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When you commission me the piece of art you receive is yours and yours alone - I hold no claim to it, I don't even use it in my portfolio or display it in public without your permission. That means you are the ONLY person who gets to see/display/own the artwork unless you expressly give me permission to do otherwise. I'm told that this is very unusual, pretty much unheard of in fact.

The Process;
-First PM me. Give me an idea of what you'd like done, whether you'd prefer it to be digital or traditional, and if you have a deadline.
-I will reply as promptly as possible to give you my availability (usually this is immediate, since I work fast).
-Once you receive my reply, send me the specs - size, pose requests if you have them, whether you'd like it coloured or just an outline, etc.
-I will then send you two or three unfinished sketches and will proceed with the one that you like the most. If you don't like any of them, I'll take a day or two and then send you new sketches. I wont go forward on anything until you've approved the direction the artwork is going in.
-I will keep you updated on my progress, and will send you a scan or watermarked digital image of the final product for you to sign off on.
-Then if you're happy with what you see, you pay.
-And then I send the artwork to you. :)

The Price Range;
Lineart only
-A4 traditional 40$, A4 digial 20$
-A3 lineart 50$, A3 Digital 30$
Any larger than that and we'll have to do some negociating. Complicated pieces (with more than three characters) may also require some negociating.

-A4 with 1-2 characters, 60$
-A3 with 1-2 characters, 90$
There's only one price for coloured as it requires no more time in either medium than the other.
Prints of digital artwork will be an extra 10-20 depending on the size required, but incur no extra shipping fees.
A background more complicated than a nice border and texture will incur a 30$ surcharge, because it takes me forever to draw inanimate objects. /artist fail

Usually shipping for A4 doesn't cost more than 10$ to most countries. A3 will be sent in a tube, which usually runs to about 15$.
If there are any differences in shipping cost I'll either let you know before the sketching stage or suffer the loss.