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Tutorial: Drawing Progress
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Published: November 30, 2007
My 5th tutorial's done!!!
Click download to get the larger version. :nod:

I know what you're thinking:
'But... oh mighty =Cataclysm-X, why art thou submitting a tutorial which wasn't shown in thy poll?'

Well... like this tutorial says: just 'cause. ;)
Actually, I think it makes more sense if you read this tutorial before you'll see my next (upcoming) tutorials:
  • Proportions tutorial

  • Detailed hair tutorial

  • Besides, I'm looking for my muse. I lost it a week ago. I started with several drawings (actors, Kingdom Hearts...) but none of them look right.

    Has anyone seen my muse anywhere? If you'll find it, you'll get a free cookie. :cookie:

    I used the work in progress files of my Jared Leto drawing to get this done.
    I knew I could use those WIPs for something useful someday... :)

    Anyway, have fun with this tutorial!! Hope you'll find it useful!!! :w00t:


    Watch my other tutorials here!
    Eye tutorial
    Nose tutorial
    Hair tutorial
    Shading & Blending tutorial
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    Comments (364)
    Adelewis's avatar
    I love your tutorials. I'm just starting out with a pencil and really appreciate you taking the time and sharing your amazing skills, thank you.
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    miftdezign's avatar
    very2 helpful and thanks..
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    MuteStorm's avatar
    MuteStorm|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
    Interesting technique. I still feel like I need the guide lines tho! >.<
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    katreeona's avatar
    katreeona|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
    Your one hell of a good artist and helpful into the bargain! cheers for all your tutorials x
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    rayatolentino's avatar
    rayatolentino|Hobbyist Digital Artist
    this is awesome! youre a talented echelon :)
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    pikaropo's avatar
    Jared *0* Awesome tutorial!
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    hannie001's avatar
    hannie001|Student General Artist
    this is so awesome! you have a lot of skills :D I wish to draw like this someday :)
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    megngarnett's avatar
    megngarnett|Student Traditional Artist
    How do you get such dark lines/shading without the smudgy-graphite look? :/ I struggle so much with that.
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    Cataclysm-X's avatar
    Cataclysm-X|Professional Traditional Artist
    layers and layers and layers of graphite... :)
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    MuteStorm's avatar
    MuteStorm|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
    How do you not smudge with your other hand? I always tend to mess up my drawings like that, please reply. :(
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    ObscureSanctuary's avatar
    this is so helpful, and VERY good reference choice ;)
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    merri5's avatar
    merri5|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
    Oh my.. thats Jared Leto!!! I love you for this tutorial! Its pleasure to see him so f*cking perfect..
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    Natalie-CaLoie's avatar
    Natalie-CaLoie|Student General Artist
    Thank you!!, i love all of your tutorials ^^
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    LaHaRo's avatar
    LaHaRo|Professional Digital Artist
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    Theres-is's avatar
    Theres-is|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
    Thanks, some handsome tutorial you made there... It is exactly what I needed! Thanks for letting us download it, your simply the best!!!!
    Have you found your muse again?
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    Skarperka-chanxD's avatar
    Skarperka-chanxD|Student Digital Artist
    That's imposible to draw! D;
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    Iron1969's avatar
    Iron1969|Hobbyist Artist
    I am just curious as to the time frame. I am working on a piece that is an old photo. Taken from about the 1930s with little detail. I am attempting to add detail that is not seen in the picture. I usually sketch on a grid type pattern starting with the right eye. You do very good work. Since I am not a portrait type artist, I figured I would thumb through your tutorials. Very informative.
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    gerardogop's avatar
    gerardogop|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
    excelent. Ei! take a look at my work, I just did a little drawing, check it out!
    One question: What tools do you use?
    Hope you response yo me. . .

    PD: yeah! . .
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    jaredwarrior's avatar
    You're a genius! I loved your job!
    And ohh man... Jared Joseph Leto. I love him.
    It's my fucking hero. <3
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    Retep1994's avatar
    Retep1994|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
    I know this is a pointless question, but are you left handed?

    I ask cause I start most of my portraits with the eyes on the right and i'm right handed, I seem to find the eye on the right side of the reference easier to draw.
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    gerder's avatar
    ahh dastan i will love you for ever
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    Cataclysm-X's avatar
    Cataclysm-X|Professional Traditional Artist
    Dastan?! Jared! :XD:
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    Deltasigmapi's avatar
    Deltasigmapi|Student Traditional Artist
    Awesome :floating:
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    Luckeylover's avatar
    Luckeylover|Hobbyist General Artist

    great tutorial... :D
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