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Dr House - Vicodin Addict

By Cataclysm-X
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This drawing got nominated for a House MD Fan Award!
Thank youuuuu, whoever you are!

Dr. Wilson: 'Did you know that the new nurse from cardiology is sleeping with that weird lawyer from the board?'
Dr. Gregory House: 'The guy with eleven fingers?'
Dr. Wilson: 'He has eleven fingers?'
Dr. Gregory House: 'How do you not notice that?'
Dr. Wilson: 'The nurse used to be a man.'
Dr. Gregory House: *guessing* 'She's not anymore.'
Dr. Wilson: 'But we can't talk about that.'
Dr. Gregory House: 'I thought we were.'


My 2nd Dr House drawing is finished!!

This is a drawing I did for my dear friend :iconcallsignkatejones:. Hope you like it! :hug:

Another dA friend finished the exact same drawing (beautifully!) a couple of days ago.
What I'm trying to say is: yes, I'm aware of that, so you don't have to tell me. Again..

I know I promised to finish this yesterday, but lately I haven't been feeling well..
Besides, I wasn't really looking forward to draw the hair ^^; it was so hard to draw!!!

Work in progress
(which got loads of faves, lol, thank you):
Click herrrrrrre

I knew I forgot something :XD:

Stuff I used:
  • 2H, H, B & 2B mechanical pencils

  • pencil eraser

  • tissue for blending

  • reference picture :love:

  • crappy sketchbook paper

  • Time spent: approx 10 hours
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    Absolutely stunning! 
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    Wow, well done!!
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    Hi it's Hybridfan here been such a long time hope you are well <3 You did a drawing of Rose McGowan I suggested.  Still nice to see you on here drawing and what not x
    Tetsuo42's avatar
    Amazing! I almost thought this was a photo.
    Phoenix-of-Athena's avatar
    This is a DRAWING?!  0_0
    You are...the best artist I've ever seen.  Ever. 
    simple-reminder's avatar
    really impressive!
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    this is a pencil drawing? seriously? just wow, fantastic work.
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    Astonishing! I looks just like him! Btw- I love love love that show : D
    Cataclysm-X's avatar
    Thank you very much :hug:

    I used to watch it all the time as well. Good times... :)
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    Your very welcome : )
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    I'm assuming that I'm getting ready to tell you the same thing that all the others have said when they first saw this...This is amazing!! It looks more like a photograph instead of a drawing done with pencils! Yes, I think it's the best portrait of "House" on this website!! Great job!!
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    the detail..........its like looking at a photograph of him this is... beyond amazing...... how many years have you been drawing??
    Cataclysm-X's avatar
    I've been drawing portraits since... errr... 2000, I think :)
    But generally speaking, I have been drawing all my life
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    I didnt get too serious about drawing until I hit about 10th grade then I took off but I'm nowhere near this good at realism.. It's what I'm working at now. but really your a fantastic artist I look foward to seeing more from you!
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    do you understand the magnitude of HOW AWESOME THIS IS
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    Unbelievable...! :/
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    I love this. The hair turned out amazing. I really love the detail and time that you put into this. You did a really wonderful job.
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    WOOOW -w - w - w! It's amazing :O
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