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Brokeback Mountain

After seeing the movie twice (in 1 week!) I was quite sure the story of Brokeback Mountain really touched me so deeply. I loved how they've played the characters, so real, so convinced. My respect to that.

It was sad to see how things were going between Ennis (played by Heath Ledger) and Jack (played by Jake Gyllenhaal). Whoa, I still get stomach-aches when I think about it :(.

So I've been drawing for hours at night, to get this drawing finished in 3 days!
  • Took me about 10 - 15 hours

  • Lots of blending with tortillions and such

  • 6H, 4H, 2H pencils

  • Hb pencil

  • 2B, 3B, 4B, 7B & 9B pencils

  • 2H, HB & 2B mechanical pencils

  • And of course the reference picture, which are 2 different pictures which I photoshopped together in 1 picture! There you go, my photoshop skills!

    I hope people will appreciate this...

    Work in Progress can be found here.
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    KillerCindy's avatar
    I am a sick evil bitch and i just hawe to say this , I love the end , its so sad and tragic and thats why i whatch it with a smile :)
    am i a horible person :( ???
    nice movie
    Calida1994's avatar
    Absolutely brillant work! *0*
    carloslightning's avatar
    Incredible portrait, I remember that movie as one of the best ever.
    virus6d's avatar
    Fantastic film and amazing work!
    This picture is absolutely amazing!!! I was just curious as to which 2 pictures you combined? It turned out beautifully...i do portraits but I don't have the right kind of pencils. I wanted to do one of them two but wasn't sure where to start...this has helped me so much! Amazing movie
    CaelumRaGlambert's avatar
    This is beautiful. Brokeback Mountain is my favourite movie, and you have captured the lovers perfectly. Well done.
    Shikyo-no-Sabaku's avatar
    Hey I didn't know this one yet. It's really cute, you put very fitting pictures together. Which reminds me, I still gotta watch the other half of that movie...
    Yvaine24's avatar
    This is beautiful.
    sexykingpaul's avatar
    Bravo! keep working I love it ;)
    hiddensecrets25's avatar
    Does anyone know where I could watch this movie online without downloading? :)

    Great picture btw, it's really well done and cute! <333

    this is the one i use, its not the best quality, and it takes a long time to load, but all in all its the best ive found that doesn't require downloading anything. and i looked all over.
    hope you like it. :)
    hiddensecrets25's avatar
    Thank you so much~! <333 I'll try to watch it soon ;)
    blockhart's avatar
    this drawing is awesome.The portrait of Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing.........=)
    naandynha's avatar
    Wow, I really loved this.
    I love the movie, I love the actors, finally, I love everything. : 3
    KaosAdventus's avatar
    HAHAHA... Cute. [idk what the "hahaha" was for.]

    I wanna see this movie.. ^ ^
    gaara137's avatar
    first i have to think awwww! then i go HA! GAY COWBOYS! then i make myself sad =[=[
    great drawing
    sad movie
    Omg. I love the movie and I love those two and this picture is amazing. Love the eyes :3
    FaithStarLight's avatar
    Aww, so nice :) Really lovely to look at :nod: Brilliant shading! Jack's smile is so cute :aww:
    FrankieIero28's avatar
    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! That is one of the best movies ever and this is such an AMAZING picture!!!!!
    allisonishappi's avatar
    amazing drawing- amazing movie!! feel the exact same way and i cried like a baby when jack died. what else to say...? oh, print, please? :)
    dreamyana's avatar
    oh I like that film. And your work is amazing :)
    verkoka's avatar
    that is awesome! :D
    CreativeWolf23's avatar
    The movie is fantastic. I watched it today and cried all second half of it. So sad but that's what makes this movie so great. LOVE IS A FORCE OF NATURE!
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