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Guitar - Details

Good evening/morning everyone,

I don't have anything new to show yet (art-wise), so I decided to be very unoriginal and post a new Details image. :lol:

Since it's my second to favourite drawing of mine, I decided to post some close-ups (zoomed-in at least 5x !!!) of my drawing:

---> Play with Me <---

...which I made as a gift for one of my very, very awesome brothers:


(He and I are going to Los Angeles & New York end of March/first week of April. Damn straight we are!)


:star: ...Oh boy! Here some drawing secrets!... :excited: :star:

Since I had barely drawn anything else but portraits, I had no idea how this was going to turn out.

Wooden texture
The wooden texture was extremely hard to capture with pencils. Oh my, I got headaches!

I first drew a light layer with an H pencil. For the shapes of the texture I took an HB + B pencil. After I had drawn them I blended them carefully. Recolored the parts, blended them, recolored them, blended them... until I liked the result! It's just a matter of patience (and faith) to get a nice result.

Guitar strings
The strings seem very complicated to draw, but I guarantee they're not! :) I first used a ruler to draw straight thick lines and then I used an eraser to create a very thin white line on top of the strings. Yup, that's all!

:#1: Secret revealed!


Other close-ups of my drawings:
- Jensen Ackles
- Tifa Lockheart
- Zack Fair

P.S.: I'm working on a new object drawing. With colours!
Oh, what will it be!!! :sherlock:
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one question: how time you work in your drawings? 'cause all drawings is perfect for me *-* serious. I loved your job!
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This is sooo beautiful. you captured the beauty of a guitar and not just by the sound. good job:D
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i'm a guitarist.,, and i get inspired with this great masterpiece!!! keep it up!
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Ok I'm a guitarist and this picture.... I think it might have cost me several heart palpitations (ok I lie several heart attacks).
My god its fucking perfect. This is one of the most beautiful guitars ever made. Gibson Les Paul or some copy of it right? I just don;t know where to start........ Ok first of all just the neck inlays. The trapezoid inlays are brilliant and I love the way they shine just enough. The Humbuckers. Aghhhhhhhh They're just right. The way they're placed and the angle of the pole pieces in terms of the string are just right. The poles are spaced perfectly and the strings pass over them exactly right. Just wow. And the little striping shines on the tone pots. I just love those so much. My god even the screws on the pickguard are perfect.
And my god you even got the angle of the strings from the bridge to the tailpiece right... I jsut can not even word how amazing that is. All the hardware is drawn perfectly. There's just no other way to say this.
But my god the thing that killed me the most was the body. AAHGgjhdfgjkhdsgzxkjhfzhgj just holy shit the flamed maple is done perfectly. Its a sunburst finish of some kind isn't it. I've always wanted one like that. And Aghhh the arched top of the body.... That's one of the msot beautiful things about the guitar and you managed to show it perfectly with shading and shines.
My god.... This drawing just made a guitar geek very very very happy. I'm sure your brother loved it. He'd have to be crazy not to. You are one of the most amazing people on the internet EVER. That is all =)
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if i ever manage to draw like this. i'll die happy. respect.
Very nice, I love the layout and technique on this piece. My favorite part is how you got the strings to look life-like. I love the values, and the contrast between sections as well as the movement taking place. A very nice piece!
I'm shocked.
Seriously, this is awesome.
This drawing is so amazing! And thanks for revealing the secret! ^_^
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Really good =]
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Yeah !
Very good job !
As far as I know nobody has ever done a Les Paul drawing as good as yours.
*Added to Favourite*
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That is absolutely AMAZING I :heart: It
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I recently tried drawing Brian May's Red Special, and the strings are horrible. But it's the first time I tried drawing a guitar of any kind, so it's not bad I suppose.

Anyways, the picture is amazing.
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its a really good drawing i love that and the guitar... xD
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Damn, i love this artwork!
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Your drawing is truley spectacular, how did you draw it so well?
1lilamy's avatar
thanks for the tip!
its really gunna help me on my other drawings :affection:
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semi hollow gibson guitars are better. but les paul is kvlt, huh? great pic!
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Drooolllllsss...... :drool:
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It's a Les Paul! I have one =).
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