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make Art, not War
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Published: May 8, 2009
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I guess we can all agree with the fact anyone's free to share his or her opinion and leave constructive criticism if he / she likes.

But the thing is... I'm really tired of people who cross the line here, who keep insulting, judging and bashing others for what they do. Aren't you?

Who cares if someone likes to create fanart, anthro, anime, chibis, cartoons, self portraits, macro shots, poetry, fanfics, Disney, Final Fantasy, Sponge Bob or anything else he or she may like.

As long as we stay honest to each other and don't insult others it's alright.

The most important thing is that we enjoy the things we create.

And there's nothing wrong with that. :nod:

I've had a few people judging my gallery a while ago, saying what I do is just copying, wrong, useless, pointless, fake, unoriginal, "doesn't require any talent" and a dozen of things I won't mention.
I'm not saying I'm talented, but they make it sound like as if it is so easy to do.

Well, I may be "unoriginal", at least I enjoy to draw the things I love to draw! It's the only thing that makes me feel happy and cheers me up no matter what. It's the best therapy, my best friend I've ever had. :cuddle:

People should respect each other. :heart:

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. Love.


Thanks for the Daily Deviation ^2dazed and ~gato-de-agua!!! :faint:
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Azurewhiterose|Student Digital Artist
Yeah, I agree. It bothers me too, I mean, this is an art site. 
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CreativeSparkss's avatar
CreativeSparkss|Hobbyist General Artist
This is just amazing. I agree with this.
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Mina-Fox's avatar
Mina-Fox|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Totally agree. :nod: No one should make a big deal about what I'm drawing. Thanks for making this stamp. :thanks:
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Aty-S-Behsam's avatar
Aty-S-Behsam|Professional General Artist
Oh, now I know EXACTLY how you felt...
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SAVALISTE's avatar
SAVALISTE|Hobbyist Photographer
you've been featured [link]
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dragonmastrcrashrokz's avatar
somehow, this reminds me of a song by nevershoutnever: "Harmony". and also "Love is our Weapon"(if youre not a fan, sorry ^^; I am)(and if you've never heard, theyre good songs :D) and i agree with you: I believe in a thing called tolerance. I dont like everyting that comes on DA, but i dont go flame everything that i dislike. i dont understand those people...:hmm:
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Kharemi's avatar
Kharemi|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome :nod:
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VisionOfInsanity's avatar
VisionOfInsanity|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, wow, love the message, and how you made it from such an awesome phrase.
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PinkSkullBunny's avatar
PinkSkullBunny|Hobbyist General Artist
Are you kidding? Those people must be insane! It takes a huge amount of talent and discipline to commit to realism. Yours is one of the best galleries I have come across for this. Those people obviously are just jealous of your skills. Why else would they say such things?
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rawrbabee's avatar
I have a shirt that says that! :D
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Ciara-the-Gecko's avatar
Ciara-the-Gecko|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with this whole-heartedly, it seems to be anything that's popular (comic art, photography, fan-art, ect.) is evil and must be hated on until the artist rage-quits, I haven't had to deal with any heat yet (I may have on iScribble, the subtlety may have gone over my head), but plenty of others have, photography and comic art are as good an art-style as any other, maybe comic art isn't as realistic when you compare it to realism, but that's why it isn't called realism! But anyway, before I go of into a rant about that stuff, this stamp says everything about what the DA community SHOULD be, well worth the DD!

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SakuraWarrirorGirl's avatar
Thank you! I mean my drawing skills suck but i'm not afraid to post my artwork on here anymore though I think i'm a better writer then drawer ha ha anyway you made some very good points
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star-electric's avatar
star-electric|Hobbyist General Artist
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dragon3x3's avatar
dragon3x3|Student General Artist
Thank you!!!! All these kids at school make fun of me because I draw dragons, and not only the big green scary one either.And you should have seen them when they saw my drawing of [link] i felt like going home and crying myself to sleep. I wish someone had a button or t-shirt with this on it.
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Goldchild's avatar
Goldchild|Hobbyist General Artist
I totally agree.:nod:
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SnufflestheFox's avatar
this is really cool!
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altq2001's avatar
make war an art
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nameisavirtue's avatar
Such a good point
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Xiao-Nomine's avatar
Xiao-Nomine|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is great! =^w^=
Besides it's more practical to make art because not only will you accomplish something but you will get a reaction out of someone. Maby you'll even cause someone to think about it.
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CoconutMonkeys's avatar
Great message. :)
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Nakusa| General Artist
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Mr-Asquith's avatar
Okay... more personal, and not very objective, but I do have to say, I took a quick look at your profile and the newest deviations... and I know where you're coming from. The whole "copying" scenario... people who ridicule your avenue of art, seem to have little regard for history. I mean this in the way that so-called "copy art" historically was the norm, that the more realistically you could recreate an existing, event let's say, the more talented you were as an artist. When the camera was invented, art as a means of recording events was no longer necessary, and that is when artists started developing more surreal and creative approaches, because photography had taken art's place in a way. Bringing this back to the point, just because photography can achieve these images more quickly, and artists today tend to use photographs as bases for their portraits, this does mean that "copy art" is obsolete or undeserving of merit. Art is art, regardless of the medium, usually regardless of the content, and the methods available are certainly not diminished by the passing of time. Keep up the great work.
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Mr-Asquith's avatar
Also, I want to apologize for posting on an older deviation... such things weird me out, and I hate making people feel awkward. ^^;
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Shippuden23's avatar
Awwesome stamp :love:

I mean what do they care what yopu draw? it's YOUR art and what you do with it doesn't affect their lives in any way.

If they don't like it then fine but they don't have to unsult you. if you'r art is "unoriginal" or "ugly" then who said theirs is any better?

People like to insult others just so they can feel superior for a few seconds, sometimes they just do it out of envy or are all complete hy[ocrites.

I can't draw ut you don't see me bashing the people who can and if I don't like something, I just go back and don't eatch it is as simple as that.
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