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#646 - Kyurem



Kyurem – The Boundary Pokémon.
Pokedex Number – 646
Type – Dragon/Ice

There are few Pokémon considered as dangerous or as odd as the creature known as Kyurem. Alien in origin, it is known for its ghastly, unnatural appearance its ferocious power and its appetite for human flesh. The legends that surround it are many, all of them sinister, the entry that follows is to be taken seriously, as the Legendary status of the creature matches its body count.

Physiology – Kyurem can best be described as draconic in terms of body shape; however it would be unfair to say that it goes much further than an initial summary. Its entire body, including the ice it carries about its person are Alien in origin and so any attempt to truthfully categorize the creature cannot be verified properly. Kyurem is believed to have crash landed to Earth on a meteor several Thousands of years before the present day and Experts that have glimpsed the creature have decided that a large portion of its body was destroyed or at least mangled in the process. The creature is tall and well built, but is feeble and seems almost withered to the point of being corpse like. It has 6 limbs in total, with typical forearms and legs of a regular dragon type-Pokémon (suggesting a link in species) and protruding limbs up onto the lower back that form whip-like tentacles, tipped with bioluminescent nodes.

The nodes themselves shines and shimmer and have been seen being used to lure in prey to the creatures domain before it strikes, but they also form a greater function. For all of the weight that the lumbering beast carries about its body, Kyurem can actually fly. Scientists and experts that have studied it have confirmed that these whip like tentacles on its back are some form of Alien ESP, that project a field of anti-gravity about the creatures person. In space, it would therefore have no trouble powering itself using these abilities to fly unaided through the vacuum, further emphasizing the belief that Kyurem has no need to breathe (as no nostrils have been found upon it ). These appendages can be used to whip, lash and carry on with tremendous strength and have been witnessed snaring men, women and children alike from their homes when the creature is feeling particularly daring.

There is, however, a downside to the creatures ease of travel though space. Whatever planet or asteroid it may have originated from, Kyurem’s body is simply not strong enough to cope with the gravity of this planet for very long at a time. It is known to take extended periods of rest and to be feeding and hunting almost all the time, showing that the constant use of its powers are a drain on its already feeble body. The beast uses it’s unique (and believed to be Alien) water to coat its tendrils with ice, freezing them so that they appear as vast horn-like icebergs upon its back. It is believed that through this method, the special ice creates a sort of resonating chamber for the creature’s abilities, allowing the Alien to not only stand and even run, but to levitate and, albeit poorly, fly, though this is never for very long or at a very high speed. These nodes are often glowing with an ominous amber light, creating an interesting lure amongst the barren whites and blues of its habitat.

The downside to carrying such a massive weight is that Kyurem’s body is horribly imbalanced by this feature, and so is always very low to the ground, its head sweeping the floor for small Pokémon to feed on. To remedy part of its problem, a large cluster of ice is often formed at the base of the already rotting tail to creating a counter balance, along with a sweeping, mace-like weapon.

Kyurem’s unnatural alien metabolism and biological make-up seems also be a hindrance at times as much as a help. Its freezing interior body does not seem to work well outside of its frigid resting place and if it wanders too far from its lair, its body begins to react with the moisture in the air and freeze over. This, naturally restricts its movements, often causing angry rampages and frustration for the creature. Because of this fact, Kyurem is rarely seen outside of the Giant Chasm, and almost never during daylight hours. Indeed, it does seem to fear the suns warmth somewhat, for fear of its body parts becoming wear.

Kyurem’s head and gaping maw function much the same as the rest of its body. It does not need to breathe, but always seems to be fogging from its jaws, hinting at a freezing interior body temperature, as well as an Alien bloodstream, which has been observed to be blue in colour. A large section of Kyurem’s head is made of its unique ice, including the lower jaw and upper section of the skull, forming horns. Whether or not these are part of the skull cannot be confirmed as Kyurem is believed to be a one of a kind creature and no dead specimens have ever been found.

To further promote its alien appearance, Kyurem’s sickly body is covered in bulbous sections of flesh that have irregular patterns and colouring on them. It is not known what they are for, but the Pokémon’s surreal body shape and general behaviour leave a lot of unanswered questions for scientists, along with the concern that there are more of them out there.

Behaviour – Kyurem are highly, highly aggressive creatures. Despite their lumbering frame and almost comical walking style when not hunting, they kill and maim anything that crosses their paths. As mentioned before, the amount of power it takes for the Pokémon to move natural means that to sustain it, it must eat as much as possible. Because of this, it is usually seen stalking around its known habitat for food, but is usually incapable of doing so without making its presence known. Its bitter, screeching cry will put off Pokémon and humans for many miles around it.

The Pokémon prefers to remain hidden amongst snow and ice before attacking, being surprisingly capable of lurching from hidden places as various ice and water based Pokémon enter its home. Kyurem is a known man-eater and unlike many Pokémon has no particular preference to what it eats; it simply depends on what can run faster.

In terms of fears, the Pokémon is readily seen as an apex predator of the region, possibly one of the top in the known world because of its unique combination type. The dragon specie of Pokémon are known for their intelligence, their formidable attacking and defending strength, their legendary statuses and their ferocity. Their only known weakness known far and wide as being ice and of course, their own kind. The freezing of a dragon renders their cold blood useless in a fight and makes them slow and sluggish, open to attack. Kyurem embodies what dragons fear, it is the nightmare of their species, considered an abomination by dragon experts and masters (known for their fanaticism and devotion to their heritage) who readily petition for the creatures extermination.

Kyurem does, however, seem to fear the sun. This would be natural considering its ice-based body parts and its frigid based origin. It shuns heat and light and is almost never seen out in daylight, preferring to stalk and kill at night. The light also renders its luring method useless as one might imagine.

There also some mythologists that claim that the other members of the Unovan legendary group are connected to Kyurem because of their resemblance. Indeed, numerous legends about the Pokémon being linked to the other two exist as a sort of regional myth that tourism thrives upon. The existence of both Reshiram and Zekrom is a fact of course but Kyurem is still under observation, albeit from a distance. Behaviourally, experts cannot tell if Kyurem’s behaviour would change around these two as it has never occurred, with Reshiram and Zekrom naturally shunning the cold that Kyurem thrives upon.

Habitat – In origin, Kyurem hails from outer space, possibly from a frigid asteroid where the low gravity would have made it a truly formidable creature indeed. But on Earth, only one habitat is known, just outside Lacunosa town in what has become known as the Giant Chasm, supposedly where it and, according to legend, Reshiram and Zekrom came to earth. The credentials of whether the legendary duo of Unova also were found this way are debatable, but the creatures icy home and meteor sight are hard to ignore, leading scientists to assume that this is indeed where the Pokémon came to earth. Inside and around the location, there is a perpetual snow storm of varying ferocities. Considering that there are many Pokémon, including legendries that can control the weather means that this is no strange occurrence, but what is considered abnormal is that this snow often finds its way inside, suggesting that the storm is not conjured by natural climes, but by the creature itself.

Considering its method of attacking and defending itself by using its frigid inner body temperature and breathe, it is no surprise that wherever it walks, Freezing temperatures kill the ground and most of the life around it. As such, the inside of the Chasm is suspected to be barren, frigidly cold and most likely scattered with the creatures kills.

Legends surrounding the giant chasm are varied, but all of them warn to stay away. It is not known if there was only one Kyurem concealed within the chasm or if there is the possibility of a second or even third. As the creature appears to be genderless, it is suspected it has no need of a mate or partner, preferring it live alone.

No other crash sites containing Kyurem or a variant of it have been found, but all sights are quickly checked and approved when meteors do hit, for fear of another being unleashed into the world. The fact that the only known living one is contained in the chasm is a blessing, as the residents of the city have not only built a vast wall to protect themselves, but shrouded it in myth so that trainers rarely venture there. None that do go after it ever return, and the Pokémon is restricted by law to be captured, as it is simply too dangerous to be contained, let alone trained.

Myths/Legends – The legends surrounding Kyurem extend to the ridiculous to the factual. The first and most prominent being the legend that surrounds Lacunosa City and the great wall erected to keep Kyurem out. It is believed that the people of the city built without the knowledge of the giant chasm and its sinister guest and that, once construction began to reach its zenith; the slumbering dragon awoke from its crash, the machines and workers stirring it. From this legend so many years past, it is believed that as the city began to near completion, people began to go missing. It was mainly pets at first, with small meowth, Growlithe and other small mammalian Pokémon being snatched as they wandered too far into the forests. But as the weather began to change across the region, winter approached and the attacks became more daring. Kyurem was said to have snatched grown men from their beds at its boldest moments, openly attacking the city and destroying the work the people had done.

Yet as soon as it appeared, it vanished with the dawning of the sun. But this was not something the people of the city would take lightly. Indeed, after losing 12 people in one bloody night, they erected a vast stone wall in a single day, to keep the beast at bay. Despite the fact that Kyurem could easily scale the wall due to the fact it could fly, it seemed that, according to local folklore, this managed to keep Kyurem out. For what reason this is the citizens do not know, only that to this day, several hundred years later, the people of Lacunosa do not venture outside their homes after the sun goes down and their gates remain firmly shut.

The second legend is the one that follows Zekrom and Reshiram, the popular ‘legendary’ Pokémon of the Unova region. The legend believes that when Kyurem fell to earth, it brought Reshiram and Zekrom with it and they were one a whole being. A ferocious beast to be sure, but this is again down to speculation. Whether it was the impact of the crash that shattered this Alien beast into pieces or Kyurem was simply unlucky and did not survive as well as the others we simply cannot know, but what is known is that the Unovan royal family have a long history with Zekrom and Reshiram, but little to do with Kyurem.

Access to the records of the royal family is strictly forbidden to outsiders and so we cannot determine whether they used to have details upon the beast, have searched for it, or tried to use its powers in the past. What is known is that due to their resemblance in attacking force, defensive strength and similar look (especially the ‘turbines’ of the legendary dragons), that they are least connected in some way, perhaps deeper than many think possible. Small cell samples of the beast reveal that it indeed somewhat older than either of the other two, but who is to know what Alien DNA measures up to when compared to carbon dating of modern times?

Kyurem, Reshiram and Zekrom are believed to represent yin, yang and Wuji, the latter being the absence of yin and yang altogether. It is wondered by many scholars whether there might be some truth to this, the elements that they represent, the colours and attitudes that they take all seemingly pointing to a much stronger link than simple folklore dictates. The subject requires further study.

Trainer Policy – Kyurem is, by Unovan law, strictly prohibited for capture. It has obtained legendary status for the simple reason that it a viciously powerful creature, with power over nature. It plays no role in the countries law and ecology except that it needs to be restrained. Hunting orders were originally sent out, including vast rewards, but these created uproar when none of the police, trainers of military officials that went after it came back. It is deemed too powerful to kill but also too aggressive to train. Capturing is in fact possible, but training is believed to be almost impossible, hence the restraining orders on its capture as a whole.

Trainers and general civilians are forbidden from entering the giant chasm unless allowed by the Unovan government, and the residents of lacunose town enforce this rule with their military forces. Reckless trainers beware. No matter how strong you believe you are, this creature is not to be taken lightly; it is highly aggressive, incredibly powerful and virtually unstoppable when it wants something. Avoid at all costs.




On a serious note, this is how i see Kyurem, i hope you like it. I went a bit overboard with the pokedex entry, but i hope you like that too, I got quite into it, as i find the beast to be quite interesting :)

This is how I plan on doing all of my pokemon redesigns so far, with a changing background, trainer size and full info explaining my reasons behind it in the form of a pokedex.

Pokémon Designs.

Old Format

Growlithe – Evolution Line
Dratini – Evolution Line

New Format

- Kyogre
- Groudon
- Rayquaza
- Kyurem
- Xerneas

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