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Fat Distribution Tutorial 2

A re-made version of the tutorial! I hope the updated anatomy helps you guys! And also for drawing body types that aren't just sticks and stones or blobs, that there's a lot of shape in between!

Please leave a comment if you liked it or if you plan to use it!

(Ignore this, it's tags so that a google search can find this image, and more people are helped by the tutorial!)

** how to draw fat weight gain chubby character characters drawing tutorial obese tubby tummy butts **
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I don’t draw art that is weight gain. But the middle ones are somewhat accurate to real life bodies. So this did come to some use. Thank you

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Thank you!!! This is so helpful to understand anatomy and how to draw doughy juicy rolls. I especially love first and third girl
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The last one is basically overeating.

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Yeah even if u don't like to draw this type of art it's still a pretty good guide to draw bodies in general (^人^)

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even if you don't want to do weight gain type art, this is actually very helpful! thanks

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upper body from the top + tits from the bottom + fug dat ass

Awesome guide

Thank you

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Thanks, that was useful. I like the second hourglass. XD

Mm, that first one and last one are sooo sexy! She looks so hot with that plumped up belly...
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there is something wrong with you

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Oof, definitely a fan of the first and last <3 but not so much of the second

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If it's not a bother for you, but can you possibly make a tutorial that goes in detail regarding fat distribution on the butt and by extension, thighs? I know it's in this tutorial, but I feel it would be helpful if the butt were the topic of focus.
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I don't know much of it too well. Besides what is already here. Just study real life photos!
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This is very informative, Thanks for making this.
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You're very welcome!
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I'm currently working on a weight gain story with drawings to go along with it, and I find it difficult to acuratrly show consistent weight gain... this looks like it could really help! Do you mind if I use it as a reference?
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tutorials are meant to be used! but don't copy the pose / trace the character.
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Thank you! It’ll be a great help, I’ll make sure not to directly copy it 😊
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Will you ever be doing one for guys? I wanna know the right way to draw guys with thighs *shot*
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