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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Just your average American home-schooled teen on a laptop all night and asleep all day!~ :P

My Youtube Channel!~…


[MMDXTDA ]Tda Werewolf Nana/Kawaii~Chan Model Dl!!
I saw a lovely speed paint video of her and had to make it a model!

Here's the video!~…

PLEASE READ THE READ ME! I know I miss spelled things but I was typing fast and had a head ache


1. The character is by Aphmau!

2. The model is by me!

3. The model design was inspired by Cassan!

The parts do NOT belong to me! I did how ever edit the tail and ear texture, please do NOT take them with out my permission!


Do not Claim as yours!

Do not edit unless I say you can!

Please credit "Catgamers199" (me) or put a link to my YouTube or DeviantArt!

Do NOT redistribute!

Do not redistribute edits please! (ONLY if I said you can edit!)

Do not take parts! I saved you the trouble by linking them in the description on DeviantArt!

NO R-18! That's against TDA's rules and is ILLEGAL!

Do NOT use in other programs besides MikuMikuDance! That's also against TDA's rules! WHICH includes, VR Chat, Blender, ECT.

Make SURE to follow the rest of TDA's rules aswell!

Have any questions? You are free to ask!
Download to the right!~>

Enjoy!! ^^
Ok, I've been learning a lot about AnastasiaP BaTIM the last month or so, and, I finally feel like saying MY TRUE opinions.

1. Yes, I DO believe she is and will be a great MMD animator BUT, she needs to stop with the R-18 unless she using a style that allows R-18. Plus, tracing is ok as long as you say it's traced, and using poses I also believe is ok as long as you credit!

2. The whole "stealing parts" and "re-coloring models" thing. Guys, about the stealing parts, no one that I know credits the parts they use on their self models. I have seen some people say "part not by me" which I believe is ok. But with Anastasia not saying "parts not by me" kinda bugs me. Now, the re-coloring thing, I do believe is wrong, unless you get full permission to do so. Editing models that say "Don't edit" also is something she does. THAT really bugs me! I know what it's like to make models, it takes time and it can be hard! Then, someone editing it, it just, I don't know how to put is, pisses you off. It makes you upset!

3. Her whole, personal life, is something i'm not gonna get into much. I'll put a link at the bottom of this journal where you can get the info about it. I'm not going to say what she does/did, but, I am going to say, it pissed me off and makes me worried about her and her health.

My over all opinion...

I'm a kind person, if you ask someone that knows me, they will say I am.. And, by saying that, I don't, hate Anastasia, hate is a strong word that I don't like at all, but I do extremely dislike what she did/does. I want to help her change... I really do, but she doesn't listen to us. I know if she see's this, she'll block me, but I don't care. All I'M trying to do is help. If she wants to block me, she can. I said all this not because I hate her, but it's because I care. I care about everyone. I want everyone to be happy. I want the MMD community to be how it was...

This is unrelated to 
Anastasia but if you need/want to talk, i'm here! <3

You may share this journal!
Link to more info!~  So You Like AnastasiaP BaTIM? (Rant)So you like AnastasiaP BaTIM? Well then I either A: Pity you or B: will be against you. Why am I making a journal about this famous MMD user? Well, This is a rant so I am going to swear and express my true self. If you don't want to see the real me then don't read this.
I made a bunch of journals one of my puppet accounts called "MMD Justice" and I'm taking it to the next level here.
The person at fault here is the one and only, the famous 15-year-old UNDERAGED (remember that) TEENAGER named FellNastya or AnastasiaP BaTIM. This person is so bad that TDA THEMSELVES are keeping watch on her ass. She is being rightfully accused of: Tda porn, tracing motions, stealing poses, editing models without consent, abusing her girlfriend, underaged sex images, fandom obsessions, texture stealing, not crediting model parts, and a whole lot of other shit.
You know those BaTIM models everyone wants from ShiinaRei r
I'm not, ending it but, I need a break. I have school work and other thing to work on, sorry, i'll try to get back to making models soon!


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Hi Catgamers199 meow I just wanted to know if u would make me a model. I want brown curly hair and a blue outfit. I don't care what the outfit looks like. I just really want u to make me a model. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!
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