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Flirting With Toriel (Undertale)

By CatCouch
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Who's playing Undertale?

It's like, the best game ever, huh?

Anyway, here's some dumb fan art of Toriel.

The fact You can flirt with Toriel just makes my day, she's even awesome when she says you're pathetic!
Sexiest goat mom ever for sure~

Toriel's Pie (Undertale) by CatCouch Toriel Pin-Up (Undertale) by CatCouch Goat Mom Toriel - Undertale by CatCouch Bath Time Toriel Color Explosion! by CatCouch

Mature Content

Bondage Toriel (Comm) by CatCouch

(Fan art of Undertale)(Toriel, Undertale © Toby Fox)

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© 2015 - 2021 CatCouch
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Your art is beautiful and
Dont listen to the haters 🤗👍💖
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Thank you for the encouragement!

I will never stop drawing Toriel being sexy~

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I think I'm about to throw up.

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Don't expect Toriel to clean it up.

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Ignore the haters, your artworks is the best so far, keep it up man you're so gifted

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Thank you!

I will always draw Tori!

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Nice goin getting criticized by SolarSands

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Absolute hotness!
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Toriel is a classic!

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Definetley a classic... she can be cute AND sexy (which is great, always)!
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Uh...whoa. Although I don't think a child like Frsik or Chara would say that to Toriel......
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Reasons to keep Undertail as one of my top five favorite aus: (wait does it count as an au or nah-)

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WHAT THE ACTUAL FLIPPING HECK, I SERUORISOUSLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS EXISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(this is unironic btw)

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WOW Toriel... you sure are hot.... I mean your Cinammon Buns are still hot... no wait... I didn't mean to put it that way... I meant the buns still baking in the oven... not your... ok I'm just gonna stop now, Tory :P 
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Cute bellybutton on the left btw. :3
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Cute bellies have cute bellybuttons!
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I mean...she DID stop physically aging when her kid died, and asgore was what? 6? so she's still plenty young.
Tori is wierd for me, because I cant decide which is best: floofy hugs or lewd like this one.
Meh, either is good.
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And not pathedic at all
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