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Gone but not Forgotten

I'm back!... Again.
I've had exams past few weeks so haven't had time to edit any pictures to upload, but I finished them friday and this morning decided to edit this picture I've had drawn for months.

It's Ron and Hermione sometime after the battle of Hogwarts, in Ron's room at The Burrow. Hermione is supposed to be reflected in a mirror entering Ron's room, though didn't really work out that way.

This is the picture that I have edited before only some things went wrong and I annoyingly lost the edited version. But finally I've gone back and redone it :aww:

If I had more patience I'd edit it a little more, however I may go back to it to finish adding little highlights here and there.

It feels so good to be back and not have much work to worry about for the next month. As of next week I get 4 weeks off for easter holidays. Hell yeah!
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Gingadensetsufan12's avatar
What happened?what wrong with Ron?
Severusiana's avatar
Ay poor Ron , he miss to his brother Fred Waaaah! Waaaah! 
revlisdreamer's avatar
=O ain't this on the hpcompanion?  (if not... sorry)
Catching-Smoke's avatar
yeh, I have a few one there :aww:
JoeMerl's avatar
Interesting. :-) 
spearmint-toothpaste's avatar
Beautifully done ... it's so spooky, it reminds me of a scene from my own HP fanfiction ... I love how detailed you drew the hole room, the photos, the poster and the corner, the Chudley-Cannons-banner ... woah.
fioleeprincess's avatar
i know who hes missing fred
fioleeprincess's avatar
who was my twin and always will be :'(
Hurriicanee's avatar
Hi ! This beautiful pic has been featured in a gathering of Harry Potter fanarts ! Have a look ! ([link])
bookwormanthrozil's avatar
I love their expressions. This picture makes me sad and happy at the same time.
janalein-x3's avatar
Aww, Ron looks so broken and sad. And i love the pictures in the background.
Eveliien's avatar
wauw, love this wonderfull paint :heart:
TheWandMaker's avatar
Love the way Hermione looks....awesome
I love how you see her through the mirror. :) This is one of my favorites!
ky-sta's avatar
I can see the Mirror... onlything is I'm not sure exactly where shes looking if its a refection =D
Catching-Smoke's avatar
She'll still be looking at Ron even if it's a reflection :aww:
charla316's avatar
wasnt ron supose to die?
Lew102's avatar
Why did he have to dye?
misguidedghost1511's avatar
I miss Fred too...
(We are talking about him right?)
Shiori-Snily's avatar
Does that frame say "Weasley Win"?!?!
NoLongerInvisible's avatar
is that the "12 fail free ways to charm witches" on the shelf? lol
Catching-Smoke's avatar
yes indeed it is! :aww:
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