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more heads

some heads i drew 
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wow! like your style!
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The painterly texture to these brings out so much emotion.
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I really admire the way you painted these! color tone and use of brush
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wow *_*
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They reminds the texture of statues!
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Nice! I can see the correct values and the placement of those speculars help a lot, keep it up man!
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thank you, ill try!
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How do you paint your hard edges? (Like the lips & bottom of the nose) do you paint over larger lines, use masks or just a thin brush?
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i just used a small brush. in this case about a 4pixel, with image dimensions about 3600 x 3000
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Ohhhh okay, it's always the simple answer lol- Thanks man!
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I think he just uses the hard brush and darker colors to bring out the values of the certain areas also pressure control (correct me if im wrong)
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are they alive or is it statues?
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really nice ! i love the texture *-*
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Is there a specific tutorial for this rendering style? I've seen it used a lot and I'd like to learn too. XD
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hey, thanks!  i'm sorry but i have no idea, it's just the result of my experimenting and thing's i've picked up
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