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Only ONE image, any extras are extra points 
Training Image
500 for ONE HORSE 
Human References
References of human staff/characters, let me know: 

- Gender
- Hair/eye/skin colour
- perhaps an example if you want? 
- Clothes 
- Any details you want 
Realism Headshot
Headshot of your horse/equine character. 
Your OC
I'll draw your OC with my art style, the background will either be fairly simple or a photograph you like. Please tell me what kind of background you'd like (photograph/drawn/preferred location) when commissioning. 

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Stealing Clothes
Yep, Amalie is stealing Harley’s hoodie again. She does that a lot... you really should just get one your size for her Harley, though that won’t stop her stealing the one that smells like you x3 
Calypso Hits The Scene
Horse: FHF The Sea Witch
Jockey: Freya Lambe 
Show: The J.C. Monthly - July 2018
Race: Bashford Manor Stakes (G3)
   (@ Churchill Downs, Kentucky, USA | 2YO | 6 furlongs on dirt | $100,000 USD | WEATHER: Overcast)

This was the result of my deep depression the last week. Everything in this is pretty much an accident. I never intended to even draw let along use dramatic shading AND do the entire bloody thing - clouds and dirt exception - with only one pen and a smudge tool. The entire thing: same pen. Pretty good accident, wouldn’t you say? 


Back at Churchill its seemed. It felt like only yesterday Antrium’s colours had proudly flown over the dirt Kentucky track, though this time it wasn’t for such a prestigious race though it was for a favourite horse. Calypso was one of the favourites of her entire crop, she’d been the one to watch since before she was even born. Freya felt buzzed as all hell to be the one riding her since Ben’s accident left hi, unable to ride due to his broken arm. 

Calypso was a cool, level headed filly. Unlike others of her year, like Red, she was calm and listened easily to her riders’ hand. She wasn’t very high strung and she wasn’t particularly spirited. This didn’t hold her back though, it just made her a safe horse, one that would ignore the angry tousling of the fiery colts in her field and save her energy for the race.

It also ment that she fit the saying: ‘beware the wrath of a gentle man’. 

Calypso wasn’t spirited but to say she didn’t have a mean bone in her body was a flat out lie. 

She absolutely had a mean streak with the colts. She didn’t seem to have any trouble luring them in, she was an attractive filly to all eyes, but as soon as they got too close it was like some internal switch had been flipped and she’d kick out at them. 

Sea Witch indeed.  
This is a bad week... 

consider this a warning that I’m not myself. 
Hello, journal I really don’t want to make! What is the sickening situation we find ourselves in today?!

The EU’s Article 13, that’s what. 

So, the oh so wonderful government of my not at all full-of-complete-idiots country have decided that it would be a good idea to destroy the internet for all of us in the EU. No, I’m not blowing his out of proportion. 

Memes will be illegal. 

Fanart and Fanfiction will be illegal. 

You’re wearing a Star Trek tshirt in that perfect selfie? To bad: it’s a copyright infringement and thus illegal. 

How dare you post videos on YouTube of you let’s playing a game, you copyright breaker - you’re clearly stealing and claiming the Zelda/Mario/Witcher/Dark Souls series as your own! 

How does this effect me, Caterang, specifically? Here’s how:

I dared to use stock as a reference for most of my art. 

HOW DARE I use the same method of learning to draw as the greatest artists in history like Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh! 

Thats right, any art I’ve done that was drawn by stock I did not take the photo of myself, even if it’s free damnit, it’s now illegal and will be removed. 

DA will have zero say in the matter, they will have to abide by the new law. 

So, my account will likely either disappear or become hella sparse. I kid you not if the groups I’m in decide that the points earned from the art that my bloody country decides is theft and makes them invalid I’ll burst a vessel. 


So yeah. If I’m kicked off the Internet for existing know that I’m quietly kicking and screaming. 

I mean, really, a selfie with a branded tshirt is illegal after next Wednesday?! Chrivvens Jing’s and Help Ma Boab...


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Scottish maddy with a love of art and writing! You've probably noticed a piebald horse by the name of "Alti" throughout the gallery. He has his own novel-in-progress and even some children stories! I have a cat and a kitten that drive me insane and a dog that is so ugly I couldn't live without him 😁


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I hate to ask this, but do you perhaps still have the image of this husky import I commissioned from you? My flash drive wth the file on it kicked the bucket, and I lost it. If you don't still have it, that's fine. I'm just asking.
Import #2
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