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gemstone brush

yay my first brush
*bling bling* have fun :)
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I used your wonderful stock/resource below. Thank you so much for providing!
Forest Nocturne Revision by MLArtistry
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thank you for making these brushes
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Thanks a lot, firt animated bush I see about gems :)
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OMG! Thank you! :D I needed gemstones for my "how to bling a plain whit dress in GIMP" :)
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I used them here. [link] Thank you.
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Really nice, especially sine I've been looking for gem brushes everywhere. :)
Used here: [link]

Thank you!
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Can you make this version for Photoshop CS6 or something? :( I dont have GIMP
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im sorry i have neighter of them. gimp is open source ( and i can also open PS brushes
with it, maybe its possible anyhow <3
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Thank you so much for the brushes :meow:
I used them here: [link]
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Bruce Almighty, lol

Nice work!!! It's kinda small though, oh, how i wish it were bigger...still nice work!!!
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Wowowowoowowowo... thats all i can say :D
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Hello cataglyphis,

Thank you for designing the gemstone brush. I'm new to GIMP after being 10 years on Adobe photodeluxe Business edition 1.0 from my still functioning Dell PC wincows 98 2nd edition. I have a window vista now, as I think my Dell is in it's last. Anyway, while I have no idea how you create this, am interested if you have further pursuit for diamond shapes like marquis, pear shape and emerald shape to name a few, or even heart shape?

Keep up the good work and may you continue to be inspired!

(((Hugz))) nei
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hey hey nei :)

glad you like it - to do other shapes, is a very nice
idea. creating was simple, you have several gemstones,
different colors, but all same size and position. i
use gimp for creating my brushes. then i prefer to save
them as pipe like described in this link:
the more layer you have the more variety you get :)

send me a link, when your first pipe brush is here, ok?


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I love it...Very useful :clap:
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