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Cat Goddess


The Cat Goddess.
I like cats and catgirls and this picture has both. Enjoy!

Cat Goddess II by CatCouch Cat Goddess III by CatCouch How I made this piece: The Making Of The Cat Goddess by CatCouch

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I love it! Meow! Cat blob Cat nods cat face 
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Thank you! I'm totally going to rework this piece when I get the time. Cats demand only the best artwork!
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Very pretty girl! But so ugly cats)))
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Thanks! You think so with the cats? It's been a year since I made this piece, I can probably do some cool stuff with them now. I may give it a try.


I appreciate the feedback!

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Sure, why not? You can do a remake of yours own paintings. Van Gogh also redrew his sunflowers a year later.
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Yeah, I do it all the time. Digital paintings are pretty easy to go back and rework on down the line. I try to take a bunch of critiques and feedback while letting some time pass until I'm not so attached to a piece and then apply some new skills to it. I'll add this one into the queue and get to it in a week or so (hopefully). 
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Beautiful work!! :)
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
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Wow this is definitely goin in my favs! ^_^
Very nice idea on lighting and anatomy.... She looks lively!! And she's what they call in anime a "Neko"-ish girl xDD I love how the colors speak in this piece, and I admire your colorig skills a lot! ^_^ Critically speaking, some more reseach on the cats' side poses would prove to be mighty amazing for this to develop! Also, if you wouldve made the green gems more bright, that could add a little RIM LIGHTing on the cats to give that "godess" look more. ^_^ Just saying, but the coloring is spectacular!
Sorry i tend to take every art that i see seriously! ^_^ I'm an art nerd LOL
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That's a good idea. Adding some rim light to the cats to pull them into the scene since they are a little divorced from the color scheme and all. They were kind of a last minute addition and I've gotten much better at reworking my pieces from the feedback I've gotten here. I’ll get on updating this one (and a bunch of others)soon. Thanks for the feedback!
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No problem xD As a person who is currently studying all he can on lighting, I find the first thing in any work to critique as the lighting. And thats the reason I told that about it ^_^
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Lighting is something I plan to push a lot more now that I'm getting comfortable with my coloring techniques. That and creating brushes, I need to get on that.
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Creating brushes is indeed a vital part of one's artworks. I have a custom set myself. Its good to meet another "tech" artist here ^_^ Perhaps you could tell me what other software you like? I mean, for drawing, obviously.
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I've only really used default brushes and a few others I got from when I was in school. Anyway, I mostly use PS CS3 sometimes CS4 when I was in school, a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet and 3ds max for 3d modeling and setting up a background scene every so often like this: [link]. That's pretty old now but the piece I'm working on now I used 3d to get the perspective right.
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Wow you are very good at modeling too xD Awesome!
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wonderful art ^^
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your coloring technqieu is really great, I especially love the hair. the details are nice and the collors well chosen :clap:
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It looks really nice! :D
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