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The Children Marcus - Lineart by Catboy-Trades The Children Marcus - Lineart by Catboy-Trades
Behold the 3 children of Hours Marcus.
Cyan is 15 years old in this picture. She is the daughter of Hours and Mindy. It was a surprise to the both of them that Mindy became pregnant but since they all lived in the same house they decided it was alright. Alice was happy for them and enjoyed helping her Girlfriend with the pregnancy. Especially since...
Marcus is 16 years old in this picture. He is the son of Hours and Alice. They had been trying for a while to get pregnant. When they found out that Alice was one month pregnant they all celebrated and got the house ready for another bundle of joy. Mindy was a little nervous on how she should handle her Girlfriend giving birth to a baby but Hours explained to her that she was not getting kicked out of the house. "We are a family." Evelyn then gave everyone a big hug. Evelyn helped out as well with both Mindy and Alice while they were pregnant. This was great because when Mindy was about to give birth to Cyan....
Pickles (Lily) is 14 years old in the picture. Evelyn was away on a trip when she found out she was pregnant. She had accepted a six-month intern assignment at one of the larger radio telescopes and began to feel sick. She called the group and shared the news. Pickles got her name after the cravings that Evelyn while pregnant... she ate everything that could be pickled. She was going to legally have the name as Pickles but the group stopped her and advised Lily.
(To those that follow the comic and stories... this happens far in the future for our little poly group)
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