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hey guys

here's a little full body design for this character
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Your style is so intrinsically expressive; it feels like the characters have come to life. These characters have the kind of design that really hit home for me-- having this nostalgic, visceral, and tangible demeanor that I find appealing in a character. I wonder if it's the lack of obvious lines or the blend of dark/dull colors or perhaps the natural-borne texture or even the stoic stance this character exudes, but it really keeps me engaged and immersed with the presentation; imagining the sequence of possible events that partake in each piece. There is something raw or alive that I think is evoked in this style, something that makes the character unique and quintessential to my tastes; take that as you will. It's a mixture of simplicity and complexity that I admire in art. It's easy on the eyes and really feels natural, entrancing even! I almost want to care about what choices or what traits this character has to offer; there is intrigue in this and in many of your other characterizations because they seem nuanced with a certain humanistic spark. I'm probably going overboard, but I've seen a lot of artists and favorited a lot of things, and this is a style that I can relate to and can tap into with personal fondness; more than most. Excellent work and keep it up, I can only hope to aspire and work towards searching for my artistic niche and style. I agree with Icecoldart below, your style is distinctive.
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Really cool! The steam is so natural and beautiful!
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it's so beautiful, your style is so cool!!
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Do you paint traditionally per chance?
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hi, not with any regularity, but i do like to draw in my sketchbook
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I asked, as your digital painting style resembles oil painting in a lot of ways, sooo enjoyable too look at.
There's ton og great artists but theres not that many ( living ) that have this disctinctive thing about them.
I feel a lot of personality in your pieces, and this only make sthem even more interresting to look at :)
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Wow, I really like the color palette here. You capture character essence in an effortless kind of way.
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thank you for the kind words
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Lovely. I adore the face!
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It's a non-skimpily-dressed female fighter.
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thank you, i'm glad you like it!
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omg this design is just 2 die for i love it so much 
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i'm glad you like it!!
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