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Roses are Red

Changed watermark once more...

I was having a small discussion with =hybridfan (can you remember, by the way? It has been a while!) about which series I like to watch and he suggested me to draw Rose McGowan sometime.

And now I did!

Yeah, I used to be, and still am, a huge fan of the Charmed series. I've seen every episode at least 2 times. First I didn't like her, but later I really started to appreciate her appearance in the series. :)

She also plays in a new movie, called Planet Terror. Never seen it though.

I'm really glad I finished this. Halfway the drawing it started to get very difficult (OMFG the hair :frustrated:) and when things become difficult, I tend to quit immediatly.

The original drawing has shown her whole face, but I cut it off with Photoshop. LoL the right part looks kinda... bad. ^^;

Stuff I used:
  • 4H, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B & 3B mechanical pencils

  • unsharp 6B pencil... I lost my pencil sharpener :|

  • tissue for blending

  • crappy quality A4 sketchbook paper

  • Time spent: too much (meaning over 15 hours)

    One and only work in progress can be seen here!:
    Go check it out! :w00t:
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    This is amazing !!!!
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    Roses are red, and corpses are blue...
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    Amazing... just amazing. So much detail <3
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    this is an awesome portrait :)
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    Very nice, I like! *Borat grin and thumbs up*
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    Wait is this a picture? 
    [ftu] tom intensifies v.2 
    MiniPistachio's avatar
    This is so beautiful 😍 I wish I could draw like this!!!
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    A very beautiful portrait!
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    Wow wonderful
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    Your work is beautiful! I love hyperrealism
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    Have you seen her recently she has changed a bit :lol:
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    Great work as always, it works being off to the right.
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    wow, really amazing!:O
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    This is BEAUTIFUL! And im so happy to find out that its NOT Kristin Stewart.
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    Uau!!! Great job.
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    you got the hand spot on in this picture. Great job!
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