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Hungry for a Promotion pt.10/10

For Araymba

Made it!
It might have involved taking out a wall, but it's the principle that counts.
I'm sure the bosses are going to be very impressed by the unwavering work morale of one of their finest.
Or maybe they're going to be very impressed by the incredible asset growth they've been presented.
Or simply too stunned from seeing this huge strong cat barge into their room through the wall to say anything and just end up nodding in agreement throughout the presentation.
Either way I'm sure she's getting that promotion she worked so hard for.


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DeltafoxtheRenamon's avatar

As a serial killer in Morioh once said:

”I got an erection”.

soracalico's avatar
Blinks o3o munches on popcorn as a fellow smilodon I approve of this also hands her a sandwich I shall help her fellow kitty cat and give her a a for dedication to get her job done
CatchABird's avatar

Keep in mind that if you feed her too much she'll turn back to human at some point.

Zapdiamond's avatar

Even without nudity we get a good view of her underboob this time and her smilodon speech doesn't seem to be a communication barrier. Just looking hot, cute, and intimidating all at once. Hope she gets that promotion and keep up the good work, one of the artists best sequences yet!!

CatchABird's avatar

Yeah I agree, it does work nicely enough without nudity. Glad you liked it!

As always, an amazing work.

CatchABird's avatar

I know, such a tease.

But that's how it sometimes goes with some of these corporations, breaking dress code simply isn't allowed.

human72's avatar
Clever there and good finish though she may need to pay for the damages eventually

great sequence! Really enjoying the time you take to draw out the whole transformation instead of speeding through it. Very cool, keep up the good work!

CatchABird's avatar

Well the length is entirely thanks to the commissioner, since this isn't personal work.

Was fun to work on a longer one, they're always nice to do.


MPCreativeArts's avatar

As always, wonderfully done. One of these days, when the stars align, I've got to see what you can do with me. I simply adore your style!

CatchABird's avatar


I'll be opening for more work somewhere within the next couple of months on Furaffinity, though I'm sure those slots will sell very quickly, as in like under 15 minutes.

I will consider some YCH stuff in the future to give more people opportunities to get something from me though and it might take pressure off the commission lists.

MPCreativeArts's avatar

Totally understand. You deserve to have commission slots fill that quickly. Apologies if I sound like I'm gushing a bit on ya. There's something about your work that I really adore. You are the only artist I can think of where I will continually go back through their work just to see it all again. Like I said, maybe when the stars align! Keep it up. Love your updates!

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