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I don't know why I keep on coming up with new ideas for stories and OCs but....I am. ._.
For the first time in forever, I used Krita and it actually turned out good!

Kono can be shy around new people he doesn't know. But he is charming around people he's familiar with.


So this is Kono. Kono is a prince of the Kanoa realm. (Definitely didn't just think of a random jumble of letters that sounded like a name)
Their kingdom just won a war against the neighboring kingdom, the King decided to host a party . In the middle of the party a witch from the other castle walked in, the witch said to the king, "You may have defeated our kingdom, you may have destroyed our village. But our land shall never fall!" The king ordered the guards but the witch was floating out of reach. She pointed a bony finger to Kono. "We shall have revenge on this kingdom, starting with your son!" Kono started to float before he vanished. The witch was taken by the guards and killed for what she did. Kono appeared in a forest, but he wasn't himself. He was human. He ran in the forest frightened, not knowing what was going on. He stopped at a city noticing he wasn't as pale and his fingers have turned to normal human fingers instead of claws. He started walking through the city noticing the strange humans who didn't look like the normal species that ruled his kingdom. A girl ran by him rushed before knocking him down. She stopped to go back and pick up her things he had dropped. She noticed Kono who picked up her pen and handed it to here. She put it back into her bag and ran off. Kono, curiously ran after her wanting to know where she was headed. He stopped at the steps of a school with tons of kids going inside. He followed them, going inside the school where he was stopped by a teacher. "I haven't seen you here before," The teacher said observing him, "You must be knew." She grabbed hold of Kono's hand before taking him to the principal. He then became a student at the school. He was guided by the teacher through the giant school to his first calss. He sat down at a desk noticing the same girl that knocked him down in the room. He went through a normal school day, barely speaking to anyone and confused by the writing for not knowing how to read human writing. At night he was assigned a dorm and taken there by the teacher who showed him around the school. He met his dormate who commented on how he was getting pale late that night. He quickly rushed to the closet in panic and locked the door looking in  the mirror. He no longer seemed like an average human, instead he looked like what he does in the drawing (His average self that he knew) His claws were back with his cape and his eyes were no longer human eyes. He felt happy to see his normal self again before hearing a knock on the closet door. "You gonna come out?" His dorm mate asked. Kono replied No for knowing that he would probably give that kid a heart attack by seeing him as what the humans would describe as "A monster" So evrery night in the human world he turns back into his normal self, but in the daytime he turns back to a human. 
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