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Pokemon fusion - Cuquaza

By catandcrown
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Pokemon Fusion - Cuquaza

Not a nice beastie at all. Finally got him done and wrote up some text about him.

for those that cant read it, its below :)

Cuquaza are dangerous, mountain dwelling Pokémon that are uncommon in the wild. Voracious and with a killer appetite that has been known to include humans in the past, Cuquaza are primarily ambush predators. Their dens are littered with bones of previous kills and victories, allowing the to lie in wait, camouflaged perfectly amongst the long dead using their naturally occurring bone armour.

From there, they can strike at a moments notice, using their long, powerful coils to ensnare their victims. Cuquaza are considered pseudo-legendary-type Pokémon, and are prohibited for capture for all but the most skilled trainers. Their high level of intelligence means that they are not suitable for those younger than the age of 18 and without a full set of at least 6 regional gym badges. In combat they are immensely strong, capable of overpowering all but the most skilled and tough opponents with both ground and dragon typed attacks. To form a bond with a Pokémon such as this requires great effort, time and sometimes sacrifice.

Painted in Photoshop, background elements sourced from shutterstock and then edited by me. And a massive thank you to RJ palmer for giving me some pointers on him.

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The epicness...

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LuiztheDarkMasterStudent Artist

great artwork, in my place this became a joke as Cu = Anus in Brazilian, so it became like Assquaza, losing the dread. Haha! Felt like you should know, your art inspire a lot of feelings, but i guess this one you didn't saw coming, eh? Take care.

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XaivunHobbyist General Artist

Sometimes I look at this and wonder if you're really a human being

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KingGhidra78Hobbyist General Artist
Kinda reminds me of the Skull Crawlers from the 2016 film "Kong: Skull Island".
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herofan135Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Woah, this looks so epic! :wow:
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catandcrownProfessional General Artist
thanks so much!
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The0BeingHobbyist Artist
Dear god it looks like the live skeleton of rayquaza if he died or one of he’s  species  If you think that
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MilantiqueProfessional Digital Artist
Pretty wicked dude. I made a 3D model of a Mr. Mime and Cubone fusion myself. 

I am looking at your profile and thinking, "this is so diverse and of great quality. I cant tell if he makes art or just houses them on his profile." But you say you made this so I cant believe but I believe ya lol
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Whoa! He looks like some ancient Europea/Norse god or something! Awesome work!
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Are planning make some more Pokémon fusion in future time soon ?
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catandcrownProfessional General Artist
I would love to if i get the time :)
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CrynosurStudent Digital Artist
AKA skull crawler
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Very nice...
Can I Use your images to make Pokemon fusion video?
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catandcrownProfessional General Artist
only if credit is provided and my profile linked back to :)
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If it's possible can you do realistic Kingalrant
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catandcrownProfessional General Artist
You are welcome to commission me :)
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Beg your pardon 
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catandcrownProfessional General Artist
you asked if it's possible for me to do a digital painting of Kingalrant, right?

I don't do work for free unless it's one i want to do i'm afraid, but if you want the fusion badly enough, you can commission me to paint it. 
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So what do you do for a commission, not sounding stupid 
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This looks almost like it belongs in a Dungeons and Dragons game, it's that terrifying.
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catandcrownProfessional General Artist
excellent! :D I'm glad to hear it haha!
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LittletaleIsCuteStudent Artist
What if the Cubone part of it evolved

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NightstalkerJoshHobbyist General Artist
Imagine getting into a random battle with a trainer, and sending this out. Your opponent might just surrender without battling.
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