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It's all gone but the memories

I don't ordinarily use my DeviantArt journal to promote a personal cause, but I'm making an exception because of who it's for.

A little back story: The gentleman who I'm trying to help out is Terry Carr. He's an amazing photographer, and a close friend that goes way back - 20 years ago he worked as a floor man at the tattoo shop I apprenticed at in Kansas City. He was a great friend and helper then, and we have always remained friends. Terry collected some of my earliest tattoo work when I first came into the business!

Terry is also a disabled/paralyzed veteran. This contest is a chance for him to win a new handicap equipped vehicle which he desperately needs.

Last I checked he was only a few votes away from one of the top 3 contestants, and 3rd place would win him a new vehicle.

Please take a minute to help me help my friend. It only takes a few seconds to connect via facebook and click a vote for Terry!
Also, feel free to share this and encourage your friends to help!

Thank you very much.

-Cat Spencer

Here is the link:…

fond regards,


My Second Annual DAHQ pilgrimage!

Fri Jun 22, 2012, 7:38 AM
It's all gone but the memories

I just returned from Hollywood!

Last Summer I took a fun vacation to Hollywood to tour the DeviantArt Headquarters and meet Spyed and Techgnotic and many other DA staffers.  This past week, I took a second trip to the HQ and got to spend time with all my friends there once more!

This time, I took my daughter with me. She had never been to California, and she had an amazing, magical time!
She was totally enamored of Spyed, of course. When we went out to eat dinner at a terrific Greek restaurant, she was starry eyed when he conversed with out waitress in fluent Greek. That was such a great evening!

We got to meet Bentley, a beautiful English Setter who I believe is one of Spyed's confidants and assistants. ;-)
I put a photo of my daughter and Spyed and Bentley right here in my stash:

I've decided to make this an annual event, because frankly it's just an overwhelming experience to spend time with these people who are important to me. And being in the DAHQ and looking out over Los Angeles is quite a natural high, each time I went up to the offices! I've been a DA fan and supporter for, well, a long time.  I lived through a lot of DAs history, and I can't say there's any place on the internet that I feel as strong a connection to the community. Visiting the DAHQ has started to feel like a *must do*.

Special thanks to Spyed, Techgnotic, Lisa, Lauren, and everyone at DAHQ who showed us such amazing hospitality!
I'll see you next Summer! =)

fond regards,


Devious Journal Entry

Fri Feb 10, 2012, 8:04 AM
It's all gone but the memories

I haven't posted in my DA journal in a while, so thought I'd check in.

I recently hit the 9 year mark here on DeviantArt, and I have to say it's still as fun as ever. =)
There is no social networking community on the internet that I've continued to invest myself into with as much persistence as I have here.  I love DeviantArt!

In closing I'd like to share a link to a Facebook group which is largely tattoo artists, but you'll find art being shared in many mediums besides tattoo art!
Browse through some of the beautiful work here:   ->… <-

fond regards,


Until further notice..

Tue Feb 15, 2011, 6:33 AM
It's all gone but the memories

I'm happy to inform my friends and fellow deviantArt enthusiasts that I'll be sticking around with deviantArt until hell freezes over.

Long live the memory of "The Scene."…

I love you guys.

fond regards,


Knowing when it's time to go..

Mon Feb 7, 2011, 3:25 PM
It's all gone but the memories

DeviantArt is soooooo no longer the DeviantArt I joined all those years ago.
I've been thinking just recently that there's not much of a point in hanging around here these days.

When DeviantArt was young and new, a lot of guys like me, from the hiREZ scene, from the ANSi scene, from the modding and skinning community - we went out of our way to promote this community. If I were to have to guess, I wouldn't have any real idea how many thousands of people I've pointed towards this site, how many members are here because I and others 8 years ago went out of our way to help promote and endorse this web site.

Now it seems that the hierarchy has completely changed, and nobody who has any authority on DeviantArt really even remembers the guys who were here at the start, or what we did to help in DeviantArt's meager beginnings.

I was really fortunate that my entire 8+ years of being a part of the DeviantArt community, staffers compensated guys like me with free memberships, honoring not just the fact that we came on board before DA was cool, but we helped MAKE DA cool.

My premium membership will expire in a couple of weeks, and after that I don't really feel like I should owe the new DeviantArt any "dues" to pay for such simple services, to be a part of a community I helped recruit.

I'll miss some friends. A lot of people from the old school I am in touch with on other social sites, so we'll keep in touch.

If you are one of my old time friends from DA and you're not a Facebook friend or a member of one of the other communities I participate in, drop me a line so we can be sure to keep in touch!

I think the DeviantArt I remember has probably already been gone for years and I'm just now noticing it.

I'll make my graceful exit.

fond regards,


Remember the old days?

Thu May 17, 2007, 6:36 AM
It's all gone but the memories

Nowadays the internet is just - TOO much.

I remember when I was logging on with a SLIP account and a dos client, the "world wide web" seemed small enough that you might just be able to see it all. Hell, I remember before that even - we traded art through BBS networks, over 2400 baud modems that pushed packets in the wee hours of the night so that come morning i could get up and see something new from somewhere on the other side of the country, or the other side of the world.  We were the pioneers. Before there was DeviantArt. Before there was Myspace. Before Yahoo or Google. None of these things were even a daydream in the minds of men, and we were packing up computer art and distributing it all over the world through telephone lines, because sharing our art was the most important thing we could do with computers then.

If you don't remember those days, I feel for you. It was a time to see.

Today, it's all just - blown up. I jump on MySpace, or LiveJournal, or any of a half dozen public forums I enjoy seeing my internet friends on, and the past is just a haze.  Anyone can zap their art from one side of the world to the other in less time than it takes to light a cigarette. It's so completely taken for granted now - but I guess that's okay.

I could go on and on, but I won't - I'd just like to take another moment of your time to say I REMEMBER, and I hope some of you do too. Hats off to the BBS days, to FidoNet, AgoraNet, Oblivion, Renegade, pick your flavors.. Hats off to the ANSI guys, the Ripscript guys, the couriers, the administrators, and the fans.

We appreciate this big internet more than most, because we were struggling to do this before it was easy.  We'll never forget.

fond regards,


Devious Journal Entry

Thu Dec 21, 2006, 7:06 PM
Another year down!

2k6 is almost done. Wow. Where have the months gone.

My time this past year has been primarily spent in the tattoo trade.  I had a few magazine pieces this year, won a couple of awards from the Tattoo Expo in St. Louis this past autumn, and spent most of my summer months working at a lake resort area near here, tattooing tourists. It was all in all a pretty good year!

Sadly, I haven't had time for a lot of computer graphics. I did manage to work out a few ATCs, sold on  ebay.  

I put a few images on deviantart as I went along, though not as diligently as in the past years. Apologies, I'll try to do better next year. =)

I'd like to wish all my Deviant friends HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a terrific 2K7 to come!
I have, by the way, a little profile on Myspace (I know, I know...) at - so if you do the Myspace thing, there I am. Mostly I just keep tattoo art and contact info there.

fond regards,


Time for the annual update already?

Sat Aug 20, 2005, 7:56 AM
2005 is getting away so quickly!

I'm not much of a blogger kind of guy, and keeping a steady journal really isn't my thing - but I do like to take time to occasionally say hello to my DevArt friends and mention the things I've been occupying myself with.

First, tattooing is - as always - a time consuming business!  Right now it's just myself and my brother working at our shop (Skin City) so we're putting in a lot of hours.  I'd much rather be at home painting, but hey, do I want to be a starving artist, or a well fed tattooist who has a little spare time for fun now and then? Hmmm... well, i do like to eat.  =)

My latest hobby is ATC / ACEO art. I encourage all of my friends and fellow artists to take a look at this trend. It's apparently been around for a few years, but has grown in popularity thes past couple of years.
Artist's selling trading card sized drawings and paintings, originals mind you, in a miniature scale (3.5"x2.5" - the same size as common collectible cards, baseball cards etc...) and Collectors assembling books full of these little gems to display.
Ebay has literally thousands of listings for ATCs at any given time (I find them easily searching for "ACEO" or Artist collectible editions and originals) and some of them are quite phenomenal. Many styles, many mediums, all very reasonably priced! Do take time to check it out!
I submitted a half dozen or so of my ATC scans to my deviantart gallery, have a look!

I'm *hating* summer, it's been so hot and muggy that all I do lately is hang out indoors where the air conditioned environment is. I'll be happy when autumn arrives!

To all my friends, thanks for being there! Nice to see you doing your things, your art, your hobbies! Keep in touch!

fond regards,


Lemme back in!

Thu Sep 30, 2004, 6:28 PM
*knock knock knock*

Well, I've finally been finding some time lately to get back to my friends here on Deviant!  And posting a few things too, imagine that.

When Rad Man went to the Pilgrimage Demo party and took one of my pieces, and we won, well it was fun and inspiring.. soooo in the past couple of weeks I've been really putting some hours in photoshop again, it feels very comfy. =)

As I had mentioned to some friends previously, I am dusting off some old "gems" that I used in advertisements and such, stripping off text, upping resolution, repainting and cleaning up... sort of "restoring" old work and publishing it on my Deviant gallery. I've done two or three but I have at least a dozen other favorites I want to put up.  During my time in ACiD Productions, I believe I did nearly 400 "wallpaper proportioned" pics, usually heavily text laden and covered in fonts and graff debris.  Buried under all the drivel, there are some nifty images that only old time ACiD fans have really seen. My favorites of these are being dusted off and restored.

The tattoo business is really getting cumbersome lately. It's all the years of production work, making a living doing something and putting a LOT of time into it, well, I feel like I'm bordering on "burning out"... this is another reason I've been taking some retreat time in Photoshop lately. Now if I could just make a living in photoshop, I could lay off the tattooing for a while, hehehe.

My daughter Elspeth is seven now, and growing up fast. She draws and paints as well, of course. Actually had her give me a little tattoo a few weeks back - Crazy huh? Well, of course it looks mechanically "rough", but it looks like a real jewel in my collection, through a dad's eyes anyway.  =)

Autumn is here, and it's a great feeling! It's my favorite time of year, and autumn/winter always afford me more time for art and entertainment, *bonus*!

Thanks for all the recent comments and crtiticisms, and glad to be hearing from everyone, seems like "all of a sudden" a lot of old friends are not so far away. =)

fond regards,

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