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Lady Madonna (Pencil drawing)

By Cataclysm-X
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Pencil portrait of Lady Madonna, after one of Michelangelo Buonarroti's sculptures. I completely fell in love with his work after I got to read this huge book about his sculptures, paintings and buildings.

I drew this with 5 Derwent Coloursoft pencils on grey paper. I got questions on Facebook about how I achieve a soft & realistic look on a tinted surface!

Well... it is a matter of blending with a soft pressure on your pencil. I first drew the outlines with white pencil only, and blended the slightly darker parts with White Grey (#710) and Dove Grey (#670). By outlining the shadows with a black pencil and Persian Grey (#660) I managed to create a pop up effect. :)

As for the subject matter: I'm open to many religions. Nothing specific really! I'm not extremely religious, but I like the divinity that most of the religions possess. There's a certain truth behind everything. But that's just my philosophy. :)

Stuff used:
- Derwent Coloursoft pencils #720, #710, #670, #660, #650
- grey paper (12x24cm) by German brand Ursus

Estimated time: 5 hours of work
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1/13 second
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4 mm
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Date Taken
Jul 1, 2013, 4:01:51 PM
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Awesome! Drawing on gray paper seems so difficult.  You came out very nicely and realistically ;)
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Very beautiful! Truly amazing drawing! 
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That is stunning! So beautiful...
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You are just divine! :) If I ever get even a fraction of your talent I'd be so happy!
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I tried drawing the bust of this image when I was young; it didn't turn out nearly as good as this.
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I humbly thank you for sharing, thank you for allowing us to learn with you,
you are a portraiture master, always my sensei.

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I don't even have words! Your work is phenomenal !
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This is beautiful.  
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woah,some old school portraits here :D i've done something similar back in my days at school!
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Wow, prachtig!!!!
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Erg mooi! :clap: Ik vind het knap dat je zo veel verschillende onderwerpen tekent (en belachelijk goed ook nog :lol:). Daar kan ik nog wat van leren!
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awesome work gonna get me some tinted paper
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Now that's amazing! I don't know what else should I say!
I agree with you on the religion, after all every one is based on the same principle~ o:
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His sculptures are just something else. I've been fascinated by the old masterpieces since I was little. It always amazes me how they could create folds of fabric nearly as thin as paper from marble.
Absolutely lovely piece!
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Were your pencils "charcoal pencils" by any chance?

I've heard that charcoal pencils are better at achieving dark tones than graphite pencils however I'm not sure how to sharpen the charcoal pencils I have to be completely sharp and can't control them as well as my graphite pencils.
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This looks so very nice! I wish I could draw like this. It's really really beautiful! I'm in love with the soft blending of the shades of grey. Beautiful.
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Great job. I love the shading!
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Lovely work.
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Outstanding! Looks like you sculpted the paper itself! :S
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