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Toriel Pin-Up (Undertale)

By CatCouch
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I painted a pin-up of Toriel from Undertale because she's the sexiest goat mom.

Still love this game, I think it's going to be my Game of the Year~

(Since I've received a lot of requests for a larger wallpaper version I uploaded a cleaner, higher resolution version to enjoy!)

My previous Undertale fan-works:
(Fan art of Undertale)(Toriel, Undertale © Toby Fox)

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Toriel is too sexy and beautiful, sexiest image ever. I would wish toriel was real cause she thicken sexy. Toriel I love you and you're the hottest goat mom ever.

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She really is the best Goat Mom! I just love her even all these years later~

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Is Toriel seducing me?:blush: v2 I would like to see another sexy artwork of Hot Toriel but your artwork is better because this is just too sexy and seeing toriel being curvy is great. I would be passionate with her and can I kiss her

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Now let me be honest. Although I typically HATE anything that's supposed to be "sexy" or anything like that... I had to add this to my favorites. Not because she's attractive in a sensual way, but because the colors are amazing, the background and shading are stellar, and her face is beautiful. Also the setting you drew out (and what she's doing in it) gives a sort of... calm-cool-magic-ish? vibe. It's tranquil, and it's gorgeous. Good job. 👏

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Please stop sexualizing characters in the "not mature" way

and shes like 500 years old ??Angry Papyrus Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale

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you can't relly do much. i dunno but there are some characters who shouldn't be drawn in a nsfw way for me (example nezuko, frisk or any teen character) but idk

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my mom is actually 20 and your right they shouldn't do that to my mom its not right.

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My child what the heackAngry Toriel Icon

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woow hot saxy wamons

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Seen this image all over the place, glad that I found you on here.

This is great!

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Glad you like this piece!
It's still one of my favorites~
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Holy crap what are you doing goatmom...

(excellent job by the way you did awsome)

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Toriel is so very sexy and hot! I love your fan art, nice sexy fan art!
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Thank you! Toriel is a fave of mine to drawn! Sexiest goat~
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And I Draw Lammy as a sexy Sheep from HTF ;)
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Not if Mr Pickles gets to you first

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Damn it... Toriel still looks very sexy...
CatCouch's avatar

She will always look sexy!

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Pretty much true... not to mention, her personality is lovely
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She just melts my heart in game~

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