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Images and Words

Which one would you take: Jensen or Charlize? :giggle:

I like them both :heart:
They're both passionate, beautiful people. Great at the arts of acting too.

But if I really have to choose... Jensen was more fun and interesting to draw so there you go :aww:


I was listening to an album of Dream Theater called Images & Words. Great songs, I would like to recommand to give it a listen. The title also resembles what I've drawn.

Not much else to say except for that this is for =JurgenDoe. Surprise!

This was drawn on Pergamos Skizzenblock paper for a change. I forgot how nice the quality of the paper was. Catches thin pencillines perfectly fine. Shading ain't going so great though. I had to blend it over and over again...

:star: ...Other things I used... :star:
  • B & 2B mechanical pencils for the dark parts

  • 2H, H & HB for the light/normal parts

  • tissue and tortillion for blending

  • kneaded eraser + pencil eraser

  • 2 reference images of Jensen Ackles and Charlize Theron

  • Time spent: too much!

    Don't use without permission, or I'll kick your ass! :w00t:
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    Do yo think I could use this as a reference picture for an Art project~? Your art is really amazing.