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 Im sorry that i dint draw some art of luna and her friends. :(
 its because Im in class and studying a lot so 
you wont see me for that much but Ill will post some dress up games character that i make in the dress up games and see ur arts as well. 

Dear my DeviantArt friend

                                    my good friend "Deathrayplz" put a journal about there a hacker is lurking around so be carefule my friend i care for you. if don't believe me go  Deathrayplz
i love Gaara
i love Death the Kid
I love yugi and item
I love Yuise
I love Malik
I love zelgadis
I love Sai
I love Ulquiorra
I love Hiei
I love Shadow the hedgehog

and most of all i want to be friends with

Hello my friends from deviant art I'm going to my old home "Phoenix Arizona". I was born at Phoenix. Me and my family are going up there this Saturday and visit my dad family. Oh I got my first surgrey there too.  If u guys reading this journey that I won't be on deviant art for thanksgiving. But I will take some pic. There. My family and I are going to clim a mounten so ill take some there.  

         Ur friend:
1. she use her staff to hit her enemies. her skill of her staff is:
      -it can change sizes
      -stop her opponent attack ( even she can block it too)

2. she have powers of the moon emerald in her (and some new powers that she well learn in the mean time) the powers that she have now is:

      -Luna punch
      -Luna kick
      - flower fire
      -moon emerald fire, blast, and light
      - tornado

3. She really good on her battle moves that is hard to get her and her moves are:

     -ninja skills
     -speed ( very very very fast then sonic and shadow)

4. she like to do her fun skills and it is:
    - dance
    - sing
    - cookies
    - making friends
Name: Luna
Race: Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Age: 16 or 17 years old
Hair: Light Aqua
Eyes: Canary Yellow or normal yellow
Height: 2'13''
Weapon: Metal Staff ( can transform)

Luna is nice, funny, and a good fighter. she meet two boy's (Shade and Borcues) that they need help. Then she ask Shade and Borcues to be her team mate and go on adventure to stop evil people. Shade and Borcues doesn't know that Luna is danger's when she go some were.  Luna have a enemy named Bora ( he is helping Dr. Eggman.) Bora have a secret that no one's (except Shade) that Bora is Borcues. He's Half human and Half Hedgehog. Soon after Borceus get to know Shade and Luna more that he want to be a Hedgehog for ever. ( because he have a crush on Luna). Luna weak's is Cookie. and every time she see some thing she just go their and destroy it. her fighting skill's are  really good. she maybe Dum and danger's but she is really smart and care to her friends.

the other part of Luna history is that she is a princess that her mother ( the queen) was piece and kind queen. but she don't have a child so. Luna mom went to a crystal cave that see Four ruby emeralds. there is fire emerald, earth emerald, water and air emerald, and Moon emeralds. ( these emeralds are more powerful the the chaos emeralds) Luna mom ask the four ruby emeralds to please a daughter. but one of the emerald well go away and give the baby her name. so the Moon emerald ask Luna mom of moon emerald mean. its mean "Luna emerald" so the Moon emerald was break into pieces's and form a cup of drink that Luna mom had to drink it so she the a baby. ( that why Luna the Aqua Hedgehog is strong and very powerful is because she a ruby emerald.) when Luna mom have a baby girl ( baby Luna) she meet her old boyfriend that he have a son named "Blind" ( he is really blind) When Luna meet Blind ( as a child) he have feelings for her and Blind want to married Luna but Luna mother wont do that. she want Luna to fell in love the person she love. but when Blind's mother was mad she ask all of her guards to get Luna so she can raise her and make Luna to married Blind. but the queen and her baby was out of the castle and try to hide. but one to of Blind's mother guards cant see at night and staff her. ( so Luna mother is gona die) when Luna mother saw a small house and two lovely couple. when Luna mom say good bye to Luna she knock the door and ran fast she can then die. ( no one know what happened to Luna mother body).
name: Violet
Race: human
age: 14 years old
Hair: long teal Green
eyes: Light Violet
Height: 5'0''
weight: about 90 lbs
Status: Sky Knight, half white Hawks and half Storm Hawks
Quote: "i never give up"
Debut: some episodes
anime: Storm Hawks

Violet father Sliver, was the real storm hawks team before the Dark Ace kill Sliver and the other Storm Hawks. Dark Ace also killed Violet mother "Clare." she a white Hawks.  Violet Partner name Rose. ( Rose really look like Aerrow partner "Radarr," but Rose is white).

Violet have two people in her team. Rainbow Mary is mermaid and have a boyfriend. Rainbow Mary is really good at Navigator and Sharpshooter (she never miss). the other name is "Metals." he really hole robot but Metal have feeling and his heart is really human. Metal is a Crystal specialist a doctor, books, and know his history of time. sometime he makes his own crystal that help his team to win. he really good at Sky-Fu sticks (he can do two Sky-Fu sticks).

Violet is smart and skilled of her mission ( that make her a leader of the White Hawks). sometime she make her own moves that really good and very dangerous too. Violet ride Air Skimmer ( that it is her Father Air Skimmer). Her Air Skimmer named is wings and its white and sliver. but her Air Skimmer have a Storm Hawks Symbol that she don't want that out. but her weapon is a Samurai swords that is a white hawks swords.( is her mother swords). Violet White Hawks wings can fly but it can't fight. sometime her wings is a healing power or a energy to help her team. She saw the Condor and was happy that her parents is a live but when she get closer its not her parents. she meet Aerrow and his friends. she was blushing when she Saw Aerrow.( like she have a crush on him). then Violet Partner Rose Saw Radarr and fell in love. then Violet Queen "White" told Aerrow and the his friends that Violet is the real Storm Hawks Sky-knight and told about her father as well.
name: Angel Rose
Race: human,shingam,light
age: 14,15,or 17
Hair: Little long/short lightish white/blue
eyes:light purple
statu: mother:Chikako
          brother: Ryuu
          aunt: Chi
quote: "die!"
voice: an angel
weapon: her brother transform in a whip and a ring blade
anime: soul Eater


            Angel, bother (Ryuu) is the oldest and very handsome too. her mother was raise in Death City and go to Death academy. her father was a demon and soul lord and his little sister Chi. Angel, mother and Father die trying to escape from Death City. Lord Death and his groups thinks that Angels mother was the evil. so Angel and her older brother Ryuu, is hiding till is the right time to come out of hiding. the other part of  Angels is that she had two girls, and two boys in her group. Angel met lord Death son (Death the Kid). She was in Love with Death the Kid, but she didn't know that Death the Kid is Lord Death son, till now. her spacial power is really angels wings to healed people.
       he very a cute and love to draw. His white skin make him a ghost and very hot. He's trying so hard to make people laugh in Naruto shows. he always get beet up form Sakura and want  to be friends with Naruto the most. I think that Sai and Sasuke are not look alike. Sasuke, is too boring, want to be strong, think about to killed his older brother, and hurt his friends. (used to be friends). Sai, is calm, love to draw, really funny, and want to be friend with Naruto, Sakura, and the others. He's trying to show emotion a lot. i think that is really cute.

           Gaara have a very sad story and he want to make friends, but people keep running away from him. (that mean! i want to be his friend and girl friend too lol). His demon from is really cool and scary too as well. He make friends with Naruto and they have the same story as well. That why i make a Naruto character in the Sand Village. her name is Fuu Sand. she have same moves as Gaara sands, but her are attack not a shield as Gaara.

Death the Kid:
                        Death the Kid is the most funny character in Soul Eater!!! he love every thing in "=", and he very good with guns. his moves are very cool and he a good fighter. i want to know what is his mother look like and what her named as well. I make a girl character for him and her name is Angel Rose. she don't care of what Death the Kid see is not symmetrical, she love him to fight and save her some time.

                He is very mystery to me, he is very sexy, dead, and a good fighter. i want to know about him of his human life, story of how he died, did he like some one, how he got here, and why he have a hole on his neck chest. i say he ok to me!!!!

       good fighter, sexy demon, and funny and cute as well. he is so cute of trying to save a group and be guilty some time and make a cute child face! he really need to tell the snow girl that Hiei is her older brother. i make a girl for him that she part human and part demon priestess just like her mother.