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1sentence claim - Zutara
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Pairing: Zuko and Katara
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: Teen
Warning[s]: A few suggestive themes, but nothing graphic. Also, Zutara, as some people are offended by the pairing. X3
1. Ring
When Zuko proposed to Katara, he used both of their cultures’ traditions; a necklace with a pendant hand-carved by himself of a combination of their nations’ symbols for the Water Tribes and a golden band with their names engraved on the inside of it for the Fire Nation.
2. Hero
As a member of the Avatar’s group that helped to end the war, Zuko was considered a war hero; only Katara would know how much of a hero he really was.
3. Memory
It was odd to think that their first memory of each other was one of adversaries, but for them, it made sense after everything that had happened to them, leading up to the end of the war and to a powerful bond between the masters of two opposing elements.
4. Box
Zuko’s crew knew that he
:iconcaterfree10:Caterfree10 1 3
Secret Santa 2008
Nearly twenty years had passed since Cloud and his friends had defeated Sephiroth. Yet, despite how long it had been, Sephiroth still haunted Cloud and the phantoms of the past had progressively gotten worse over the years.
He had started out hearing Sephiroth’s taunting voice growing ever louder in hid mid twenties. At first, it was easy for Cloud to ignore. But when he was alone, he pulled out his buster sword, striking at the empty air to silence the imagined voice.
The illusions seemed to respond to Cloud’s actions and fought back. The ones that had him fight were few and far between at first, but as the increased in number and frequency, Cloud had to move from his haven at Tifa’s bar – where he had finally settled down about five years after that final battle – to his own place near the Midgar city limits, so he could fight Sephiroth whenever he appeared in the illusions.
Until that point, Cloud’s friends had wondered and had suspicions about Cloud
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Zutara Week 08 - Day 1 - Denim
From the day Zuko had walked into homeroom freshman year wearing a black t-shirt with the sleeves torn off and the faded blue jeans ripped at the knees, no rest was given to the guy from day one. If it wasn't his gorgeous body that attracted the ladies, is was his position as the head guitarist of his band, "Banished Prince" or the mysteriousness that emanated from him. All of this, strangely, was never bothered by the large scar over Zuko’s left eye - if nothing else, it added to his appeal.
Despite Zuko's popularity with the female population, he had had few girlfriends throughout high school - although there was a time when most of the school thought he and Mai would go steady after high school until their sudden break-up early senior year. Yet, throughout the entire school, there was one girl who didn't drool over Zuko every spare moment. Katara; a girl who wore jeans with everything she owned, was the best swimmer on the swim team, and among the top ten percent of the class.
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Fuck it stamp :iconcaterfree10:Caterfree10 19 5
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Well this summer's been one hectic one, that's for damn sure. Between running around LiveJournal and and SO many other things, I've had one heck of a summer. I'll try to go in order as much as I can.

Birthday was fun! I celebrated my birthday on June 16th and ... got a lot of things that prove my parents have NO FUCKING CLUE what I'm about at all. -.-; Bath gels, a CD from a Christian artist I'd never heard of before, etc. Though I did get one thing I'd been begging for ever since it came out: a Nintendo DS. Took them HOW many years to get that through their skulls? Ah well, I can't complain too much even if I didn't get my copy of Pokemon Platinum at the same time (Got that about a week and a half later x3).

Speaking of Pokemon Platinum, I have been having WAY too much fun for my own good playing that game. But I do thouroughly enjoy it and wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm particularly proud to be over 72% complete with my pokedex! And Pal Park helps SO SO SO much because I can transfer pokemon from my Ruby and Sapphire games to my Platinum game. ^^- I also find I'm breeding a lot more than in previous generations, though I do love it because I then have pokemon to use while trading on Nintendo's WiFi connection. :heart: I CAN ACTUALLY COMPLETE A POKEDEX NOW BECAUSE I CAN TRADE ON THE INTERNET RATHER THAN WITH CABLES. WHOO~! :iconviralishappyplz: I've also procured a few cloned event legendaries. Ohohohohohoho~ *loves on her Arceus and Jirachi*

I also got a VERY big surprise on Facebook last June. I won a random giveaway on Facebook thanks to Funimation! It was a Samurai Champloo prize package with a boxed DVD set, a copy of the OST (imported and not pressed anymore, fresh from Fat Jon's collection ^_~), and a manga volume of the complete Samurai Champloo manga. ^^- I spazzed at LJ here. XD

We also have two new puppies in our home! They're both long haired Chihuahuas (mixed we think, the younger one has some terrier in her for sure) and very adorable. ^^- The older one is black and named Princess while the younger one is Brown with white and plack on her as well and is named Angel. I have video On my youtube page of them playing when they were younger. Princess is a slightly more interesting story though. Angel was intentionally ours, while Princess isn't. Princess is originally my brother's roommate's puppy.

See, last year, he had adopted a male puppy named Paco that looked close to Princess (well, makes sense as all three dogs are siblings from different litters). He was just as adorable and such. Then, this past January, he got out of my brother's backyard and into the yard of these large dogs. Who mistook Paco for a squirrel. From what I was told, it wasn't a pretty sight and the dog had to be euthanized because his injuries were that severe. So earlier this year, J went to adopt another Chihuahua puppy from the same breeder (the breeder is a friend of J's parents), this time a girl and my middle niece (my brother's youngest daughter) named her Princess. :3 Though one day earlier this summer, Miranda and Ana (brother's daughters) brought Princess over to play with Angel. The girls kind of forgot to bring Princess back with them and Princess has been living with us ever since. Poor Toto goes crazy from the puppies constantly trying to get the old coot to play with her. XDDDDDD

Also been busy with lots of birthdays in between. My nephew's on July 4th, two of my nieces' in August as well as my sister's. It's been a little crazy to say the least. x3

In the relationship department, I, uhm, Igotaboyfriend. *blushes furiously. His name is Scott (yes, Quin, you probably know who I'm talking about x3) and he's a really nice guy. It's been a long distance relationship since he live in Indy and I'm two hours south of there, but oh well. IM is a wonderful thing. :D

It hasn't really been all fun times and rainbows the past few weeks though. Two weeks ago tomorrow, a flash flood hit the Louisville area. Six inches of rain fell within the span on one hour and the sewer systems were filled to capacity, leaving the remaining water to fill in homes, businesses, and basements. In a way, it was almost worse than the '97 flood, but we got twice that over the course of a week; gave it time to drain, even if it wasn't much. We also got hit at my home, even though we're north of the Ohio River.

We got at least 6 inches of rain in our basement and... it knocked over two containers of mine in the basement, a blue one and a gray one. See, I've been moving things out of my room so as to convert my room into a room for my sister's two kids while she and I room upstairs (again x3). In the basement? A lot of items from under my bed, a good portion of my books, and HUNDREDS of trading cards I've acquired over the course of ten+ years.

Well, that resulted in this entry on my LiveJournal. As one can guess, I'm still terrified because I've still got no idea what I've lost or even if the gray container was one of the two that had card binders in them (one each in two grey containers). The only things I know for sure are the cards I got in the Pokemon Collectors comm are okay due to the lack of space to put them in the binders before I put them in the basement, my Holo Neo Revelations Suicune is okay because I used it as a bookmark for my Samurai Champloo manga volume still up here, and I've lost the Go set I got while in St Louis (as seen in last year's Zutara Week Day 6 prompt *points to gallery*). However, I am going down tonight to see what all I've lost. I'm terrified because I'm afraid of all the memories I've lost both with my books and my cards, but I have to do it anyway. God, this is going to tear me up, I know it. *sigh*

I know I shouldn't complain because other areas of Louisville got hit hard as well. The Louisville Library's Main Branch had its library FLOODED. Thousands of books were lost as well as new computers for a new branch library (I think the foundation that helps fund the library got the money to replace the computers though), not to mention several bookmobiles were flooded as well (NEGL, I nearly bawled when I saw photos of how bad the books were hit TT_TT). Unfortunately, because of the flooding at the library, AnimeCon was canceled (which also meant the work Shorelle and I were planning for spreading the word about Racebending went to hell *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*). *sigh* The University of Lousiville got hit as well with I think 11 buildings suffering water damage including the Admissions office and the colleges of Business, Education and Music. I lost count of how many classes had to be moved after all that chaos. Oy. This isn't even touching the countless families who've lost homes. I am counting my blessings that far if nothing else.

Anyway, I'm heading back to college this Wednesday, so I'm doing my best to cut back on my messages, unfollowing popular artists that update a lot as well as artists I've lost interest in so I have less people cluttering up my message inbox here. Since friday, I've gone from over 2000 deviations and 500 general messages to less than 1000 deviations and less than 400 general messages. It's a slow process, but I intend on reaching my goal before classes start up again. :3 Text deviations will probably be read in Firefox once I'm done with Pleasure Slave though. XDDDDDD Yes, I know I'm going back on a rule I set for myself last journal. STFU. :P

Anyway, I'm going to shut up now and get moving on more work, mainly basement work right now, inventorying what all I've lost so I can work on replacing it all. Later guys!


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