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Scarlett Johansson WIP 1

Scarlett is that type of girl that makes me want to grab her face and give a big smooch. LOL

But I guess it's better I don't do that since I'm a girl too ^^;

Anyway, I spent a few hours in this artwork :) I'm really pleased with the hair!!!

Aside from this drawing I'm working on a very very very special (and personal) drawing which I'll post once it's finished. It's just one of those few drawings I truly love *sigh*
And I'm working on a drawing from my list in my journal. Be prepared :evillaugh:

By the way...
As you know I’m Dutch so English ain’t my first language (it’s a close 2nd though, lol), so neither of my mom.
So I was walking in the library a few days ago and found this amazing book…:

Me: 'ZOMG check this book!! It’s written by Hugh Laurie!!!' *jumps up and down out of excitement*
Mom: 'Who?'
Me: 'House…'
Mom: 'House!! Ah yes, I know him. What’s his name?'
Me: 'Hugh Laurie'
Mom: 'Huge Larry'
Me: lmfao No! it’s Hugh Laurie
Mom: Huuuugh… hugh-eh…. Geez, sounds like some kind of disease :|


Mom’s having a hard time pronouncing Hugh Laurie’s name. :laughing:
I love you mom!! :heart:
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Wow, the drawing is fantastic.

Hahah Huge Larry. Priceless... *wipes tear*
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Hugh Larry xD love your mum!
that Scarlet is ..omg o_o!!!
Lucassaloto's avatar
Awesome!!! great job... beautiful
Joss54's avatar
lol, you're pleased by hair, yeah, but you've still to make the other side ahah !!

Always impressing your work....with you, "impressing" is as usual as "hello !" xd
NSmoerebroet's avatar
Great drawing :clap:
I think I read this book, about Thomas something, right? Love it it's so funny :D
BeatnikBettie's avatar
lmfao...huge larry..I'm possibly going to relay that story to others. I promise to give you cred
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Beautiful drawing & hilarious story XD... Huge Larry. aaahahaha =P
softballdodig8's avatar
do you know what the book is called??
Cataclysm-X's avatar
it's called 'the gun seller' :D
softballdodig8's avatar
wow sounds cool im going to chek it out right now!!
Softball9pitcher's avatar
i do too.
i love that though.
huge larry!
josh3cs's avatar
ur hands r freakin amazing. that is beautiful work. u def captured scarlett's essence. excellent
Lightbeam--v-c-eliot's avatar
Ha, ha, your mom is awesome. And so is your art. She's reaaaaaallll perty!
artistic-princess's avatar
omg i love the way u draw......this is sooooo beautiful
timmywheeler's avatar
personally, i think u should leave it like that!
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I like the way that only some of it is shaded(?) in and part is left to linework(?) It's funky and different :D
xidarkchyldexi's avatar
Wow her hair is gorgeous!! *wishes she had hair like that!!*

LOL, aren't languages grand? The English language is a particular favorite just because it's so weird! :D
Cataclysm-X's avatar
lol lateness

You think english is a weird language? I bet you haven't heard and read the dutch language yet, lol! het heeft dan ook absoluut geen zin als ik in het nederlands ga praten want je begrijpt geen woord van wat ik zeg, tenzij je een woordenboek of iets dergelijks gaat gebruiken.

Yup :D :lmao: now go and translate it!!! ;D
xidarkchyldexi's avatar
Wow! U bent absoluut juist! Ik kon geen woord van het ontcijferen!

I got that off of a translator...hope it makes sense... LOL :giggle:
Cataclysm-X's avatar
LOL actually, it does make sense :laughing:
though it would be better to say:
'je hebt absoluut gelijk! Ik kon er geen woord van begrijpen!' ;D

xidarkchyldexi's avatar
Hoewel ik niet de taal begrijp, denk ik het vrij koel is dat zij deze vertalers hebben.

What are the roots to your language? Is it Latin?
Cataclysm-X's avatar
it sure is cool those language translators exist :)

well, the language is very similar to german. people mistaken our language with german all the time, and dutch people hate that, lol.
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