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Yoz! So yeah as of late I need some funds for gas money and loan money. I sorta overspent and I need to make up for it.

It has to be paypal sorry if it isn't points or nothing. Anyways. I am open for many different commissions. Like sketch commissions that are $15 to Montage commissions that are $30

Note me if interested in doing any.

Other than that I am doing well and made a Dimensiontale Wiki page. Starting to get stuff on it slowly.

Welp off to go back to arting. Laterz dudes!

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So yeah Sorry if I am sparse with my art. I have been mostly doodling a lot more than finishing art pieces half the time. I plan to do more finished pieces.

So Dime's 2nd birthday is coming up on Tuesday. I dunno and doubt I will finish the painting I have been putting off for so long cause of commissions, rp's, and work getting a lot of my attention. I plan to try to work on it though.

Also I have a switch now. Got it with my tax return this year. :D I play sometimes, not a lot. I have Splatoon 2, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Kirby's Star Allies, Stern Pinball Arcade, and BoTW.

Well I hope to be a bit more active when I can. See yah laterz!
Okay so...I just wanted to say. I am sorry I haven't updated stuff in awhile. I will be slowly getting to it after this week or maybe around the end of today. Anyways. I have a lot of things I have been up to the past week. I went to a anime con with my bf, went to 3 movies, and worked a SKELE-ton. Well anyways. I hope to get back soon to posting.

Another thing I have been up to and happy to say that the KARMA Sans project I am helping out with being a video editor on as well as my art being in it as part of the many sans'es that are there. I really love them all! I have been working a bit on the parts I have to edit in.

Also I have a commission to do as well! It will be fun to do more commissions again when I get time.

Well that's all for now folks! cya soon!


How old are you?

old enough.


What gender and pronouns do you identify with?



Your name?



 How social are you?

Pretty social



 How long have you been on deviantART? (Old accounts included)

13 years


 What are your future plans for the site?

Well making art more my full time job and posting more arts (including pixel art stuff)


 Do you want to pursue a career in art?



 On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?

8 or 9...or 5 ehh I don't really see myself as perfect artist.

 Do you ever plan on leaving deviantART?

not sure

 Who is your favorite visual artist?

I love all the artists on my list. I will name only a few.
I watch waay too many people... LazyIcon I wanna use - 6


 Do you use a tablet or a mouse?

 a Ugee M708 tablet


 How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?

I would say if it was a sketch. a few minutes...but as for a whole painting. Takes days since I can't fully work on art without being interrupted by IRL stuff.


 How well do you handle criticism?

Depends on my mood really. I usually handle it well. Just on days I am depressed I might take it too seriously and cry in my art corner. I swear I am trying to be better at it.



 What is your sexuality/romantic preference?

I am straight if that is what you wanna know.


 Are you currently in a relationship?

Yup yup yup.


 Is your partner/spouse a deviant? (If so, paste link to their profile here.)

Yup yup..he's on here but he mostly makes music. Star-Stream101 Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3] 

 How long have you been together?

3 years...going on 4 in November. Hamtaro Hamster Emoji-07 (Cute Dance) [V1] 


Ok so as the title says. I have thought about opening a ask the Dimensiontale characters. I do have the ask open on tumblr though wondering if I should open them here as well?

Anyways other updates. You may know or not I am apart of the Sans project. It's been awesome learning about au's that most I never heard of. Till joininh the project and rping with some of them. Well it is a fun project, but the past weekend I have been really sick. It started with being sinus pressure to making the pressure go fully to the ears. While right now one side is doing ok the other is closed shut. Since here in the states it was a holiday weekend, I have been stuck wishing for relief from this mess. I just hope sometime soon I feel fully recovered cause from the pressure it is bothering my lower jaw when I chew.
Anyway enough about being sick. I have personal projects I plan on getting to. For now though I need sleep...night!
This month last year I created Dimensiontale. It was today I had that skype convo going and then rped in a twitch stream I did. Also Flowey was drawn out I believe it was today or so. the first few doodles of him are labeled as today. The first doodles were never used for his design, but still he was created on this day. Though I know Dimension Flowey isn't the best kind of flower out there, he still deserves some love! :3

20170404 155529 by catgir

Here are the unlisted sketches of him I did that never made it out in public till now. The two on top are from today where as tomorrow was the date for the ones on the bottom. The ones on the bottom are closer to the design he is now, just had the wrong eye bigger than the other.

I know I need to finish more on the comics and hope to get around to them this week. I plan on finishing up the one page for DragonBlitzStudios story. I am sorry I haven't had alot of time for everything to get to, but I plan to get more done this year with both comics. That and other things I plan to get done.

I am also in need of money. I have been working hard to try to get a part time job at least so I can get money for my loan. I would like help with getting a few more dollars for paying this month's loan payment. I hate begging for money so I would rather work for it personally cause I am use to doing something for the moneys worth. That's why I love doing commissions. Granted I don't get alot, but I really would love to get a bit of them so I can also work on something on the side.
If you are interested in a prices can be found in this journal: Looking for commissions and Also art cards

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Oh and also have to thank all of you for following here on this DA page. I know I don't always update here, but I have been trying to as much as I can. I have met the most awesome people in the past year and would love to thank you all for being so nice to me. Without you all I would probably not be on this site at all. ;v;
Since my payment for my loan is coming up I need some help with getting some funds for paying it. I have tried to get a job, but so far I haven't had alot of luck on that end of things.

Anyways. I am thinking of doing commissions and also custom art cards. The commission info is as follows:

Cornsy Reef by catgir
line art artwork $15 (each extra character add $5)

Commission: Chara and Asriel Karaoke by catgir Fan art: Demongo by catgir

Basic coloring $25 (for each extra character add $5)

One Shot Fan art by catgir
Small digital Painting $40 (colored background)

Coolskeleton 95 by catgir
Big digital Painting $55 (colored background)

Plague Knight Flying high! by catgir Papyrus No Longer Believes in You by catgir
Big digital Painting (with background) $75

art cards -finished- by catgir
Custom Art Card $15

I also have some prints available from my last con if anyone is interested. Here is what I have prints of still.
Coolskeleton 95 by catgir Papyrus No Longer Believes in You by catgir Plague Knight Flying high! by catgir Art cards complete by catgir
Big prints are all $15
Art Card prints $5

For traditional stuff that I have to send through the mail (or prints) please note me which ones and where your address is at so I can figure out the shipping cost.

Thanks for looking and laterz everyone!
The picture here is of my table setup for my first time.
Well it was a long day, but I was both happy and surprised how well it all went. The convention was so fun and I got the three guests to sign my sketchbook of a few sketches I did of the characters they voiced. Anyways all in all I got to meet some awesome people! Thanks to all who stopped by to say hi and also sketch something in the shetchbook I had out. I had a few people come back to sketch more...also the first person that sketched in it (which was one of the many Charas that day) decided to rip out the sketch she did from it. X3
I also was one of the few tables that had undertale art (I think I had the most art of undertale out of all of them) and the best print that I should of had more copies of was my lesser dog draw me like one of your french poodles. It was quite popular and also the two bookmarks that I almost sold out of were shenron and haku (from Spirited Away).
I also got to see some great cosplays roaming around cause the cosplay contest area was the booth across from me. The winner though had one of the best looking costume of Handsome Jack from Borderlands games. It was so spot on to the character! Though one of my favorite cosplayers was one that dressed as Ed from Cowboy Bebop. She was perfect for the character and she acted so much like Ed it was amazing! ;v;

I hope someday to do another art table and I have a better idea of what to make for next time. I just had such a great time!

Now for people who are anxiously waiting for some more comics from me. Your time of waiting is coming to an end. I am starting up the comics again along with finishing a commission that I need to get done.

DragonBlitzStudios Star-Stream101
embedded_item1489328952480 by catgir
I know I really haven't updated on here as much as I really anticipated last month. I was really REALLY busy with art cards and bookmarks. I really didn't get to post much else other than one speed paint video of the Nightmare Dragon and a posting of the art of the cards. I also posted a few random doodles from the drawpiles I had with others. Just had to take short breaks from it cause I was under a lot of stress the whole month. I have been both very nervous and excited about going this con. My bf will be coming along to the con so we both will be there at the booth. I hope it is fun. I know I had fun making these art cards for prints. :D

anyways. Sorry if I am dead on here but I am still preparing and such for it. Hope this con will go well and that maybe I will think about doing more art tables in the future. ^^;
Ok so I recently found out about a anime con that a friend of mine wanted me to try being in the artist alley for once. Note I never tried being in an artist alley at any con...and I have been to over 10 cons in my life.

A few things I need to know...what should I use as prints? What else should I try selling at the booth? Also suggestions on maybe decent prices? And any advice for a first time artist alley seller at a anime con?

Hhhh...I feel very jittery right now just thinking about this. both excited and really scared to try to sell out in the real world. Last time I tried selling something at a booth in a smaller venue I was barely making sales at all.  Oh why is it that I feel this scared about it?

Also anything else I should make for this type of con that I already don't have?
I decided after a very long time I want to do a few sketch requests. I will pick out a few requests I want to do and sketch them out. Feel free to post a reference sheet of said character (yus just one character please) and also what pose you would like the character to be in. I won't do the character sketch if you don't have some reference sheet for it. Also one request per person.

I will do:
rated G-PG art
Anthro characters
Dragons (with not much details)
Undertale fan art
other fan art

If you don't know if I will do it please just ask me about it.

EDIT: Decided before I get too many requests I will close it. I have a few sketched out I will post shortly. ;)
So I wake up this morning to being tagged by :iconkittysoul99:

Welp here we go

The Rules are to write 8 random facts about a certain OC of yours and tag 8 people.


1. She is a Caracal (hence the ear tuffs) and a part domestic cat.

2. I created her in 2004 as my fursona on IGN forums.

3. Catgir has been in her own comic series back when I got banned from the IGN forums for 24 hours. (and everyone I knew read my comic and wanted to be in it)

4. Her original design has evolved over the years. She use to be mostly human with paws, cat ears, and a tail. (so not anthro)

5. Catgir has had many love interests in her life and they came and went rather quickly.

6. She tries to be nice to everyone she meets (unless she is pestered)

7. The Username that I made and she is based off of was from a Invader Zim Forum, the username on there was Invader CatGir. (yus the gir part derived from that I loved gir from the show, and the cat part was cause I loved cats)

8. She met Redstar in a cave she was exploring and ended up falling in love with him. Her first comic appearance though was when she was innocently drawing in her room and Redstar turned her into a bat by biting her (yus I know...he is a fruitbat, but it was an idea that popped into my head at the time).

People I'm tagging...
anyone that would love to do this that watches me(I won't force people but hey would be awesome to see someone do this).

now I am ready to go work on arts.

*goes back to work*
I have been trying to think of ways to either find a job or whatnot. Recently though I have been working on artwork I need to finish *coughdisbeliefpapyruscough* and have been trying to think of ideas for the next few pages of the comic along with thinking of my character designs for my AU so I can get the thing started as a comic.

Yeah I do goof around cause well people distract me sometimes...and also some games do as well. If I am not active much, I am either working on arts or just trying to get away from my reality that is my hard life I am living. It's hard not to dwell on my troubles. Just been feeling down sometimes, but least my bf and friends are helping me cope with it. It depresses me sometimes...this whole situation.

I will leave it at that...and I will try to be looking up for a more hopeful situation so I don't worry as much. Think of me as Sans. I try to keep joking around alot and goofing off, being lazy, and trying to hide the real problem.

Well I am off for now. tootles!
My good friend :iconsoraxroxas1: decided to help me out by making me a go fund me page. Thanks for the help buddy!

So if you want to just can donate there for now. :)

now to get some rest...night all! {F2U} - Napping Sans pixel icon 
This week has been one of the most stressful and upsetting weeks I ever had. I broke down this week from all the stress...

I have been trying to get commissions to pay on my student loans. Well it hasn't worked anywhere and even lowering prices feels like I get nowhere fast. Well I got bugged this week by the people I had to pay and really I have put it aside a lot due to not being able to pay on it since not having a hourly paying job or anything. Well zoom ahead to about yesterday. I looked in my bank account and found I have $2 in it...

Now I hate to beg for money...I always like earning it in some way, but if you feel generous to help out a starving artist that just wants to pay her loan off...I won't stop you.

I am currently taking paypal stuff and if you want to donate is where you can send it to on there.

Or I have a go fund me. All funds are towards paying the loan.
My good friend :iconsoraxroxas1: decided to help me out by making me a go fund me page. Thanks for the help buddy!

I know this is just a shot in the dark to me, but I just I had to speak how I felt all week. I know I could try to beg to my dad on the matter, but I feel I have to take responsibility since it is the part of my own loan I have to pay on. I also hate to burden them with problems that I know are hard to deal with for them. They aren't the richest of people so I just hate to make them pay for something they shouldn't be paying for.

I will quit my rambling now and get to drawing. Hope everyone has a spectacular day!
I have been in formed that my good friend :icondragonblitzstudios: made a website for his comics.

Just thought I would let you all know.

*goes back to work*
I am planning on having a summer sale for my art. so if you want to commission's the time!
Here's the normal prices with some of the examples!
Commission Prices 2016 by catgir

My price drops are as follows!
sketches $10
Inked $12
flat color $20
Color with shading $28
Detailed painting $30 (just added this and examples Contest Submission: Monofell!Mettaton-battle by catgir  Figment Paint by catgir)
Sketch montage $15
colored montage $20
Character Reference sheets $40 (it includes the side, front, back, a few expressions, and it in color)

Ones I am closed on:
Comics (Reason is I am working on too many comics right now! I can't handle it atm and I need to finish what I have.)

That's all for now! please if anyone needs any commissions from me note me or you can also contact me through commenting here! Also I take paypal mostly!
I got tagged from :icontwitchy-senpai:
so here are the questions I got. *cracks knuckles before I begin*

1. Ey, bro

Yoz! What's cookin'? ....*doesn't get answered* *Sigh*

2. Swim n get eaten by a whale? or Fly to a volcano n wait until it errupts?

Hmm...I think I would rather get eaten by a whale. Might have more chances to survive it.

3. Would you rather save everyone n die as a hero? or save you're family n let the people there rot n have the title of douchebag from you're family (lol srry)?

I would rather save everyone and die! Heck People would remember me as a hero and well i would be satisfying to help change the world even if it meant to die for everyone to live.

4. Is there someone u hate? if so.. describe that person

not really...I have a few haters but I don't hate anyone really.
5. What is school for you? (i have an answer for that but eh.. i'm not a answerer em i? lol)

LOL school? Guess it is for me edumacation for kids (aka I am not in it HAHAHAA! yus the misspelling WAS intentional)

6. I have a theory about Death, do u have one?

Yes. *looks around* does that answer the question...or...

7. Ballet or.. Latin Dance?

Latin dance! It's can be fun! :D

8. What's you're fave animal? mine is Fox always been one of my fave animals lel

Well for me it is a cat (any kind really I love tigers the most RAWR!)

9. Do you sleep early?


10. What will u do....................?

do what I do every night...TAKE OVER THE WORL- I mean go draw. :p

11. Om nom i'm eating... want some Chiaaaps?


12. Paper or Paper?

*starts singing to the Double mint gum tune* Double the paper double the fun...GO GET SOME DOUBLE MINT GUM! ;)

13. Roses r Red Violets are Blue i'm out of questions.... uh..... Frick this shizz i'm out

fdjghkfjghksfjdvkj! AND I AM OUT OF ANSWERS! YAAY!

My Questions:

1. H0i! Do you enjoy your current style of art you draw or are you wanting to change it? (if not art with what you like posting on here, would you like to change it or you enjoy what you do?)

2. If you were attacked by a Werewolf would you run or fight it? If fight with what?

3. You drink a potion that changes you into whatever you want to become, what would you want to turn into and why?

4. What is your current favorite tv show or movie?

5. Suddenly you get transported into your favorite video game/movie...what one is it and what would you do once you got there?

6. Do you want to move someplace else? if so where? (can be real or fiction)

7. what type of animals do you like or creatures? I really love cats and also dragons. :3

8. fork or chopsticks?

9. Anime or other cartoons?

10. If you found a time traveling device that could take you anywhere in time, what year and time would you go to?

11. If you like Undertale (or any fandom you like just tell me what one), who is your favorite character and why?

12. Do you like to Dance? if yes, What type do you enjoy? *does the cha cha*

13. It's a Beautiful day outside...Birds are singing, Flowers are blooming...on days like these, kids like you...SHOULD BE TAGGING OTHER PEOPLE! ;)


Well I found a person on twitter that thought cause adult guys over 30 loved MLP they are creepy.
.....'s some better questions. Why can't adults like kid cartoons? Why do they get catagorized immediately as creepy if they like a cartoon?

I know lots of adult MLP fans (me included and my bf). I like it cause it is one show that has a good story, can be funny at times, and morals are taught during their adventures. It is one of the cartoons left still running that has morals anymore. Not many are out there like it.

I really can't wrap my head around why adults can't like kids cartoons. They create them don't they? I don't see a toddler making cartoons for them to watch. Also some adults have kids and they love watching cartoons with them. Why does it suddenly make it creepy if an adult likes Peppa Pig? I say if it makes a person happy, let them be. They don't need to be thrown as a stereotype cause they like something or is a fan of a supposed kid cartoon.

It's just as bad as saying if you like anime that you are a weeaboo. So...I guess that would make me a creepy weeaboo person cause I like anime and kid cartoons at the same time. Psshhh...! I just dunno anymore about why people go judging people for what they like? If they enjoy it and gives a smile to their sad lives, let them have their happiness. It's why cartoons are made enjoy something. Weather it is serious cartoons or funny ones.

I have to say...there also cartoons that are loved by anyone. My parents and I loved Invader Zim when it was playing on tv (they watch it on dvd sometimes too). My mom and dad like watching Ghibli films as well as some cartoons. Does that make them creepy weaboo's?!
No it doesn't to me.


So I just got tagged for the first time by the amazing artist :iconskyriazeth: !
Okay so here's mine!
  Rebecca R. (most people just call me catgir though)

Star sign: Taurus (yup...take me by the horns! I DARE YOU!)

Average hours of sleep: What is this sleep you speak of?

oh wait I had sleep a bit. It varies with me. recently I have been taking some naps a lot more...*feelsmorelikeSans*

Lucky Number:
I dunno...the meaning of life sounds good to where did I put my towel...

Last thing I googled:

Actually Time traveling armor. Was getting ideas for something.. >.>;;

Favorite fictional character(s):

This will be a very long list...but here are a few of my favorites.

From Undertale: just about everyone (except Jerry...screw that annoying guy) I mostly like Sans cause he is the most like me in so many ways, then Asgore cause I feel for the poor king of the underground, then Alphys is 3rd....*goes on about other characters*

From movies:
Rodger Rabbit: Cause he is just one great character. When I was younger I use to be goofy like him. X3

Baymax: That inflatable guy is just soo adorable!

Nails the Spider from Cool World: Cause he was one awesome and funny character.

From other games:

Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts: OMG when I was in college he was so my muse for writing my fanfic and drawing at the time...he also was one I fell for for awhile *blushes*

Riku from Kingdom Hearts series: yus him too. *Ihadacrushonallthelongsilverhairedcharactersexceptansem* ^^;

What are you wearing now?:

uhh...umm pj's? does that count? X3

Amount of watchers:

out of the 11 years I have been 192.

What do you post?:

Undertale art and occasionally doing some of my other characters along with gift arts when I feel like it.
I have been encouraged for the first time in ages to actually be determined as an artist from all the wonderful artists here. The Undertale community is one of my favorites cause they really like to help out. Thanks everyone for being a great community on DA!

Do you run any more blogs?:

yup! In fact I have so many things somedays I don't keep up with them all! XD
I have 2 tumblrs (one for my AU and then my personal one)
twitter, facebook (which I rarely look at), a Furaffinity page (which I sometimes go on now. I post alot of furry arts there.), .....etc.

Do you get a lot of comments?:

Eh...I occasionally get a comment or two..except when I did that Gaster Disaster comic. My inbox that day exploded!

Why did you choose this username?:

It's a long story...actually not really. I was making a name for a old Invader Zim forum back in early 2000's my dad went to cause heck my whole family loved Invader Zim. I was sitting there thinking of a good name...I ended up making InvaderCatGir...Invader for being apart of the show, Cat cause I loved cats, and Gir cause well he is my favorite character in the show. Also, later on in other places on the internet, I just got rid of the Invader part...hence my username. Then a few years later in college I found I could make really believable cat noises and cat fight it became more of that than anything else, but heey..I am just weird like that!

Tag 8 People:

:iconkittysoul99:  :iconpc-doodle: :iconstar-stream101: :iconwildphoenixwolf: :iconmoonlightalchemist: :icondragonblitzstudios: @
LunaIsAnArtist @NeonSlushie
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