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A disguise with different engravings.

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- Full Photomanipulation
- Book, CD/DVD covers
- Photo-retouching
(my prices are always negotiable and reasonable )


Amalia Iuliana Chitulescu (born March 18, 1994), is a digital artist from Campina, Romania.

Raised in a small town, this self-taught artist has a technique which is delineated by the contrast between obscurity and enlightenment, using dark elements in a dreamy world. For Amalia, there is no limit to her ability to encapsulate mood and vision into a unique, well-rendered image. Her areas of expertise include the use of theatrical concepts to create a macabre and surrealistic world that still maintains a highly recognizable attachment to reality. Bridging a diaphanous environment with light elements, an eerie view, she creates a dream world of dark beauty, done with a blend of photography and digital painting.

Every piece of art from her gallery is the telling of a secret, as her unique interpretations of the dream world reveal a myth, a fairy tale, and creatures from our distant past. Amalgamating extremist concepts, her unique technique renders a new, utterly unique story as only she can tell it.

Her influences spring from a childhood of intense curiosity and imagination, when she took delight in digital art at the age of fourteen. Then, she gave life to her dreams using simple traditional art as a gateway for her emotions. Her studies in the field of architecture grant her a perspective beyond many traditional artists, as she is well-versed in human, animal, and objects as subjects for her creative interpretation.

Today, as a skilled and mature artist, she is also known not only for her commercial works and book covers, but her special creations for bands, musicians, companies, writers and notable people. The list is continuously expanding as more people become aware of the quality she brings to the artistic world.

In her own words: “The art I make is the highest use of my God given abilities, and through it, the world takes on a new depth with a joy in creation that I feel nowhere else. We see the world as we wish it to be, but through art, I am able to make the world as I hope it can be. What would your ideal world look like? Through my visions, you can see a small sliver of all the wonders that I see in the world before us, and the world we can only imagine. Art is my gateway. Art is my path. As I wander, I will share each and every wonderful thing I see.”

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Favourite Movies
Limitless, Inception
Favourite TV Shows
Lie to me
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tools of the Trade
Ps (photoshop) , Corel Painter, my camera
Other Interests
art ,photography , dance,music,fashion,

A new beginning

0 min read
Hi everybody! It past such a long time since I wrote the last journal. I must say that I miss everything from here, I really do. But many things has been changed too, including me.  Soon I'll make 6 years since I created this account. This page, this website, this nickname, led me to a new world, created me. I don't even know with what to begin. Things have changed, I grow up, I had 14 years when I came into this world, who knew where it would drive me? I met so many nice people here, I miss you all, I know I've been more absently in the last time. A new beginning...I have to say that the world I came into, has matured me, I see things in a
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0 min read
This is just a small update. I'm a bit caught up with commission, Currently I'm working on a project, say, large enough that it can not delay at all. So ,,I'm sorry for no updates in the last while. I only have a month of school, then I take a vacation. I can't wait for it!! :heart: _________________________ If you wanna keep in touch with me, add me on Facebook (FAN Page) too : ________________________________________________ Visit my photography account: Juliamy ( ________________________________________________ And.. If you'd like to chat via Skype or msn, send me a note with your ID , or a comment in here.
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Guys..I'm 17 !!! ahhaha.  This is one of the greatest day from the year. Time runs so fast .. I wanted to thank you all for the beautiful and kind messages, you really make me smile. This is a short journal, I don't really have time to write a story in here, I just wanted to say a "thank you" and " love you all". I really really wish you a wonderful day as mine, and take care of you guys. B'bye!:heart: kisses __________________________________ If you wanna keep in touch with me, add me on Facebook too : ________________________________________________ Visit my photography account: Juliamy ( ______________________________________
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:iconbummiesplz:Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too
:iconbummiesplz:Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too
Happy Birthday Amalia!
Happy birthday Hug Birthday cake  icon 
very nice Flaky_Good job