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Gallery Folders

Na jesiennej lace/ At the autumn meadow by stokrotas
Corallus hortulanus by nakkimo
4183 Young fox by RealMantis
2243 Brown argus / Argus brun by RealMantis
Saint Valentine's day by AlenaEkaterinburg
artificial Butterfly     3d model by smault23
Happy fox by EosFoxx
watercolor dachshund by takmaj
404 Cat by cynocephali
Disco puma by Moldovorot
Towards the Light by vanndra
Sugar's portrait by MomoDoesArts
Zephyr by Bandarai
The journey by DrawingNynke
Morning Sunshine by Starfire-Productions
Great Grey Owl by DrawingNynke
Art-Fantasy Animals
Come Here To Fight... Don't Be Shy -part 2 by jackyleo738
Little Valeria (Part #3) by 1Vestina
Little Valeria (Part #2) by 1Vestina
Little Valeria (Part #1) by 1Vestina
Artisan Crafts
Fox cub wooden marquetry box by Moonyzier
Bear and Bunny wooden marquetry heart shaped box by Moonyzier
The end of the ice age by ShadowOfLightt
How to draw if you have paws? by ShadowOfLightt
Fractals portraying animals
Ring-tailed lemurs in mystic forest ... by marijeberting
Fish Pedicure ... by marijeberting
Nautilus belauensis ... by marijeberting
Elephants enjoying a mud bath ... by marijeberting
Journals OTHER
My Cat's DietMy cat is awesome; beautiful and most likely would win a beauty pageant if catsí have such a thing. Pukki has gotten a little fat over the last few years. We also have a couple of dogs that chase our two cats daily. Oh, the cats love their safe areas and the dogs occasionally go out to their other kennel. The front yard is pet heaven. It is about the size of a football field and full of natural trees up here in Northern Ontario. A six foot fence stops our pets from leaving and also stops critters, like a very big bear from entering and eating all the apples. Our two dogs are not smart enough to dig under and our two cats arenít smart enough to climb over (except once at the gate the old cat, Kiva did so we had to add chicken wire). I have spoiled my cat, Pukki, somewhat traumatized by the dogs; mostly our Jack Russell Tuuli, I have given her extra food. This has gone on long enough, a couple of years that she cannot clean herself properly. This leaves me or my wife (my wife 95% of the time) to clean her butt. Then a trip to the vets and my Pukki had her pussy shaved. With one problem solved, now she was on a diet. A few weeks go by and I am much disciplined only the allotted Ĺ cup of diet cat food a day. I canít say I saw any noticeable change but I felt good. I hadnít caved in to those eyes. It is simple. Donít look into those sorrowful beautiful eyes and indeed I did not cave in. Well, until I stepped into what I thought was maybe a grape, even though we hadnít had any grapes lately. Yes, then a second latter, I had heard the sound before I froze. Like when you step on broken glass, you donít move. I turn my dart board light on and to my horror I lifted up my big toe. A black redness of mouse intestines now was stuck to my toes. My cat had eaten everything except the intestines. I did what anyone would do. I panicked. I started playing Twister. Trying desperately to reach anything I could wipe this goo off my feet. I looked at my long underwear,(kind of cold the last few nights), so they were ready; but I couldnít bring myself to use them. I also had my leg/knee wraps that I couldnít bring myself to use either. I essentially stretched my toes and the intestines; I heaved down low enough to use a gum wrapper. My lovely Pukki does on occasion, when she is on a diet, eat mice. The problem might be that the pet door that gives them access to the great big football field size yard. If my cat is to lose weight, I need to know: how many calories a mouse has?Written by Rock's Rose Photography/E.W. Rantala...
People with Animals
Gray Mouse by Lora-Vysotskaya
I'm In Your Car Smirking by suezn
0378 Sparrow - Moineau by RealMantis
Photos-Domesticated Animals
Misha Says CHEEEZE! by Kitteh-Pawz
0545 Hoverfly by RealMantis
0498 Dragonfly by RealMantis
Photos-Mammals Wild
Jump for It by Konakira
Photos-Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish
Common toad (Bufo bufo) by Azph
Lion Savannah Painting Steps by FleetingEmber
Wallpapers, Designs, Interfaces
Your True Colours-post by FortuneFoundTheSun63
WIP, Sketches etc.
Catbuns by Moldovorot
zzz - .
Hi everyone. Due to my husband's ill health I no longer have the same time available to manage as many groups. If anyone is interested in becoming founder of this group please note me. Thanks :)
If not I will close the group. Sorry.
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