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Sheik Model Setup

LOZ 'verse

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Cassidy thinking

Keyboard Killer Studios

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Lorayna in watercolor

The Birds

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Love Bird Heart

2D Design work

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Lorayna in watercolor

Traditional Art Practice

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Nerith - Commission

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Too playful for his own good

Wavelength OC

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In sights

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The Spill

Garnet Huntress OC

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Bringing it down

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Survival of the Geek

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Protective Father Figure

RP Specific Works

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Dalemoni - Stargazing

Remnants of a Digital Age

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Dear Anti-choicers (AKA pro-lifers)

Personal reasons works

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Ghirahim: King of Diamonds 1

General fanwork

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Northern Lights PT. 3

He had asked for it, oh had he ever. Ashley followed Walter down a dark, narrow passageway leading into the depths of the manor's underground floors. He honestly didn't know what to expect, who Walter was bringing him to meet, all Integra had told him was that he'd be meeting his temporary partner and to not run away screaming. While he doubted he'd run screaming any time soon, the fact he was being lead into the bowels of the Hellsing manor wasn't doing much to set his mind at ease however. "So, take it this temporary partner is very anti-social or something to be hiding out down here?" Ashley asked, trying to keep pace with Walter in this n

Northern Lights Fic

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Prelude to 2093

It started small, but the again, doesn't everything? I remember the stories my parents use to tell, of happier times, the dawn of the new millennium. Things were different then, people still had the illusion of freedom, now the powers of the country don't even try to hide their control anymore. Momma use to tell me about when information was free, when people connected to the internet and shared their memories in the form of pictures, audio recordings and stories. Back then it was different but father tells me that the control was already starting even back then, the only difference is that not everyone saw it, they can see it now. I was born


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Ghirahim: King of Diamonds 1

Wallpapers and Customization

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Versions of Vindicate

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Bead Sprites Nov-12-11

Bead Sprites

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Square root of Pie. . .


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Leathurkatt 3D text

Trades, Gifts, etc.

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Things most pet shops don't tell you about parrots

Parrots make wonderful pets, that is very true. Treated right, they can be loving, sweet, affectionate little babies who never fully grow up it seems. They'll always be happy to see you come home, excitedly wait for your time together and provide you with a loving, long term companion for 30+ years with some species. HOWEVER, there is a lot more to all the wonderful feathered love than just the positive. I have 6 wonderful parrots myself. Lucia, my soon to be 8 year old sun conure, Yamato, my 9 year old quaker parrot, Nero, my 1 1/2 year old yellow sided green cheek conure, Virginia, my year old love bird, Cassandra, my 1 1/2 year old cockat

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Blind are online stamp


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Then realization hits. . .


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Wildfire Cybertronian Design1


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