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Only ONE image, any extras are extra points 
Training Image
500 for ONE HORSE 
Human References
References of human staff/characters, let me know: 

- Gender
- Hair/eye/skin colour
- perhaps an example if you want? 
- Clothes 
- Any details you want 
Realism Headshot
Headshot of your horse/equine character. 
Your OC
I'll draw your OC with my art style, the background will either be fairly simple or a photograph you like. Please tell me what kind of background you'd like (photograph/drawn/preferred location) when commissioning. 

Newest Deviations

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Stallions line by MUSONART Stallions line :iconmusonart:MUSONART 199 26 FREE Sport Horse Lineart by IInsomniaI FREE Sport Horse Lineart :iconiinsomniai:IInsomniaI 146 9 Jumpy Babs - OPEN (2/4) by Oak-Horses Jumpy Babs - OPEN (2/4) :iconoak-horses:Oak-Horses 8 13 Gabriell 13720 K by SheduMaster Gabriell 13720 K :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 19 26 GFE Fields Of Gold - LEASED by tee-tree GFE Fields Of Gold - LEASED :icontee-tree:tee-tree 2 0 GFE Wrath of Atreus (Leased) by IlluminateGalaxies GFE Wrath of Atreus (Leased) :iconilluminategalaxies:IlluminateGalaxies 4 2 Cyhyraeth by Stripe13 Cyhyraeth :iconstripe13:Stripe13 10 4 Candy De Luna 7193 by SheduMaster Candy De Luna 7193 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 4 12
2018 TJC Fun Day - OPEN

2018 TJC Fun Day

December 1st - December 31st

The end of the year has come to The Jockey Club, and instead of a major race card we’ve decided to do something completely out of the box. Welcome to the first ever TJC Fun Day! Below you will find a collection of classes meant to test your funny bone, inspire you, and give us all a great way to sign off for the year with some good-hearted fun. These are non-competitive classes, meaning there will be no winners or losers. However, there are still some fun prizes! And creativity is encouraged!

Trophy 2 Beach Race Trophy 2

Trophy 2 Companion Clas
:iconthejockeyclub:TheJockeyClub 16 7
Test Run by IlluminateGalaxies Test Run :iconilluminategalaxies:IlluminateGalaxies 6 2 Strut It by NevermindNirvana Strut It :iconnevermindnirvana:NevermindNirvana 4 3 AS Freak On A Leash - LEASED by tee-tree AS Freak On A Leash - LEASED :icontee-tree:tee-tree 2 0
Looking for designers
Hey all! I’m looking for some designers for the following genos:
17375 - Female - 186cm - Classic heavy, Extreme bobtail
ee/A[r]a/tt/nBrn/nPrl/nPbd/nG/nFf [0]
Grey over Single pearl brown with piebald, belly roan, and fumoso frost pattern 0 (red brown carrier)
Str[23] Int[23] Sta[21] Spe[13] Mov[23] Sur[22] Agl[21] Con[26] Tra[10] Tem[11]
17374 - Male - 181cm - Classic heavy, Extreme bobtail, Full mane
ee/A[r]a/Tt/nZ/nPbd/nC [-3]
Silver tan with piebald and cheetah pattern -3 (red brown carrier)
Str[23] Int[23] Sta[23] Spe[14] Mov[23] Sur[23] Agl[22] Con[26] Tra[10] Tem[10]
17348 - Female - 189cm - Classic heavy, Bobtail, Full mane
ee/A[r]A[r]/tt/nB/nPan[maxima]/nPbd/nC [0]
Siam red brown with pangare, piebald, and cheetah pattern 0 (pangare maxima carrier)
Str[25] Int[20] Sta[19] Spe[27] Mov[25] Sur[22] Agl[19] Con[15] Tra[10] Tem[9]
ID 16522 Shugo male, 150 cm
nM-partial ee/aa/Tt/nWg/nPan/nW/nBrn/nBald
Partial melanistic over Tan with Black wing, partial dom white, pangare, bel
:iconstripe13:Stripe13 2 16
Helios 16101 by SheduMaster Helios 16101 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 3 10 Nanu 3420 by SheduMaster Nanu 3420 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 8 7



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Organising my Shedu’s by gender and whether they have their papers or not. 

Breedings: OPEN

If you’re interested in a split breeding or purchasing a slot, comment bellow! Or contact me on discord!

Dam owner gets POTL (unless otherwise discussed)
Odd Cub goes to you (unless otherwise discussed) 

Do a cat’s SPC or PB and get a full, unrestricted slot to the cat or another (Breedable) Cat of your choice for any season of your choice. 

Males (Breedable) 

Candy De Luna 7193 by SheduMaster

The Silver Spectre 15066 by SheduMaster
(PB needs judged) 

Kuronoir 13722 by SheduMaster

Singed By Fire 9278 by SheduMaster

Lnd Haudini 2014 by SheduMaster

Silverwind  15211 by SheduMaster

Females (Breedable) 

Songbird 1543ST by SheduMaster

Shiroi Kaminari 12732 by SheduMaster

BEC Lovesick Party 15759 by SheduMaster

Ciri De Luna 12183 by SheduMaster

WIC Cara 9295ST by SheduMaster

Jackt Up 15892 by SheduMaster

Chikap Kamui 15076 by SheduMaster

Eveningstar De Lunaz 12296 by SheduMaster

Chione de Luna 14394 by SheduMaster

Starlight De Luna 6142 by SheduMaster

Jack Daniels 3070 by SheduMaster

Shirayuki  5063 by SheduMaster

Males (Needing SPC or PB) 

The Black Falcon  11873 by SheduMaster
(PB - stolen cat) 

Red Racham 13986 by SheduMaster
(PB - stolen cat) 

Gee T. A. Five 15076 by SheduMaster

Izano 14990 by SheduMaster

Laxus 11329 by SheduMaster

Dulaman 9183 by SheduMaster

Godolphin Sham 14797 by SheduMaster

Final Gambit 15521 by SheduMaster

Viper 15526 by SheduMaster

Vesimir 15402 by SheduMaster

The Pumpkin King 3781 by SheduMaster
(PB - stolen cat) 

BEC Time Warp 15079 by SheduMaster

Eagle Prince 16270 by SheduMaster
(PB - incorrect BG)

Helios 16101 by SheduMaster
(SPC in progress) 

Females (Needing SPC or PB) 

Nanu 3420 by SheduMaster

FmnF RT Trickiti Di Medici 3917 by SheduMaster

Tuxedo 16103 by SheduMaster

TKC QuestionMarka 3198 by SheduMaster

Oreole Emperess 16268 by SheduMaster
(PB - incorrect BG)

Blue-Eyed Snake 14575 by SheduMaster

White Sparx 15523 by SheduMaster

Aniu 15525 by SheduMaster

HAN Faith de Luna 15245 by SheduMaster
(PB in progress) 

Blue Lightening 12145 by SheduMaster

Ishtar 14647 by SheduMaster

Grazuz Balta 14496 by SheduMaster

Saariyah 14904 by SheduMaster

Gambling Girl 1493 by SheduMaster

Point Blank  6000 by SheduMaster

Amber Queen 4041 by SheduMaster
(Korung complete - needs showjumping WA) 


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Rachel Mack
United Kingdom
Scottish maddy with a love of art and writing! You've probably noticed a piebald horse by the name of "Alti" throughout the gallery. He has his own novel-in-progress and even some children stories! I have a cat and a kitten that drive me insane and a dog that is so ugly I couldn't live without him 😁


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