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Jared Leto - Capricorn

Wow, it is done. And hell, I'm proud of this drawing! :excited:

That's right, Capricorn's my favourite 30 Seconds to Mars song. :D Besides, both Jared and I are Capricorns as signs. He's 5 days older than I am. And 16 years... lol.

As I told in this one and only WIP I posted of this portrait, I became a huge fan of this guy. He's so incredibly talented. Normally Í think it's weird when an actor forms a band, or a musician turns into an actor for that matter, because it looks like they want to show what other talents they also have. And most of the times they haven't.

But Jared is, aside from the great acting, one hell of a musician too. As far as I can judge, live he's an awesome singer. I need to see them live someday... *sigh*

Anyway, I had a lot of troubles getting the hair right. As simple as it may seem, the darkest part was extremely difficult. His entire face however, was a lot of fun to draw and had no problems drawing it at all.

Whoa I love his eyes :love:


Stuff I used:
  • 2H, HB, B, 2B & 3B mechanical pencils

  • 5B, 6B & 9B regular pencils

  • crappy sketchbook paper, I want some new stuff!

  • tissue for blending

  • no erasers

  • Time spent: approx 18 to 20 hours I think

    Work in progress can be found here:
    WIP 3

    Last, but certainly not least:
    This drawing is dedicated to *nabey because she's awesome and she likes Jared & 30 seconds to mars too and she's my idol!! :D Check out her lovely gallery! So talented :heart:

    :star: Now available as print!!! :star:
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    mannnnnnn i just............. my heart going with this aaaannnd and the inside of me giving many hopeful and i want to say thank you and i have some best times with this man and i know what secret have on his face but thanks again with this wonderful art ! 
    isissousa2's avatar
    Great work, specially his expression and eyes! <3
    Puppet-of-the-abyss's avatar
    wow this is sooooo beautifulll!!!!!
    TheArtisticTwins's avatar
    Wow! Amazing work! :D
    Sicilium's avatar
    my sigh too - brofist :3
    DemiTheBest1000's avatar
    woah! amazing! how did you get the edges of the hair so white? did u use a white pencil or something?
    justagirl24601's avatar
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    IAmTheNoNameGirl's avatar
    He's one year younger than my dad so... i'm 16 (almost 17 :) )
    <i<Only</i> 16 years older than you? Pfft, he's 18 years older than me! Lol *shakes head*
    Anyway... Awesome drawing!!
    PeacefulXPandamonium's avatar
    This is absolutely AMAZING!
    breezyboo97's avatar
    Jared Leto....HOTTTTTT
    Lucycharlotte's avatar
    Flawless piece of art.
    Kiviak's avatar
    0Bubble's avatar
    Wow!! this looks great!
    When I first saw this i thought it wash a photograph! It's beautiful!
    Cataclysm-X's avatar
    it just is ^___^
    ciroshynata's avatar
    was perfect, great job
    Dewilish's avatar
    look so gorgeous :love:
    I'm drawing a new Jared at this moment, and I hope it will be just a bit as beautiful as yours ;)
    KITTYclaws10's avatar
    I seriously thought it was a photo! O__O
    Beautiful drawing!! <3
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