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KH - When hope was lost

Many times I lost my hope
Forgot the reason why I started searching
I couldn't remember all my dreams
Couldn't see the beauty surrounding me...

Take another deep breath
Don't look down, keep your eyes closed
Let your dream completely take over
I know that I would never fall
I haven't come this far to quit right now
To give up here and now

(Allen/Lande - Reach a little Longer)


*cough cough*
yeah, just needed to say that!

This is for the sweet and kind:

This lovely lady wanted to have a Cloud x Leon picture, and so that's exactly what I've made for her!
Hope you like it dear! (;


Both characters were based upon existing pictures. But I did something totally different than usual!

Cloud: '....................'

You never have been much of a talker, now were you?
Anyway, I combined several poses of Cloud and put them together. Then I drew the same pose, but changed the shading etc until it looked like my own style!

As for Squall...

Leon: 'It's Leon! And what about me?'

Shush! I'm explaining the people how I created you.

Leon: :evileye:

Don't look at me like that!

Leon: 'You're weird. You talk to nonexisting people.'

*shoves Leon away*

Anyway, for Squall... or Leon... I used a reference of him from the Kingdom Hearts game. Since he never got a 'real' look in that game, I had to make it up! So the shading on the belt, the way the hair looks, the pose (I even changed that one, can you tell? ^^;)... everything had to be recreated.

I made this on my own. Yay! :dance:

.....c'mon Cloud, say something

Cloud: '.........'
Leon: Like seriously, I can make him talk anytime I want!'


Leon: 'Yes'
Cloud: '.........' :depressed:
Leon: 'Cloud!'
Cloud: '..........'
Leon: 'Guess what I have here? Tifa's panties!'
Cloud: '.......really?'
Leon: 'Yeah! And guess how I got them!' ;D
Cloud: :rage:
Leon: 'Whoa, just relax! I'm only kidding! See? I can make him talk and make him mad at the same time!'
Cloud: 'You idiot'
Leon: 'Love you too Cloud'
Cloud: :blushes:

Yeah anyway, hope you like the drawing :) take care people!


Stuff I used:
  • 4H, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B & 3B o.5mm mechanical pencils

  • several references

  • Hahnemühle sketchbookpaper

  • kneaded eraser

  • tissues and tortillions for blending

  • Time spent: approx 25 hours in 3 days

    Cloud/Leon/Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/etc is copyrighted to Square Enix!
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    Cloudyfan's avatar
    Cloud would say : nice work ! ^^
    CrystalizedFlowers's avatar
    THis is amazing! I don't know what else to say but WOW And Fantastic
    Taqresu650's avatar
    I've seen these two a lot in Kingdom Hearts, but I would like to see more team-ups like their team up in KH2.
    Hashae's avatar
    I love the dialogue.
    Crimsonwolf1134's avatar
    Wow this is some of the best pencil work I have ever seen of them, excellent job! :D
    Naeles's avatar
    I love Squall(Leon,lol), and Cloud is cool, too! It only took you 25 hrs to complete this?! You work pretty fast, and the quality of your final product is perfect! I like your style, its very origional! By the way . . . I love your conversation between Leon and Cloud(LOL, ROFL):)!You have a great sense of humor!
    StarMasayume's avatar
    Very nice pencil work and they both look awesome :D
    he he.. I love the way you *talk* to the characters >_>
    Kai-Volt's avatar
    Amazing work and I love the fact it was all traditional media. Their scene together in KHII was short, but epic.
    Taqresu650's avatar
    You get some good views of Squall Leonhart (I'm used to this name more) in Final Fantasy VIII. They actually get to work together in KH II.
    FurryRainbowBeast's avatar
    I love it. Its very well detailed and theyer my fav. characters. <3
    Maron-Todai's avatar
    really amazing work (and amazing description xDD). just one thing....Leon's scar normally is the other way round....sry ^^''''
    MariCorsair's avatar
    This is AMAZING *o*
    PyroWolfMavi's avatar
    *falls out of chair* OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING :iconshockedplz:
    MeganMadge's avatar
    You show fantastic control.
    Elphaba-Fang's avatar
    That's fantastic!!! I am jealous!!!
    azuregundam's avatar
    this is ridiculous lol (in a awesome way ) u put my art 2 shame even though im 16 lol u hav inspired me to literally draw everyday
    Fuyuko7's avatar
    HeyVikkiTime's avatar
    dude awesome drawing!!!!
    vitaminanime's avatar
    Squee! Cloud-*sizzle!* Leon *sizzle!*
    KarinXToshiro's avatar
    I love the little conversation in your description XD
    bigboss49mike's avatar
    Really good detail!
    Number-1-Maverick's avatar
    amazing-ness to the max!
    ooh, question. Do any of the pencils you used have charcoal? cause I have no Idea what the H and B mean.
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