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Tutorial: Drawing Progress

My 5th tutorial's done!!!
Click download to get the larger version. :nod:

I know what you're thinking:
'But... oh mighty =Cataclysm-X, why art thou submitting a tutorial which wasn't shown in thy poll?'

Well... like this tutorial says: just 'cause. ;)
Actually, I think it makes more sense if you read this tutorial before you'll see my next (upcoming) tutorials:
  • Proportions tutorial

  • Detailed hair tutorial

  • Besides, I'm looking for my muse. I lost it a week ago. I started with several drawings (actors, Kingdom Hearts...) but none of them look right.

    Has anyone seen my muse anywhere? If you'll find it, you'll get a free cookie. :cookie:

    I used the work in progress files of my Jared Leto drawing to get this done.
    I knew I could use those WIPs for something useful someday... :)

    Anyway, have fun with this tutorial!! Hope you'll find it useful!!! :w00t:


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    I love your tutorials. I'm just starting out with a pencil and really appreciate you taking the time and sharing your amazing skills, thank you.