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<font wytiwyg="1" size="7”> this is a test </Lucida Console, Monaco>
[] You have blue/green eyes
[ ] You have freckles
[] You blush a lot
[] You giggle
[ ] You're quiet
[] You say random things
[ ] You have a baby face
[] You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing
[x] You're under 5 feet 6 inches

Total: 1

[] You're a virgin
[ ] Just thinking of sexual things make you blush
[x] Your idea of a date is really romantic  
[x] You sleep with a stuffed animal
[x] You like to cuddle
[x] You have never played the nervous game
[x] You don't even now what the nervous game is

Total: 5

[] You like the color pink
[ ] You tend to wear light colors
[x] You CAN be ignorant
[ ] You consider yourself shy
[x] You like happy, upbeat music
[] You like "cutesy" music (whaaaa?)
[x] You like small animals
[] You like babies a lot
[x] Mini version of things make you go nuts (kinda, gimme a mini cat, ❤️, gimme a mini skull, 😵)

Total: 4

Total: 10
Now take your number and multiple it by 5.
Then re-post this as "I'm --% Cute".

WELL! Apparently I am 50% cute!

Here's an exclusive invite to my community - Ink Art Amino
Any cool comic name ideas that have to do with living in alleys?
My tablet is up an running!! Anyone waiting on a commission, the wait wont be long!!!!!!
I'm. Sorry. Very sorry. 

This message is for anyone who I owe a commission to!!!

I just found out that my tablet is the one that is broken not my pen. I'll try to finish the commissions that don't require pressure sensitivity but other than that, I'm helpless. I'm SO SORRY! If you are waiting on a commission from me,  the wait will be longer. drawingdravite , Jeonsona , and xXLegendary-FuryXx I SWEAR ON MY LIFE THAT YOU WILL GET YOUR ART. IT MIGHT NOT BE TODAY, OR THIS WEEK, OR THIS YEAR, BUT YOU WILL GET IT!!!!!!!!!!

i swear
                         I'm trying something new to raise my popularity
                                                 kill me now                                                              

 • Customs will cost 15 Points 
• Note me please! Otherwise I might miss your request. 
• I won't draw anything until I'm paid. Make sure you have enough points first!
•  Wait time is between 1 week to 3 weeks roughly 

Custom slots:

 1. @justlittlesoul 

Custom Character: 15 Points

- The custom design pack includes a full body with a paw shot and headshot.

- Prease specify what extras you want to add to their sheet.
Color Palette 
If you do not specify extras none will be added. 

When requesting a custom character, be sure to state important features  you'd like included (like their species, weight, colors, height etc) if you fail to do this, I have the freedom to choose any of these aspects myself. 

Examples by MapleSpyder 

Custom1 by MapleSpyder

Design3 by MapleSpyder

Tropical Blue [CLOSED] by MapleSpyder





My tablet pen is temporarily broken. I will complete all owed art in my own time. 

This is gonna suck cause I only have like 4 OCS but whatever. 


1. Your first OC?
my first OC was named Mocha. She's on my profile somewhere…

2. Do you have a personal favorite among your OCs? 
Maybe Aqua?

3. Have you ever adopted a character or gotten a character from someone else? 
No, but I hope to in the future. 

4. A character you rarely talk about? 

I never talk about Aqua, even tho I ❤️️ her.

5. If you could make only one of your OCs popular/well known, which one would it be? 
Aqua. She's great. I hope to make her one of my major OCS one day. 

6. What are two OCs of yours who look alike despite not being related?
Aqua and Mocha.

7. Would you ever be willing to give away/sell any of your OCs? 
Absolutely not...! I love my babies!

8. An OC of yours with a complicated design?
Mocha. Wth was I thinking when I designed her?!

9. Is there an OC of yours you would describe as a 'sunshine'?

Little Silvie! I gave her that name because it sounds sunny N happy!

10. Your favorite OC that's not yours?
Hureji 's OC Muddy. Love that design!

11. Do you have any troublemaker OCs?

Um...Aqua is kinda a troublemaker. 

12. Name an OC of yours with a tragic backstory.

Not really. Aqua has kind of a sad backstory but I haven't posted it.

13. Do you talk about your OCs with other people?

14. Which of your OCs would be best at biology in school? 

15. Any OC OTPs?

16. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you.
Aqua or Birch. Imma not introduce dem cuz I'm lazzzy.

17. Do any of your OCs sing? 


Maybe Aqua?

18. Which of your OCs is the most artistic?
All o dem. But mostly Birch.

19. Is there an OC of yours that people tend to mischaracterize? 

No one knows about me. Lamo

20. Introduce an OC that has changed from your first concept work. 
None a lot, but I changed Birch a tiny bit.

21. If you could meet any one of your OCs, which one would it be?

22. Which OC is most like you?
Aqua. :o

23. Have you ever had to change an OC's design or personality against your will?
Nope mon.

24. Any OCs inspired by a certain song? 
Aqua was inspired by I am Not a Robot by Marina and the Diamonds. 

25. Which OC is the most dangerous? 

none. But Aqua is the most aggressive. 

26. Which one of your OCs would go investigate an abandoned house at night without telling anyone where they're going? 
Silvie. The little rascal!

27. Which one of your OCs is most likely to have a secret stuffed animal collection? 
Aqua. She acts tough but is super soft. 

28. Which one of your OCs would make the best horror movie protagonist? 
Birch because she doesn't think before she acts. 

29. Which one of your OCs is the shyest? 

30. Are any of your characters related to each other? 

31. Do you have an OC who has a relative or friend played by someone else?

im so lonely. 

Lol jk. 

32. Which one of your OCs would be the best dancer? 

33. Do you have any certain type you favor when you create your OCs? 
Annoying jerks that are nice when you get to know them.
Good friends.
Silly, goofy, immature, but serious when necessary. (Like me.) 

34. What's something you like about your OCs in general? 
They're all uniquely mine! 

35. What's a character you no longer use?
But srsly, I neglect all o them. 
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Use this journal to show your friends you care!

1. Post these rules
2. Post eight facts about your character
3. Tag eight other characters
4. Post their names and their creator's avatar

You can tag back if you'd like, just with a different character.

 This is Birch-

She wears a orange topaz necklace that she NEVER takes off.

Her best friend on planet earth is Shimigatchi. (A.K.A. Fandom-Tale)

Her favorite warriors book is Twilight.

Finchwing is her idol.

Her favorite color is a pastel yellow or rose gold.

6. S
he's REALLYCUTE when she gets surprised! The fur on the base of her tail and shoulders pricks all up!!
7. She HATES noise!!

Her favorite candy is Kit-Kat.

My friendos!

:iconfandom-tale: Billie
:icontigermoncake: Alex
:icondrawingdravite: DRAWINGDRAVITEEE
 wow guys. I'm so cocky. if I EVER, EVER, EVER offend any of you guys please forgive me. I jump into problems that aren't mine too fast. SORRY TO EVERYONE IVE DONE THIS TO!!!!!!!
WoW dis is insane !!!!! SilentWulv is doing a 3 month core giveaway because shezzz AWEEEESOME!!!!!!!!! 

Check it out here!!!!!!!
Sorry guys I know my inactivity should go down in the record books but, wtf.
sorry I'm inactive lately. My grandma is in the hospital and school is like a brick..! I'm also banned from computer for 4 months so sorry........
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Hi people! 。◕ ‿ ◕。
  So, I've been saving up for a commission from Finchwing for MONTHS and only made 4 points in the process. Yes I've failed. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can help! I've put a donation pool on my page if you have spare points I'd be very thankful for them and if you'd like, I can give you a simple icon commission free if you donate. Nothing big. You can buy$ my commissions too. 
◕w◕ If I reach my commission from Finchwing I'll make a BIG surprise picture for ALLLLLLLL of you!!!!     So please help!!!!! ◕U◕
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1. [ ] They have an unnatural eye color (e.g. Red, Purple etc.)  
2. [ ] That eye color is red
3. [ ] Eyes that change colour
4. [ ] They have Heterochromia
5. [X] They have an unnatural Fur Color (e.g. Red, Purple, Green etc.)
6. [ ] They have visible scars on their bodies
7. [ ] They are stunningly handsome/cute/beautiful
8. [ ] They are muscular
9. [ ] They are either exceptionally tall or small
10. [ ] They have no determinable breed
11. [X] They look younger than they actually are
12. [ ] They are blind
13. [ ] They are deaf either slightly or completely
14. [ ] They have a bad sense of smell
15. [ ] They have a limb or eye missing
16. [ ] They are a ginger she-cat or a tortoiseshell tom

Total : 2

1. [ ] They have amnesia
2. [ ] They were born as a Rogue or Loner
3. [ ] Either one or both Parents were tragically killed by something either a fox, another cat etc.
4. [ ] They were once a kitty-pet
5. [ ] They have a long-lost sibling
6. [ ] They are descended from a previous Leader
7. [ ] They don't know they are descended from a Leader
8. [ ] They are descended from a previous Leader and hold a high up position in the clan
9. [ ] They were born from an Inter-clan relationship
10. [ ] Either one or both of their Parents are/were cruel and abusing
11. [ ] They witnessed the death of one or both parents
12. [ ] They never knew their parents
13. [ ] They were abused or spoiled as a kit
14. [ ] They are involved in some prophecy
15. [ ] They have visited The Dark Forest
16. [ ] Certain smells, sounds and appearances remind them of a traumatic event in their past
17. [ ] They had an abusive mate in the past
18. [ ] Related to one of the cats from the original books
19. [ ] They are a reincarnated character
20. [ ] They are destined to become Leader of their Clan
21. [ ] At least one sibling died when they were a kit or Apprentice.

Total : 1

1. [ ] They have an unusual name, not something usually found in the books (e.g. Xepherstrike, Galexyfall, Sparklestar etc.)
2. [ ] Their name refers to Fire, Lightning, Death or Darkness
3. [ ] Their name has the prefix Jay-
4. [ ] Their name is similar to a character from a film/series/anime/book that you are a fan of

Total : 1

1. [X] They have lots of/no friends
2. [ ] They have an Inter-Clan Relationship
3. [ ] They have more than one mate
4. [ ] They have lots of romantic interests fighting over them
5. [ ] They personally have a lot of romantic interests
6. [ ] They are a Medicine Cat with a forbidden Relationship
7. [ ] They have a crush on a character of the same gender
8. [ ] They are unsure if they'll ever be able to trust anyone to love
9. [X] Other Cats think they are attractive
10. [ ] They met and fell in love with another cat within one month of story-time

Total : 3

1. [ ] They have Autism
2. [ ] They have schizophrenia
3. [ ] They have a split-personality disorder 
4. [ ] They are insane
5. [ ] They struggle to stay sane
6. [ ] They have special powers
7. [X] They are a very kind character that will always try to help those who others don't want to approach.
8. [ ] They are very intelligent
9. [X] They are misunderstood by those around them
10. [ ] They are mysterious/dark
11. [ ] Their mood changes erratically
12. [X] They have insomnia
13. [ ] Really opens up when you get to know them
14. [ ] Loves Kits and Elders
15. [ ] Has a Protective Nature of either all their clanmates or only those they're close to
16. [ ] They are emotional
17. [X] They have a naive/cute/innocent characteristic 
18. [ ] They never lose a fight
19. [ ] They don't believe in Starclan
20. [ ] Overpowered (e.g. Have killed a Badger/Fox/Sharptooth/Two-Legs almost single pawed).
21. [ ] Is a pacifist
22. [ ] Can talk to two-legs
23. [ ] Feels sorry for the prey they kill 
24. [ ] Deep down they are kind-hearted

Total : 7

Point Reductions
You can deduct points from your total here.

1. [ ] They have a short-temper
2. [ ] They enjoy picking on or bullying others
3. [X] They are of average intelligence
4. [ ] They are average height
5. [ ] Their eye color is yellow or green (No Heterochromia)
6. [ ] They have a natural fur pattern for their breed 
7. [ ] They are from a litter of three or more (That survived to Apprentice-hood)

Total : 6

05 Points Anti-Sue
::: Your character is a little boring and dull, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to add some more to their character :::

06 - 15 Balanced Character
::: You have a well-balanced character with just the right amount of interesting, without going over the top. Odds are your character is quite unique :::

16 - 25 Borderline Mary-Sue
::: Your getting a little close there, might want to tone some things down or add a couple more flaws :::

26 - Mary-Sue
::: Your character needs a serious personality make-over :::

35 - Ultimate Mary-Sue
::: Kill it with fire :::

Yay my character Silvie (not a warrior cat) isn't a MARY-POO

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shining eyes by CatEyes-To-CatTails i have a new oc for u !! 

shining eyes
Cute adoptable cat with ref! by CatEyes-To-CatTails this one is a diy.                     


                                            I CANT FIND MY DIGITAL ART PEN!!!!!!!!!!!   I literally found it yesterday and now my bro fooled with it and POOF its GONE!!!!!!!


so now if i post anything its gonna be crappy


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