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Noxiiious traces their artwork from cakeindafridge lmao
here's an overlay of this vs this
posting this here as when they argued with me and i posted it as proof expecting answers, they flagged as spam

friendly reminder that you shouldn't trace artwork and then upload it and claim it as your own!! idc if you trace and just don't upload it or give credit but here we are lmao
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pls moar detective work sir
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Heeeey ... Anyone that has EYES in their head can see that this is very very similar to the original.
You dont need to do any lineart overlays or anything to be able to see it.
There is no rule that says you have to copy the lines precisely as they are for this artwork to be named as "referenced".
Do you know why it is still traced even if linearts dont perfectly match? Because ...

Its exactly the same pose with some modifications. It is about the same background.
The color palette is the same with some modifications. Even the source of light is in the same place. The whole idea is the same.
How do you not see it.

All i am asking now is that if the people who protect this traced art are blind or are they just fanboys?
I am just a neutral observative eye and i have not even seen these two artworks before.
I am not a fan of neither of these artists. I am not protecting anyone.

And by the way i am very glad that some people in this community are ready to stand up for this problem.
Its just sick how many of our fellow artists get copied and traced like this. We have to do something about this.
We can not stay quiet and watch them steal from us. And its our right to stand up.
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so many people do this even I got copied so badly by one person... :( but by redrawing they won't ever learn :^)