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Jennifer Morrison

Ôôôhh.... aren't you surprised? ;D
I bet you are!

I wanted to make a 'sequal' to my 'Huge Larry' drawing, lol!
If you don't know who Huge Larry is... too bad! xD

I've been working on this portrait of Mrs Morrison for quite some nights. :yawn:

Every night, when I couldn't sleep, I worked on this because it made me feel better. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. :nod: Her smile was hard to catch without turning it into a 'wicked' smile. But in the end, it all worked out well!

I always wanted to draw a portrait of Dr Cameron, but since I also want to make it available as a print as well, I drew Jennifer Morrison as herself, instead of her character.

Hope you like it <333333

Stuff I used:
  • 4H, 2H & lots and lots of H for the skin

  • HB, H & 2B for everything else

  • 2 tissues for blending + 1 tortillion

  • smooth and strong paper (it's still crap though)

  • reference image

  • lots of luv and patience :heart:

  • Time spent: Do you really think I care about the time at night? I don't think so!

    Now lets work on something REALLY exciting! Whoa, I've got some big plans! omgomgomg :excited:

    Okay... if you are too inquisitive and you really want to know who Huge Larry is, check this: click click click! (read the description)
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    She is so beautiful in " House"

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    How does one draw so amazingly... D:
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    I love it! Wonderful picture!:hug:
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    How an excellent drawing!
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    drawing is a jewel, you are really talented ... you could make a drawing of house and hameron together, is that they make a beautiful couple.

    PD: solo es una sugerencia
    Could you show us the 'wicked' smile? Please?
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    nice work...absolutely fantastic :D
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    WOUW zelfs een foto zo mooi overtrekken lukt mij niet eens !!
    Denk niet dat hier de juiste nederlandse woorden voor zijn hoe mooi dat je werk is!
    Blijf het alsjeblieft doen!
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    ..wery..wery..nice are a real nice..and also jennifer is a good actress..:)
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    Your beautiful work has been featured here [link] Please do NOT reply to this! Instead comment and/or add to :+fav:s the news article. Thank you! :heart:
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    I love all of your work, really, but the expression and detail on this one really stands out as natural and realistic!
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    this is absolutely amazing! It's so detailed, almost like a photograph. You've done
    an amazing job, I just love this :heart:

    Added to my favorites :+favlove:
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    The eyes are my favorite!!! <3
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    You are incredible. It is obvious you have spent countless hours perfecting your skills. Your dedication is appreciated.
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    wow i love the eyes and the hair, it looks very realistic
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    wow. I love it. It looks so life like. How do you get the light reflections in the eyes to look glossy? And how'd did you get ther hair to look so real?
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    Beautiful. *.*
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    Ohh yesss...
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    Wow! I thought this was a photograph for a second there! <3 amazing work :]

    lol i actually have met her father, during marching band season he helps teach the marching band i'm in, with visuals.
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    she is very beautiful to me. and here... she is so natural )
    you caught her smile, indeed!
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