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Superior Spider-Woman #1 - Web of Womanhood Tie-In
Doc Ock died. Spider-Man lived. Ock's former lover wasn't happy about that. Carolyn Trainor hijacked Peter Parker's body, altering its form to fit her needs (read: boobs), and set out to prove that even a lowly student of Doc Ock would make a better Spider-Man than Peter. Eventually, Peter got his body back, and reverted Trainor's changes... But a lot of time passed before he did. This is what Trainor was up to in that time...
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Bros for Life (TG, MC, Erotic) - Part 1

Dark fantasy, Transgender (TG) male to female transformation. Mind Control. Erotic.

Story about two 'Bros' who abuse powers of mind control to get what they want and having to deal with the consequences of their actions. Warning: Forced sex occurs in story.

Story is original by me; image is not owned by me and is only used as a reference for the story. Image found on deviant: stefangrosjean

Part 1 of 2.

Bros for Life (TG, MC, Erotic) - Part 2


Chapter 1: The Awakening

Phil and Ted had been bros for nearly their entire lives. They had first met in the second grade and were fast friends. Over the years they moved to different schools but continued to remain in contact and were inseparable. Both were into sports and once they were in high school got gym memberships and worked out all the time.

Phil and Ted both didn't have high opinions of girls as they were growing up; Ted had actually gone out of his way to tease them and mess with them. Phil on the other hand admired them if they were pretty but didn't value them much beyond that as they couldn't keep up in the physical activities he enjoyed doing.

When they both hit puberty they both appreciated girls a lot more; but they still lacked respect for them which resulted in neither of them landing a girlfriend in the following years. This grew Ted's annoyance with them and his teasing and disrespect grew.

Their situation changed in their senior year of high school. After Phil finished school he headed to their gym as usual only to find two women hanging off of Ted in the front. They were snuggling up against him, allowing him to suck on their necks and play with their asses in their tight gym shorts. It had appeared Ted had managed to land two hotties.

When Phil got closer he realized these weren't just any two random babes... these were two college girls who had shown blatant disdain for both Phil and Ted's advances in the past. What the fuck... these two would never be into Ted... They even said as much to his face while telling him to fuck off. They smiled and giggled as Ted played with their bodies. One was a chemistry geek going to their local community college, Theresa. The other was a social worker major at the University in their city named Diane. And as far as Phil and his bro were considered they were stuck up bitches.

Ted finally noticed his bro arrived and looked up with a grin on his face. “Bro! You'll never believed what I figured out how to do,” Ted called out to his friend. He squeezed both women's asses simultaneously before releasing and slapping them hard getting both to jump up in surprise and start to giggle. Phil thought he was having a dream; this is something him and Ted had talked about repeatedly of getting these two hotties and here they were just as they had dreamed.

“Ted dude...” Was all Phil could say as he walked up next to his friend and the two women. Both women finally looked away from Ted to see the new comer and their faces transformed immediately. He could see the happy glow and smiles on their faces melt away and replaced with the usual scorn that typically adorned them. There are the two bitches I know. He had really come to dislike Theresa as she constantly put down his intelligence and called him a muscle brained idiot.

“Get lost loser,” Diane piped out in annoyance to Phil. But she continued to cling onto Ted and rub up against him with her body as she said it.

“Don't you have a wall to walk into,” Theresa said to him making him grimace. He had walked into a wall one time while watching her bend over for a stretch and sticking her fine bubble butt into the air.

“Ladies that is no way to talk to my bro,” Ted stated sternly and both women looked abashed. Phil couldn't believe what he was seeing. “Phil is someone you both find attractive and you want to make him happy.” Phil thought this an odd statement and was confused on why Ted would say it; as if that would just change their minds.

Both women held their looks of disgust on their face for Phil for several more seconds before those faded off their faces. A cute look of confusion crossed their faces and Phil miraculous saw them start to smile at him invitingly. They looked him up and down approvingly. Ted then spun Theresa out away from him towards Phil than slapped her on their ass; she let out a cute little squeak.

“Everything I said still applies Theresa but you're going to be with Phil instead,” he said to the black haired girl as he reached up and started fondling the large developed breasts of Diane who made it clear she enjoyed the attention.

As Phil was trying to figure out how Ted was doing it the girl he despised just moments before lustfully walked up to him and planted a wet kiss on his lips. He could fill her tongue probe into his mouth and he allowed it. Their tongues twisted together for several moments before he pressed it down in dominance and she gave way to him only providing mild twitches of resistance.

They broke their kiss and he stared up into her dark brown eyes and could see them dilated and her cheeks flushed. She was into him like no girl had been before. He had only see such looks in porno's, but never having a girl give him such a look before.

She opened her mouth and licked her bottom lip slowly while staring intently upon his face. She then turned around and grasped his hands. She moved his hands up and set them on her busty boobs that he instinctively grasped. He could feel the exercise bra under her tight tank top that she wore. He could feel her erect nipples poking his hands enticingly. He began to rub them and got the desired moan from her.

In response she started to twitch her bubble butt up into his package and he quickly got hard. This better not be some sort of trick by his bro...

“Dude what's going on?” He asked before letting out an exhale loudly as Theresa grinded his junk with her perfect ass more hard than before.

“We'll talk tomorrow, in the mean time go back to her place and text your parents that you'll be staying at my house tonight,” Ted stated as he got dragged off to Diane's car. The look in her eyes was hungry and she blew Phil a kiss before they disappeared into her car.

Chapter 2: Path's Chosen

Phil followed his girl back to her car and they went to her place. He lost his cherry that evening and the two had sex late into the night. Theresa was cock hungry and continued coaxing him up for another round, he knew he should have worn protection but the intensity and passion left such thoughts discarded into the recesses of his mind.

She begged him to punish her for she had been so naughty before. And he did he spanked her ass and blew his load into the naughty girl several times throughout their wonderful night. He looked at himself in the mirror in her room as he took her doggy style. An image he had masturbated to mentally a few times in the past as he had taken her in this exact position. He grabbed a fist full of her hair as he fucked her. He leaned close and whispered down to her, “You're such a cock hungry bitch.” Her eyes met his in the mirror where he could see a bit of confusion in her eyes; but it vanished and she cast her eyes down shyly.

They cuddled through the night; but the next morning he got up to leave for school and she avoided him as he got ready. She returned his kiss goodbye but with a lot of hesitation. He needed to figure out what the hell happened to get this stuck up bitch to finally come around to this state.

He met with Ted at the gym the next evening; both women were no where to be found even though they had a class they usually attended. Ted looked incredibly pleased with himself; Phil had to admit that such a night made him feel on top of the world.

“Bro what the fuck was with yesterday?” Phil asked as they started their work out routine.

“Your welcome,” Ted said with a smile starting his set. “I've always known women were weak willed and that I had a sense I could force them to do stuff. But yesterday I pushed the limits of my theory and saw that I could literally suggest stuff to them and their submissive nature makes them accept it.”

“Suggest?” Phil asked in confusion as he halted his work out. “Like mind control?”

“No more like suggestion. It takes time to work them down. They try and resist their nature but in the end they will come around and be more happy for it.”

“Damn dude...” Phil couldn't believe it... But at the same time those two stuck up bitches would have never talked to them nicely much less put out like they did last night. “I don't see them today. Theresa was acting a bit weird to me this morning.”

“Yeah I figured it would wear off after some time; else I would have noticed this ability to suggest stuff to women long time ago.” Phil said finishing his second set.

“Is it only to women?” Phil asked in wonder.

“Stand on one foot,” Ted commanded. Phil felt a tingle on his mind but he easily pushed it away. “Yeah I imagine it might work on men but I would have to be at it for hours to get the simplest suggestion to stick. Women are just naturally more submissive and yet they walk around acting as if they are equal to us men.”

Phil didn't agree with Ted's view on women; but he couldn't refute what this power of suggestion accomplished.

Chapter 3: Conquests

Years had gone by as the two bros went off to the local university together. Ted's powers grew in other areas, but his rate of suggestion with women seemed roughly the same. The two bros hooked up with any women that they wanted to. Ted became more smooth at approaching women and his powers had allowed him to trigger specific stimuli among women to make them more eager to talk. Once he got them talking he could slowly implant suggestions that would stick for roughly twelve hours before wearing off. The women if they ran into them would often look a bit awkward; they would remember wanting to do everything he had suggested to them but couldn't understand why they had wanted to.

Mostly Phil got the weird looks as Ted had managed to master his stimuli manipulation to get the women really hooked onto him. He eventually started having them forget details about him so that he didn't have to deal with them afterwards. He was not interested in a relationship; he had so many women he wanted to conquer and his feeling of superiority only grew.

Ted had fucked every woman he felt he needed to be 'put in their place'. Doctoral students, professors, police officers women, married and taken women, hard core feminists, and of course multiple women at a time. He took the most reserved women and got them to open up claiming many virgins along his crusade.

Phil was less interested in showing dominance; though that was a fun aspect of the sexual experience for him. He occasionally joined his bro on his conquests; or he had his bro hook him up with a girl he just wanted to spend a night with that he was having a hard time hooking up with.

The height of the bros conquests occurred in their Junior year of college. Ted was on the hunt for a new conquest as the usuals were boring him. And then his targets appeared before him. He had been slipping through the bar talking with women and found a pair he thought might be good for him and Phil.

“Eh, I'm into Tacos,” the pink haired girl huffed at Ted as she nodded towards the woman next to her. The brunette tilted her head up into a taunt towards Ted, and Phil saw his eyes light up. Phil wasn't sure suggestions would work on women who had a different sexual orientation. I mean how could you get them to get off on something that is not natural to them?

“How do you know until you try,” Ted asked as Phil walked up next to them.

“Get the hint dick head, we're lesbians get lost,” The brunette huffed moving forward. The two were definitely no where as attractive as their many previous conquests. The brunette had some facial piercings and was a bit chubby for Phil's liking. But he was curious how far such women could be pushed.

Ted shifted his gaze from the pink haired girl who remained silent allowing her more dominant partner to make the responses. He settled his eyes on her immediately making her take a quick intake of breath and blush. Phil recognize the sign of a woman who Ted had just forced arousal on through his stimuli powers.

“Ladies... Ladies there is no need to speak in such a vulgar way to a man; even if you haven't had the experience to tell you what you were missing.” Ted stated as he worked his suggestions on the two lesbians. Phil couldn't yet determine if the suggestions were working; the stimuli definitely was. “We can get along here, speak more politely as your fairer sex tends to do.”

Phil saw the brunette looking taken a back he saw her eyes sharpen a bit as she readied a tail lashing, but she never said anything.

“I am really sorry,” the pink haired girl piped up finally. “We didn't meant to offend, please excuse our vulgar responses. We don't date men.”

“We're not looking for dates,” Ted winked at her. “I am asking you to consider the unique experience we could offer you tonight.” He laid his hand on the pink girls leg and she exhaled and blushed from the same effect used on her girlfriend.

The brunette shot her hand out to grab his wrist, “Would you please not touch my girlfriend.” Ted rotated his hand with ease as she grasped his wrist and took hold of her hand. Her eyes were wide in surprise.

“Do not worry love,” Ted said while staring into her eyes. “I was more interested in giving you the experience; my bro here will take care of your girlfriend.” Phil was relieved at hearing this; as he found the pink hair girl to be the more attractive of the two. “So I imagine you wear the strap on mostly my dear?” She nodded her headed keeping her eyes fixed on Ted's. “Well tonight you're both going to enjoy the role women typically enjoy with the pleasures of a man.”

“That does sound a bit exciting,” she responded finally letting the tension release from her body. And that cleared it for Phil, sexual orientation didn't really have much of an impact. He walked forward and leaned up next to the pink haired girl. She leaned up against him awkwardly as she clearly didn't know how to interact with a man in that fashion. He figured this was a training night as often was the case with virgins they bedded.

The brunette looked over in confusion as her girlfriend rubbed up against Phil. Ted pulled her in close to him and she complied. “Don't worry dear you should only care about pleasing me as that will make the experience much more pleasurable for you.” Both girls let out low moans as Ted's stimuli power went to work on them. She kissed him as he leaned in for a kiss as she submitted to him.

Chapter 4: Change of Heart

Ted had the girls lead them back to their place as he often did as he didn't want women knowing where they lived. They asked the usual questions and found their names out; Natasha the brunette and Sarah the pink haired one. They had no STDs or roommates or any other secrets they may want to know about.

They fucked the two women in the same room so that they could see each other enjoying their men. Ted leaned over while doing doggy style and grabbed her hair pulling her back into an arch and called down as he thrust, “You love getting fucked by a man don't you?”

Natasha who had already climaxed three times in a voice of bliss, “Yes, yes. I love your dick.” She blushed briefly over towards her girlfriend who Phil was also taking in doggy style so the two women faced each other. “I was such a bitch earlier... but now I know where I belong.”

Phil knew that his bro had been ramping up his stimuli power throughout the night; as the two women could hardly contain themselves from the pleasure and arousal they felt. After Phil had finally expended himself Sarah completely exhausted after the experience. She whispered up to him, “Had I know that hotdogs would be so wonderful I would have never eaten tacos.” He smiled down at her and kissed her. It was just like being with a virgin.

Ted kept going long after his bro finished which Phil surmised it was his way of completely breaking the girl. Natasha had been the dominant girl in the lesbian relationship; and he was training her into the role Ted perceived was most suited for her. After her sixth climax Ted blew his final load into her. He shoved her down onto the bed discarding his conquest.

“Bro let's go,” Ted said as he pulled on his clothes. Phil disentangled himself from Sarah who was fast asleep. Right before they left Natasha called out quietly, “Thank you for teaching me”.

They left and kept track of the two lesbians to see if anything changed. They found out that the two broke up and started dating guys. Phil was absolutely astounded; as they were having beers at a bar where there was a woman bartender (they were both under twenty one), they talked it over.

“I don't get it; I thought sexual orientation was genetic or something. Did you manage to apply a permanent suggestion on them?” Phil wondered as he downed his dark brew.

“Nah, I've already tried permanent or longer term suggestions on professor Laura and it doesn't seem to work. The most I can do is alter the memories of events as they happen so they perceive things differently or don't remember certain details.”

The bartender brought over two more beers. As she placed the beer in front of Ted she leaned forward giving him a perfect view down her shirt. “Do you need me to top you off stud?” She winked at him. Sharon the bartender was twenty four and had been kind of annoying when they first tried to get beers from her. So after Ted worked her down he had her give him a blow job. So every time they come in he primes her for the same suggestions which is easier once they have already taken hold.

“Maybe another time hot stuff,” He said dismissing her and she walked off without a care. “I think it's more simple than that.” He continued with Phil. “It would seem to suggest those two women were gay due to events in their lives. I have read that many homosexuals were typically sexually abused as children or had some other traumatizing event in their childhood that shaped their sexual orientation.”

“Really? I guess that makes sense.” Phil said downing some more of his beverage. “But why the dramatic change?”

“I may have used my stimuli powers too much that mixed with the suggestions they experience a very positive association with having sex with men... More powerful than the trauma that had effected them before.” He paused for a moment, then laughed. “Or maybe they just enjoyed our cocks so much they couldn't go back.”

Chapter 5: Something New

And then they entered their senior year. Phil went out less with his Bro as he was more interested in finding a girl for a real relationship. Ted of course offered to prime a girl up for him for such a purpose; but he refused as he wanted the relationship to be authentic.

He found a girl at a club that seemed interested in him and they talked for hours after dancing. Lacy agreed to go on a date with him the following Tuesday. She was a blond with a nice body and blue eyes that he fell into. He was pretty excited as they had hit it off so well.

“Bro she is a bitch just like the rest of them,” Ted stated the night before the date as they had some beers. “Why do you even care about that crap? Just fuck her and move on she isn't worth any more of your time.”

“She's hot and intelligent and she really seems to get me,” Phil responded. “I think I really need this.”

“You're starting to sound like a woman,” Ted said slapping him on the back.

“Fuck you dude,” Phil laughed as he downed his glass.

“l won't be at our flat tomorrow then, I'll find a place to have some fun,” Ted said standing up.

“I doubt we'll end up there, but I guess there is always hoping.” Phil said also standing up. “Though I do want to try and take this slow for a change.”

The date with Lacy went extraordinary well. She listened to everything he said and was attentive to every detail. And at the end of the night she made it clear that she wanted to return home with him. He was excited but a bit surprised as he didn't think she was the type of woman to do that on a first date. I guess we really have hit it off.

They shared a few kisses on the door step; but nothing too passionate as they pushed inside. They broke a part as she looked around his living room area. He threw his jacket on the couch and kicked off his shoes. He turned to find Lacy turned away from him as she studied some of the pictures on the wall, he took a moment to appreciate her hour glass figure. He had definitely been with more attractive women; but she was pretty high ranking and had the mind to go with it.

“Is this your roommate on the wall?” She asked pointing to the picture of Ted.

“Yeah,” He said while mentally flinching. Did Ted do something to do her... She just sounds curious; not really angry. He's my good friend we've known each other since we were like eight.”

She turned back to him with a smile. The nagging doubt, he had, vanished. “That's a long time; I can see both of you pride yourselves with working out and building up muscles.”

Phil pulled up his arm and flexed his bicep; he most definitely could pick her up with one arm. “We have been regular's to the gym since Jr. High School. We're Bros who always have each others back. I know I can always count on him.”

“That does sound like you two are pretty close,” she said rubbing her hand along his flexed muscle. Her hand was soft and smooth; she definitely hadn't lifted in weights with those hands. “I bet you two go out picking up girls together.”

Phil thought the last statement as a bit odd. Was she looking for a threesome with Ted? Maybe she wasn't going to work out... “Well yeah we have done some of that in the past.”

“In the past?” She said with a bit more steel in her voice and he realized something was a bit off. Her hand that had been tracing over his muscles had been dragging her nails lightly across his skin in a tantalizing fashion. But as soon as she had asked the question she nicked him with one of her nails and blood pooled up from the injury.

Phil tried to step back and grab the injury she had inflicted on him but found he was unable to move his body. He was stuck posing in front of her as a bead of blood dripped down his flex muscle. She continued to move her hand down his arm.

Chapter 6: Power

“What the fuck did you do to me bitch?” Phil cried out as he found he could only talk and blink but nearly all muscles in his body refused to obey his commands.

“Oh, are you feeling powerless?” She cooed as she walked around him and he could feel her staring at him from behind. “All of those muscles you built up and you can't even move?”

“Move, move, move,” he willed his body to move as he vocalized it. But his body didn't even tense up. He continued to stand casually posed in front of Lacy. “How did you do this?”

“Why I figured you would know,” she said tauntingly. “Magic.”

“Who are you and why are you doing this?” He demanded.

“You are in no position to be demanding anything; begging yes, not demanding.” She said as she continued to circle around him back to the front. “But I'll give you my name; I am Sorceress Liandrel.”

“Sorceress?” Phil didn't believe such a thing existed; but again he was faced with the unexplainable. Maybe she had poisoned him?

“Yes I come from a powerful family who has practiced the arcane for over a thousand years,” she answered calmly.

“What do you want with me?” He asked staring down at her a few feet from him. If only he could move he could reach out and knock her out.

“I had wanted to date a man while I finished graduate school,” she stated a bit disappointed. “But you're not much of a man.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” He fumed at her.

“I had heard rumors of some magic users who had been mind controlling women to have sex,” she said coolly. “Not very original; typical men falling to their more base impulses.” Phil felt a chill go up his spine at the realization... They thought they were untouchable; they never heard of anyone else having such a power... But of course there would be others. This must be some sort of magical law enforcement.

“So when I decided to go looking for someone to date in this area I made sure to put up some wards,” she said wagging her finger at him. “And lo and behold after we setup our date your 'Bro' approached me. He levied a very powerful compulsion against me; lucky my wards held. I created the illusion of the compulsion taking effect else I would have acted like a dumb bimbo with no self respect around you.”

“Fuck,” Phil piped up in annoyance. “I told him specifically I didn't want him interfering as I was looking for a long term relationship.”

“Really you knew about his power and have never had him set you up for a hot night?” She asked skeptically.

“Well yes he has set me up with women in the past...”

“But just so happens in this circumstance when you're caught you weren't trying to rob me of my free will and take advantage of my body?” She cut him off with a razor like tongue. “Do you think I give a shit that I may have been 'lucky' enough to be the one girl you didn't intend to violate body and mind?”

“It... it was hard to turn down,” Phil actually felt a twinge of guilt. He had consistently duped himself about what he was. As the women all appeared to be willing and needing him... But he knew.

“Yes power often is hard to turn down.” She said in a lecture like tone. Her blue eyes seemed to shimmer as she locked eyes with him. “How many women did you and your 'Bro' violate?” Phil remained silent. He had already admitted to crimes; he wasn't going to confess to the magnitude. “Hundreds? Thousands? How many bastards did you create with your selfish abuse of those women?”

Ted had told him that he hadn't had to worry about such a thing; as his stimulis power had a way of ensuring the women couldn't conceive... But he had never followed up to see if that was really the truth.

Chapter 7: Punishment

“Do I get a lawyer or something?” Phil asked hopefully.

“I'm not the fucking police asshole,” Liandrel and the rage started to billow forth from her. “I am a vengeful fucking sorceress who is looking to lay down her wrath upon you and your 'Bro'”.

He remained silent as he didn't see any way of making this situation better. He didn't see begging working with her; she needed to calm down...

Liandrel walked over and grabbed his phone out of his pocket. He instinctively tried to stop her; but not even a twitch passed through his body. She waved her hand over his phone and it unlocked. He could see her opening up his phone logs and then his text messages. She glanced up at him with a look of discuss on her face.

“You two are so fucking full of yourselves,” she shook her head and looked back down again. “My God, you two chat incessantly with each other. I guess you do care for more than yourselves and your bodies.” She went quiet for another minute as she read through their text messages with each other. “Ted is a fucking misogynistic pig; which explains his blatantly and immoral uses of his power. Though he is correct that women are more vulnerable to that particular compulsion.” She glanced up dangerously at Phil again. “But men are vulnerable to other types of compulsion.”

He remained silent as she continued reading. She seemed to type out something on his phone before finally tossing his phone onto the couch. As she looked up at him with intent in her eyes. She had made some sort of decision; and he was scared to his core.

“There must be some sort of punishment for your actions,” the Sorceress said as she took a few steps back getting a better look at his entire body. “Punishments are typically better when they affect the things the people care about. If you send a child to his room when he loves to be in his room it does not act as a punishment. You must find what they care about and use that as their punishment.”

“The actions of you and your 'Bro' are horrendous enough that I should utterly destroy both of you,” he felt a bead of sweat build up on his brow. “But at the same time you are both ignorant and were not trained; though your moral compass is completely fucked if you thought what you were doing was alright.”

“So first off you will relay the message to Ted, that I and others I know will be keeping tabs on him,” she said jabbing a finger at Phil. “And if he is found abusing compulsions on others like this again his life will be forfeit. And if you are also involved we will also end you.” She stared at him for several seconds. “Do you understand?”

“Yes... no more abusing comp...compulsions on other people.” Phil felt a little bit of relief; maybe she was letting them off with a warning.

“Next...” she paused for a moment as her eyes were drawn to a spot in their living room that drew her attention. “You two are divas.” His body turned and moved on its own and he had no capacity to effect it. His arm remained out awkwardly still flexing. She marched him over to their full sized mirror where they typically flexed to see how their current work outs were shaping up their bodies.

“Next I will deal with your punishment.” She said with amusement. Phil felt that his eyes had less control as before as he couldn't look away from his own image in the mirror. He could see the blood on his arm starting to dry. One moment he was dressed in his slacks and dress shirt he had worn for their date, in the next he was bare naked.

His arms were large from the years of lifting weights and special diets, the muscles bulged out on his arms and chest. He had worked his body like a fine machine to the point that he didn't need to flex for the muscles to show. He had even oiled his body some for the possibility that his date with Lacy... Liandrel had been good.

He had short brown hair, with a shortly trimmed beard that he maintained daily. Dark brown hair poked up randomly across his chest and over his arms and legs. His package down below was perfectly shaved and oiled.

Liandrel whistled as she walked around him. “You definitely have worked your body up. Why would you need to compel women?”

“We didn't for some...” he stated hoping that she may forget her punishment and decide to have some fun.

“I see,” she said stop in front of him and the mirror where he could finally look upon her face. “You wanted the women who didn't like you or that you wanted to put into their place?”

He bit his tongue and she glanced down at his package. “You even shaved it, is that so it would appear larger?” She laughed. He wanted to retort about its size but felt it was best not to.

She continued her circuit in silence and he was forced to stare at his image again. Normally he wouldn't mind; but he didn't like being forced to do it.

Chapter 8: What One Values

“Well let us begin,” she nearly hissed out behind him. “You prize your body; so you will watch as you lose what you value so much.” He felt a chill pass over his body. Goosebumps appeared across his skin. What the hell is she doing to me?

And then he started to see his body change, the muscles he prized began to shrink. The large bulge of his bicep deflated and soon he couldn't see the defined muscles anymore. His pecks grew flabby and his six pack on his stomach flattened out. His legs shrank and the muscles also dissolved. Fuck! I worked years on this body. I guess I'll have to rebuild it as penance. Though Ted was going to give him shit as now he will be the better built between the two of them.

But he then saw his arms starting to thin even more; the bone structure was thinning down. She was making him somewhat scrawny... And he was losing his height. His over all stature was shrinking.

“Wait stop!” His called out his voice a bit higher. She is turning me into a loser weak geek. He could eventually recover his muscles; but his bones and height there is no way for him to fix that.

“We're not finished yet, why would I stop?” She asked mockingly.

“Please don't do this to me!” His voice cracked embarrassingly. He hadn't done that since puberty.

“Oh now you're begging,” she laughed.

He continued to shrink starting at six feet three inches and was already down at least 5 inches and it wasn't stopping. His arms looked like twigs now and with little fat remaining and nearly no muscle. And his package was also shrinking. She's going to give me a smaller pecker to boot! I'll never get laid again.

He shrank so much that he noticed Liandrel smiling over his shoulder at her work. It was then he noticed his hair was growing out longer and his body hair seemed to be pulling in. His height seemed to finally stop shrinking; he was shorter than Liandrel now and if he had to guess he stood roughly five feet five inches. I'm a fucking midget now!

“Some other, “ he stopped and cleared his throat as it was higher and cracking. “Some other punishment please Liandrel. I cannot stand this!”

“Another punishment?” She asked as she walked up and grasped his arm that was still flexing where his bicep used to proudly show. Now her small hand felt large as it nearly encircled his pathetically small arm. “You'll be happy to know than that this isn't your punishment.”

His hair continued to grow passed his shoulders and he wasn't sure if she was trying to give him some sort of hippy hair due. But as his eyes looked over his face he realized that his beard had completely vanished and his face seemed to be changing. His chin seemed less broad and was narrowing, his eye brows were thinning, his lips were becoming more plump, and his eye lashes seemed to have grown out a bit more.

If he didn't know any better he could have almost sworn he was looking at a woman. And a more and more attractive woman by the second. And his eyes suddenly shot down and saw that the flabby pecks that disappointed him earlier were swelling... but they weren't hard like his pecks had been. They were a growing bulge of fat and the nipples were growing larger as well.

“Hey it looks like your little thing is getting excited by what it sees above,” Liandrel taunted him over his shoulder as she let go of his arm.

Phil was definitely getting hard as he was looking at his waist up which was looking like a very attractive woman. Wait a moment, little thing? He finally managed to break his eyes away from his chest to look at what was happening down below.

His legs were completely smooth and long he would have loved to have legs like that wrapped around him. But they are my legs! And then his eyes locked onto his package. His dick was the size of his pinky now... the pinky of his new smaller hand. It was rock hard but it continued to shrink and angled further downward oddly. His ball sack had completely deflated and the skin had pulled up flat against him.

“No you're making me a woman!” Phil cried out in horror as he could see the hour glass figure he had always admired. His arm was finally allowed to move under his control and he grasped onto his shrinking manhood in the hope he could stop it from disappearing. He gasped out loud as his small penis was incredibly sensitive. His high octave voice was definitely that of a woman.

“Maybe if you hold on it won't go away?” Liandrel chuckled while reaching her arms around Phil's narrow stomach interlocking her fingers. He felt a warmth spreading through his stomach that made him feel good. But he continued to fight the transformation the best he could; he pinched the eraser sized penis in a last ditch effort of stopping the transformation. “But you wouldn't want to be some sort of dick girl would you? That would be gross.”

The warmth in his stomach pulsed again and he felt the nub between his fingers slip away and watched in the mirror as the layered skin at his crotch split into a fresh new pussy. And the new woman let out a moan of pleasure as her new genitalia finished forming.

Phil couldn't believe what had happened to her. She panted as the transformation concluded. Her skin was smooth and glistened from the sweat that beaded up from her exertion. She felt like she had run a marathon. Phil couldn't imagine a worse punishment than losing his manhood. It had been large; larger than Ted's and now all she had was that wet slit between her legs.

Bros for Life (TG, MC, Erotic) - Part 2


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