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Harry Potter Characters (update)

I started doodling the trio and then I decided to do quick headshots of a lot of characters. I'm going to try and do every main character and hogwarts student first. But I suppose what I want is to do characterisations of every single character in Harry Potter. It may take me a while and some characters will be wrong, because I will have never drawn them before. Some I will have never even imagined what they look like so it will be a strange process, but the drawings literally take me minutes so it's not exactly a difficult task. Just a lot of characters is all.

Eventually, if/when I have children I shall read them this series and I hope to show them the characters and draw them scenes as we read so we can imagine together. 

But before children I should probably sort my life out first!

Anyway, I shall update this with new characters when I can!

(Lavender Brown is post battle of hogwarts and is scarred from Greyback, I have imagined her blind in her right eye due to severe scarring.)

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Don't ask me why I wrote Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore like that. Probably too much Walking Dead.
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Love it! You should do other characters. Rufus Scrimgeour, Igor Karkaroff, Barty Crouch Sr and Jr, and others.

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You do a really great job of making each face look different. I see in a lot of fan art, or a lot of art in general, that some artist do the same kind of face or body for very different characters. You give each one a varying structure, and it is clear that you know how to draw more than one face. Nicely done. 
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Neville is bloody hot!!!
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Draco! We need him! I love this though, beautiful!
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This is amazingggg 
I love your personification of all the characters, they're exactly how I imagine them. I can't wait for more! :aww:
And lol okay I couldn't tell whether I had misremembered the order of Dumbledore's name or what :P :D
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damn blaise looks hot...and so does dean...and sirius....and...neville??
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OMG LUNNNAAAAAAAAA !!!!! aghhhh omg so pretty and ui will always love your hermione !!!and they all are perfection but omg i locve it i love it i love it !!!!
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neville is blonde
Catching-Smoke's avatar
I know. That was my bad in this particular drawing.
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and in the entire movie series, but they also didn't get dudley blonde either
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I'd rather have better actors with the wrong hair color than bad actors that look more like the characters
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Yeh, Petunia and Dudley are blonde. They got a lot of stuff wrong, such a shame.
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Your drawings better portray the characters =)
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Oh, my God. Sirius... is just perfect. All of them.
Excellent work!
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Lavender died from her injures, her throat was partially ripped out.
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In the film, yes. In the book, no.
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No, J.K. never expanded in the book, but when questioned she said that Lavender did indeed die from her wounds, which is why she died in the film. 
Catching-Smoke's avatar
JKR has neither confirmed nor denied her death. It's all speculation, and personally I believe she survived. It's a matter of choice since it's never been officially stated.
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I think we have to discover it when Jo talks about it in pottermore
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You're probably right. I hope she does anyway!
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What's wrong with Lavender? xD I personally never thought she died until the film, I was very confused and thought for a second she was playing two people, or the actor just looked like her, lol >< I hope she doesn't, because too many characters died for no reason and I like Lavender, she's not a bad character.

Great drawings by the way I love your Dumbledore and your Harry looks really good too :) I think he looked un-Harry like sometimes in the last couple of films and in some drawings. And I love your Hermione's hair, too ^^
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