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after falconet
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mirin this edge control brah
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Me: oh, a photooois a drawing, oops

Them values tho
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what perfect values.
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Whoah this is incredible!!! Its so realistic:love:
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Great work with the lighting and the texture, pretty awesome!
mannequin-atelier's avatar
Great study! Shows how You understand lighting and shadows :)
Sovoy21's avatar
o_O amazing texture in that one, looks very smooth and damn realistic!
Lap12's avatar
Magnificent ! And I see there's some DW fans here xD
selrachco's avatar
LOL-More art like this is needed on devianterART-OUTSTANDING-And while you are at it, say a prayr for me LOL
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Incredible.. i had to see it more than once to realize that is a painting =x 
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I love it!
At the begining I couldn't tell it was a drawing!
What tipped me off was the catagory it was in xD
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Whatever you do, don't Blink
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study , study , may be rich ... :rofl:
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haha, weird, I was actually most impressed with the values on the thigh... XD
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I really need to study on how to control edges like you do. Values on the thighs are a bit vague, but it doesn't hurt the overall study. Good job.
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