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Lucario's String

Lucario all tied up in string. ^^

I now post all my art directly on my Patreon. :3

Also available along with other Lucario art in my February Gumroad here!
(Be sure to use the Dropbox link included!)

(Fan art of Lucario)(Pokemon © Game Freak/Nintendo) 

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How in the world did she get like that?

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His ass is ginormous

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Do you take art trades or collabs or requests?

I hope its a femboy

I don’t know what I expected when I searched for Lucario.. :|

Don't be surprised to find this kind of stuff

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Is it just me or does the artist really emphasize of Lucario good looking feet 🤔😍
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I LOVE the feet oh my gosh they look soooooo soft!!!!!!!!💕

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Lucario has some soft-looking beans~

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Absolutely correct!!!!❤️❤️

And I can’t resist to rub those lovely feet~~!!!

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If you can't resist lucario's feet... Wait until you see Cinderace beautyful feet
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Uhhhhhh..... I’m not interested in Cinderace’s feet.... I find them boring....

Inteleon on the other hand, OHHHH YES PLEASEEEE!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO RUB INTELEON’S TOES AND SOLES ALL DAY!!!!! ❤️💕❤️💕

PokeFanForevA815X448's avatar
I haven't seen inteleons feet but judging by your comment they seem AMAZING. Send me a pick so I can see and take your word for it. 😋🤔😏
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Here is the lovely feet <3

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Lucario, now that I think about it was one of my first pokemon crushes.

PokeFanForevA815X448's avatar
Same. Right after Cinderace he my furry baby
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Can I say hi in my own way??

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