Sweet Lullaby
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Dear little angel
Don't you cry
For you I'll sing
This sweet lullaby

Just when I thought
All hope was lost
So much sadness in this world
Innocence washed away

You remind me
of all the good things
the love that still exists
when I see your cute little face

So please little angel,
Don't shed a single tear
For the things that make you cry

Because of you
I stay strong
For you I sing your lullaby


For the winner of my contest. My fellow artist. My friend:
As promised a free commission of your youngest daughter. And a poem as bonus, lol. My inner poet was speaking again. :XD:
Anyway, I hope you like it! (:


This is probably to hardest drawing I've ever made! :faint:
Just when I though I had finished the most difficult part to draw, I stumbled upon a new problem.

Started with her face, then the hair, teddy bear and last but certainly not lot least: the clothing! But I'm happy with the outcoming.

In fact, this drawing started to grow on me.
I started to love it with all my heart. :heart:
Nothing more to say. Hope you guys like it too.

Stuff I used:
  • 4H, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B & 3B 0.5mm mechanical pencils

  • tissues & tortillions for blending

  • kneaded eraser

  • Pergamos Skizzenblock paper

  • reference image

  • Time spent: approx 20 to 25 hours


    Previous work in progress can be seen here:
    WIP 1
    WIP 2

    Please do not use without permission...!
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    Pappa60's avatar
    Exelent work. Her eyes are lovely :-)
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    forbravery's avatar
    forbravery|Student Writer
    Gorgeous <3 great texture on the sweater and bear!
    Reply  ·  
    Cataclysm-X's avatar
    Cataclysm-X|Professional Traditional Artist
    Thank you :D
    Reply  ·  
    l1quidluck's avatar
    l1quidluck|Hobbyist Artist
    this is sooo breath taking i love this sooo much...:love:
    Reply  ·  
    sylvialouise's avatar
    sylvialouise|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
    Wat een prachtige tekening :)
    Reply  ·  
    DanteRoseDen's avatar
    DanteRoseDen|Student Digital Artist
    So adorable! I really love it!
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    Dragos-Sulgheru's avatar
    I have featured this wonderful work here: [link]
    Have a nice day :)
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    Paiwan's avatar
    So adorable! And you have incredible technique!
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    YbullStudio's avatar
    unbelievably amazing.
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    wjohny's avatar
    tha's so perfect. congratulations.
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    KLentz's avatar
    u have rendered me speechless!
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    MariaWillhelm's avatar
    MariaWillhelm|Student Photographer
    You are so talented. It is beyond words. I would rec. this to be a Daily Devation!
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    7ayat's avatar
    7ayat|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
    Perfection :)
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    mamabear10's avatar
    she is sooo sweet. she reminds me of my daughter.
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    Inklingirl16's avatar
    Inklingirl16|Professional Traditional Artist
    THIS is ridiculously amazing. She's SO adorable!! This is just FANTASTIC.
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    Flingling's avatar
    Flingling|Professional Traditional Artist
    How soft and gently portrayed! You are a true master of pencil!
    Reply  ·  
    AmyinWonderlandofOz's avatar
    AmyinWonderlandofOz|Professional Photographer
    Above all the beautiful work you have done, I am so amazed at the fact that you got this little girls spirit. This is what true artistry is about. You are wonderful and amazing. I love your work. Z
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    GeoBerserker's avatar
    GeoBerserker|Student Traditional Artist
    Wonderful solutions for the clothing and teddy bear fur whatever they were, excellent work sir.
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    kwata1223's avatar
    Very cute! It looks so soft
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    Cataclysm-X's avatar
    Cataclysm-X|Professional Traditional Artist
    Thank you so much!! <333
    Reply  ·  
    you're welcome :sun:
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