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Tutorials: How to draw lips

By Cataclysm-X
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Dedicated to
- my big bro who is always there for me
- my twin-bro who motivates me
- my great aunt / dear friend for always having a good laugh
- my soulmate who knows exactly who I am

:rose::iconscott2753::rose: & :flowerpot::icontutmatt3::flowerpot: & :heart::iconsheldonsands::heart: & :frail::iconakalilith::frail:


Ta-tadada!!! A new tutorial! Jack Sparrow is watching you :eye::eye:
LOL I'm so sneaky am I not :heart:

I posted a deviation called Images & Words just because I wanted to know which of the 2 pair of lips I should use for my tutorial. Thanks to your votes Jensen is the winner. Go Jensen! :highfive:

You may wonder why I'm posting a new tutorial because I obviously decided to quit posting these things. It happens that because of my study and commissions I don't have the time to publish an artbook. :| At least not in the near future.

And thanks to your AMAZING, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, LOVELY, INCREDIBLE, SWEET, FABULOUS feedback I always get on my deviations and journals, this is a huge thank you to everyone out there who helped me in times of need. <333333333333
Without you I would have given up drawing.

Mwah! :blowkiss:
Love you!


Watch my other tutorials here!
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9. Drawing Materials


...Now wish me luck. Tomorrow the dentist will pull 2 of my wisdom teeth. Eek! :noes: :cries:
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Ob-Liv-ion's avatar
How come I knew who's lips they are? Omg.
Geeksparkelz's avatar
Thank you! I needed this for an art projectHeart Heart 
PraiseWakefield's avatar
Are these... Are these Jensen's lips?
jcvorsteh's avatar
I love you lips I swear..Thanks for giving this steps for us for a girls :) .
thehypergamerdeb's avatar
How can I download this tutorial? Thank you!
Pastel-Corgi's avatar
Is it bad that I knew these were jesen ackles lips? XD
Bowwe's avatar
I love how I knew they were Jensen's lips XD
ObsessedWhat's avatar
The fact that I knew those were Jensen's lips as soon as I sw them, shows I have a problem... xD Great job! Your style is so beautiful!
animemangafrk1221's avatar
Haha, I recognized his lips in a mere second! Mostly because I always stare at him in awe while watching Supernatural ahaha 
TenPastMidnight's avatar
Great tutorial! It's interesting and easy to follow :D
Phipps1666's avatar
I knew those were Jensen's lips when I saw the thumb nail. :iconjensenacklesplz:
noelle914's avatar
it scary that I knew those were jensen's lips
Nikugetsbored's avatar
Do you know how to draw beards? 
nolongerfunctioning's avatar
I was looking around for tutorials on photorealism and stumbled upon this.  Crazy cuz this is the exact picture I'm trying to draw!! Thanks for this, it helped a lot!!
Raixander's avatar
Until before the last picture, I see those lips still like woman's (and that's usually problem in drawing lips for male). But the last picture really turned everything differently. And yes, now I'm a  believer that those are lips from a male :-)
Thanks for the tutorial. It's great!
iluvmykats's avatar
I knew these were Jensen's lips before I even read anything you wrote
Angel-With-A-Tardis's avatar
I'd recognize those lips anywhere! Jensen Ackles is so awesome
MarcoG24's avatar
Thank you so much for some amazing tutorials and helping beginners like myself.
lucianrage's avatar
this doesnt explain to well for e what does it mean by structure and draw the lips if u already done the outline and inside lines?
emiiemam's avatar
hello, my name is emam and i draw too "beginner"
i saw your works and i really loved it
i would love to learn some of your skills to improve my drawing talent if you don't mind
thank you :)
oh.. if u reply me i will show you my works to judge it
UsagisArtStudio's avatar
I know those lips!! Jensen Ackles!!♥ :iconomgsocuteplz:
Oddboy7's avatar
Thank you very much for the help!
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