx in some capacity.

I can't say I expect to need the S-ranks' pictures for anything, but I'd certainly be interested if you just happened to have them sitting around.  I like having names and faces to put to them.
Jonatan Featured By Owner Edited Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Errmagooo they looks so win-y! :la:

Prolly first time I've seen you do actual (sorta) in-depth profiles, it's good. Moar, plox :meow: Chris' fur and eye color could make him be mistaken for Jonos, save for being less scruffy and floof.

You're encouraging me to draw more Blinx fanart, stahp! :noes:
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Draw more Blinx art. 
Jonatan Featured By Owner Edited Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Goddamnit Navi, I thought I locked you away. :iconseriousfaceplz:      :iconnaviplz:
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