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Misha Collins as Castiel

I was watching television the other day, switching between the channels until I noticed something so I went back to a specific channel which was playing the series Charmed.

"Am I seeing this correctly?!" It was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw a very young guy, who, so to say, obviously didn't have a lot experience on acting yet, talking to one of the main characters, Phoebe.

It appears Misha Collins started his acting career as one of the many characters of Charmed, lol! If you care, you have to see it back. It was quite cute :laughing:. This episode was made in 1999.

He said to Phoebe: "Well, you must be some kind of angel."

Who knew he would turn into one himself :D my favourite angel. Castiel is by far one of the best characters of Supernatural (shares 3rd place with the Impala :XD:).

I think I'll give this one to him as well :aww: I like him a lot.

Drawn with the usual supplies, on A5 size :)
Time spent: approx 6 to 10 hours?


I promise that after I come back from the States, I'll draw a new Final Fantasy sketch again (surprise!) and maybe I'll finish that Zack drawing too which I started about 12 months ago LOL.
AND I'll draw House again. I miss drawing his features. :eager:

Bye everyone! Take care!

Los Angeles, here I come!
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Castiel is my all-time favorite character in Supernatural, the Impala is my second favorite followed closely by Sam and Dean.
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How the crunch do you get the skin to look like that? *throws her pencils in the air*
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Castiel the humorless angel..
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I love this portrait ! OMG 
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I love Misha! I really want to meet him someday.
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Wow, i had to look at it twice to recognize that it was actually drawn. Really good work :)
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Amazing! :3
I'm so in love with Misha/Castiel:L
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Hey I am meeting Misha Collins mid next year and am making him a fanbook! I want to collect as many submissions as possible to let Misha know just how much he means to his fans and am currently searching for some more fanart submissions. If you are interested in submitting your fantastic work for Misha to see then check out the Tumblr page for my book: [link] or follow me on twitter: @mishafanbook Don't worry, your work will be credited, you can attach a name, username or whatever you wish. :) Look forward to hearing from you! Kayla.
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Oh wow! I did not realize this! I know that Jared Padalecki has played in some other reality TV shows, as well. Can't remember which ones, though. But anyways, this sketch is AMAZING~! I love all the effort in details you put in this. And his hair looks so fab~ :D I wish I could draw realism as well as this! O:

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He was also in "Girl Interrupted" :D
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D: Baby (The Impala) and Castiel share 1st place for me!!!!
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Very nice by the way, looks a hell of a lot more real than I can draw :P
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Alright this is a bit of a strange question, but it would be very informative for me. What sort of scanner/printer do you use to scan your artwork to your computer? xD

I'm asking because my scanners aren't really meant for art, nor are that great of quality anyway. Not only that, everything I scan turns up with a blue tint on my computer. I'm just curious for good scanners, since I'm thinking on buying a new one.

All of your art looks so fantastic and just...Ahh so amazing. e.e
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