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I almost forgot to thank everyone for your most recent comments as well as for the DD feature I got for this piece. Shipyard by cat-meff
Special thanks to :iconerikshoemaker: for the suggestion!

Man, I know I've been inactive for long time time here on dA and while I had legitimate reasons, it was partly because I felt like I wasn't improving fast enough
and that I should already be at a much higher level. It's about time that I learn how to deal with this so I really want to start posting more frequently again.
I'm also currently right in the middle of setting up a shop where you can buy prints and digital downloads of my pieces! I'll keep you updated on this of course!
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Hey Guys!

Sorry again for my recent inactivity. I'm finally done with exams and everything went better than expected!
In other news, I also got my new computer and dammmmn, lets just say it was worth every cent!
Which leads us directly to point number 3 - I managed to set up my old livestream account again. I'm planning to do a test stream this week to see if my interent connection can handle it.

On to next and last point:

Many of you guys know me since quite a while now and are aware that, besides being an artist, I am also a videogame enthusiast.
So I decided to participate in the annual Gamescom T-shirt Design Contest. The Gamescom is an international trade fair which takes place in cologne, germany.
What I ask you to do is to take a look at the entries and vote for them if you want. Unfortunately, the registration is in german so I assume if anyone mostly
german-speaking people are willing to go through this. Your information will not be visible to the public. You do not have to vote for my entry if it's not your kinda thing or
you like a different one. Just please don't post any hateful comments or downvote people on purpose! The voting ends on thursday the 12th of june!

Here's the link to the gallery:…
and the one to my entry:…

Thanks for reading!
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Hey guys,

it's another one of those "look-at-me-I'm-still-alive"-journals. I've been stuck in an art block for the last couple of weeks, nothing that I produce seems to satisfy me.
Other than that things are going sort of well for me. However, I haven't done a Q'n'A since a long time so feel free to ask me a thing or two!

Oh, some answers to the most asked questions:

I use Photoshop CS5/6, PaintoolSAI, Mandelbulb3D, Blender and recently got into Flash Professional CS5.
My trusty wacom Intuos4 L tablet fulfills every desire I have as an digital artist and I've been drawing since I can pick up a pencil.
Also one of my life goals is to pet an emperor penguin.

(man, I really need to add a FAQ section to my frontpage)

I hope you guys are doing great!
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First of all, Thank you very much for the DD! I totally did not expect this today and was like: wait, what? When did that happen?!
haha, what great way to start one's day :'D

I also got an incredibly huge amount of tutorial requests and let me tell you, they won't stay unanswered.
The thing is, my preferred method would be Livestreaming because I can show you every little step and you can
ask me questions simultaneously, so I might be able to repeat a certain section if necessary.
Buuuuut, and this is the bad side, people, who've been following me since a while also so know that I
have tried livestreaming before and that the quality was unbearable. Blame my computer, that thing is a freaking potato.
A technically advanced potato if you will, but still not good enough to satisfy my needs.
Good news is, I'm this close to buy a new one. I'll keep you guys updated on that topic.

Also I got a few questions concerning the above for you:

1. What kind of techniques are you interested in seeing? (for instance painting, photo bashing/matte painting,...)
2. Are there certain topics/themes that should be covered? (robots, cities, creatures,...)
3. Do you want to vote for a technique/topic? (dA poll)

Thanks for reading!

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Wow I finally got myself a CGHUB-account after months of hesitation haha

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Hey, it's me again c:
First off, thank you for your birthday wishes! I was very happy that you didn't forget me xD
Secondly, you may have noticed that I'm still very inactive on dA and everywhere else.
(To everyone who is sick of reading about people whining or complaining about stuff, I can feel you, man. You may now leave now, I hope you have a nice day c: )

It's starting to bug me because I'm not sure if I still can be a part of this community in the future. Don't get me wrong, I do not intend to deactivate my account.
While dA's community can cause a lot of drama, it really helped me to grow as an artist and meet people with interests similar to mine.
I just don't feel comfortable with my art at the moment. Or better the last 8 months. It's not like I don't have the time. I draw and paint almost everyday, but none of my drawings/paintings/sketches
seem to be worthy enough. Sometimes it feels unbearable when someone sees them and I get really mad and depressed at the same time. I kinda always had this habbit, that I would cover my drawings when someone attempted to look at them while I was working. According to what I have heard, a lot of people do that and I don't think it is that much of a big deal. But now things are getting serious. I am grown up now and so close to start a career as a professional artist. I've got the contacts and people who support me. I've even got the time, someting that became so rare in the last years. All that is missing is that I'm feeling good about what I do. Maybe I'm just trying too hard.

Special thanks to everyone who read this non-sense above.
I hope I didn't bother you guys to much!

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this mainly concerns my german followers/watchers.

Does anyone of you live in dresden? If so, could you please send me a note!
Thank you for your attention!

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Hey, just a quick update to show that i am active, well more or less.
I'm having some troubles with my art right now and peronal issues that don't help either.
However I hope you guys are alright. I'm trying to post some sketches and WIPs the following week.


EDIT: YEAH, IM SORRY! I still got no pictures to show because my external HDD broke for some wierd reason and i'm trying to save my data D: But don't worry, everything is under control.
BTW, I had the oppertunity to work at a rather small VFX-studio for a month. The first week is over and i gotta say:
THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT EVER HAPPEND IN MY LIVE. I love my work, I love the city and i love the people I am working with (btw I'm the only girl there haha)!
So yeah, so far I did some 2D Concept Art for a viral video campain and damn, i can't wait to see the final product.
You can take a look at some of their work here:
Guess I've never been this happy that tomorrow is monday!

I'll keep you up to date if you are interested!


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Hi guys! I'm sorry for my absence for the last few weeks. School has kept me busy but I'm on vacation now c:
However there are a few thing I wanna tell you:

1.  I bought a camera about 2 months ago.It's a canon 600D to be exact, damn I love that thing.
   Please don't expect to much since i am only a beginner x)
   If i get a cool shot I will, of course, share it with you.
   What i'm definetly gonna do is creating some stock packs including
   high resolution images.

2.  I also have downloaded Apophysis 7x and Mandelbulb 3D and I'm currently
    trying to teach myself how to use them. The results are gonna be used mainly
    as "special effects" like backgrounds, structures and all kinds of space stuff.
    um yes... I actually have no idea what I'm doing :iconnoideaplz:

I hope you guys are alright.
see ya in a few days c:
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Aw yiss! The kiriban was caught by KeinZantezuken! Con gratulations! Thanks to everyone!

secondly, i've recieved a lot of notes concerning the dragon babies. Please excuse my language, but HOLY SHIT guys, you are amazing!
there are a lot of great ideas, so i've decided to put a list together:

- moon/sun/nebula/other celestial object dragon suggested by :icondinthedjinn: :iconvervainflower: :iconclockhound:  :iconoverlord-zerato: :iconaamrie: and :icondart-frog:
- storm dragon suggested by :iconcrazyladyii:
- bismuth dragon suggested by :icontxteclipse:
- Fairy Dragon suggested by :iconmtfoxx3:
- Orchid Praying Mantis dragon: suggested by :iconsuzannemoseley:
- Diamond/Sapphire dragon suggested by :iconoverlord-zerato: and :iconmeradina:
- dragon made of autumn leaves suggested by :iconbirdgvee:
- tree/flower dragon suggested by :icontifarayne: and :icondinthedjinn:
- tar/antimatter dragon suggested by :iconthedeadcontinent:
- Acid dragon suggested by :iconbiolegend712:
- Aura Dragon suggested by :iconladyleomon:
- Fire baby-dragon or an aquatic baby-dragon suggested by :iconcyanak:
- a sea dragon suggested by :iconshiningstarofwinter: :iconred-ysetgo: and :iconlakshimithewolf:
- moss/loam dragon suggested by :iconsapphiredragonfly: and :iconred-ysetgo:
- pretty much every dragon on this list so far suggested by :iconkoguma-za: (damn that were a lot of suggestions! thanks for your effort!)
- amethyst dragon suggested by :iconiceflame1019:
- Electricity/lightning dragon suggested by :iconchipthechipmonk : :iconcivilizedsavagery: :iconskinyman: :iconethereal-foxx:  and :icondj-sky-storm-117:
- Coral-Dragon suggested by :icondj-sky-storm-117:
- cloud dragon  suggested by :iconwaterfordwolf:
- dragon of darkness suggested by :iconheritic-101: and :iconravensformurder:
- Heartless and/or Nobody (Kingdom hearts) suggested by :iconnamiedanielle:
- Solstice-themed dragon suggested by :iconzarienai:
- clockwork dragon suggested by :iconartimisthehuntress:
- Dark Energy/Matter of Space dragon suggested by :iconblakpen:
- ying-yang dragons suggested by :iconcivilizedsavagery:
- Butterfly Dragon suggested by :iconceenova:
- nuclear dragon/ rainbow dragon suggested by :iconmr-geronimo:
- rhodochrosite dragon suggested by :icontheabyssalsymphony:
- shadow dragon suggested by :iconincursu:
- mist dragon suggested by :iconinfiamma:
- sapphire dragon suggested by :iconpippin-143:
- a dragon of vines suggested by :iconheartlessyin:
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Hey, it's really late here in germany right now, but before I go offline, i just wanted to thank you all for a great 2012!
although i know the things that happen on the internet should not affect real life that much, but sometimes they simply do.
Both good and bad things happen everywhere in the real and the virtual world and of course they
influence our lives and my life as well. I just want to say that I am deeply thankful, although the first the 6 months were
some of the worst I've experienced so far, but in the end I sit here right in front of my own computer and i am ok! there's no reason to be upset.
It's alright just the way it is.
and what you guys did for me, all the comments, all the praise and critiques, the pagesviews! that's incredible!
and maybe if i've did not managed to reply to your comment or note, it might have put a smile on my face!

let's see what 2013 brings!

Thank you.

yours truly,

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The art block is back. Don't worry, this is not meant to be one of those journal entries where i desperately try to explain why i can't get stuff done.
Just in case you were wondering why i am barely active since a few weeks, now you know the reason.
However there's a good chance to get rid of it since i am on vacation yeaaaaah.

I hope you guys are having a great time where ever you are!
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firstly, about notes: Sometimes it might happen that i do not answer to a note. this mostly happens because i sometimes recieve a lot of messages and cannot handle them all at once or i simply forget to answer wherefore i want to apologize deeply. however, if you've sent me a note and i did not respond  WITHIN A WEEK i would ask you to SEND IT AGAIN. like i said, i always try to read all of them, but it sometime just happens that i miss one v__v

and secondly, it seem to happen a lot that people on the internet think that i am guy, but if you haven't noticed it yet I AM A GIRL. yes it's true :'D i'm not mad because, i always was interested in typical boy-stuff or whatever you call it xD just wanted to set this clear c:
Kiriban: the first person who sends me a screencap of my dA-frontpage with pv-counter hitting 100.000 views wins a colored drawing of his/her ORIGINAL CHARACTER!
          it can be an anthro, human, alien, robot.... doesn't matter.
          I WILL NOT draw PORN or EXCESSIVE GORE. a little blood is ok.
          i will note the winner.
          Please be FAIR! no cheating, photoshopping or whatever else one can do :T

thank you for reading and good luck to everyone who'll try to catch the kiriban!
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first off, this is not meant to be an attention whoring journal, i am more of looking for advices! i am sorry if i sound too whiny!

i totally lost the fun in drawing since a while. it's not like i don't have ideas or anything...
every morning when i go to school by bus i have plenty of concepts in my mind and i start doodling during class because i can't wait.
usually the last lesson finishes at 1.20pm. i take the bus home and i really get excited. all those ideas in my head it's like they want to become a real thing and i can't wait to start drawing!
and then, when it's finally time, i release them. but whether the drawing looks quite awesome or not so good i feel nothing after a while. this emptyness is driving me crazy, i try
to start all over again but nothing changes. now there are hundreds of unfinished works on my hard drive and my desk.

i am afraid i will lose my passion for art. has anybody experienced something similar? and does anybody know what to do?

thank you for reading!
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hey, this journal is dedicated to all the people who watch me and support me. i know it's not about "watches"; pageviews and all this stuff but i really just want to say: THANK YOU!
i wish i could meet you all in real life to say this right to your faces. You guys helped me to improve as an artist and i don't wann show off but damn! i did improve!  thank you so much!
thanks for dealing with all my weirdness and thanks for all the constructive critiques! i've met a lot of cool artists and new friends on this page and i am looking foward to find more c:
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first off, sorry for spamming your inbox again xD

however, i've won the first price at an art contest and i will participate in an exhibition. whoa man, i am overwhelmed again.
like seriously i don't have any words...

i am planning to do a livestream this evening (german time), gonna start in 5 hours!
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hey guys,

people note at least three times a week about commissions and it really sucks that i always have to tell them the same thing: commissions are closed because school and stuff...
but that pretty much sums it ups. i would love to accept them and i really feel honored. but remember, i am 17 years old, i am NOT a professional artist, i still have to attend school and what makes it
even more difficult is the fact that it's a new one. i am not that kind of person who goes three steps and is immediately covered in new friends. plus i have to
deal with personal issues which doesn't make things easier. a good friend commissioned me some weeks ago and i already have a hard time with that. don't get me
wrong, i'll do everything possible to get it done and achieve an awesome result.

long story short, commissions are closed. i will announce it via journal in case commission slots are open again! so stay tuned!

PS: Prints of "Where dragons are born" are now enabled! Where dragons are born by cat-meff
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so right after school i went into a local electronics store and bought the steel-box edition of the Avengers.
ok that's not the reason why i wrote this journal. it's rather the fact what it did to me.

so far i only watched the documentary about the movie and i was overwhelmed.
people who are farmiliar with my person and my art for a longer time know that i want to become a concept artist.
and "the avengers" is this sort of movie that really encourages me. i mean, they featured ryan meinerding (one of my idols) and his work
and at first i was like: "aww maan, you are never going to be this great. look at this. this is inaccesible. how do you want to get this far?
you are never going to make it." 2012 wasn't the best year for me so far, you can tell by the huge lack of art from february til the
beginning of june. it's not like i had an art block back then. i simply wasn't at home and those 4 months should become a pretty hard time.
i think, i've kind of developed myself as person and as artist during this time. i've got more response for my work after my "comeback" than i could imagine.
it's really cool but it's just the beginning. call me crazy but one of my biggest dreams is to work on things that are comparable
to the avengers universe. (i highly doubt that i'll ever going to be involved in the avengers-project itself).
i don't know what the future brings and how long it'll take to get there and if i get there at all, but i know that all the work will be worth it.
this dream takes away my fear of the future.
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apparently the little ash dragon made it to place No. 1 on reddit. to be honest i don't know much about this page so i am not sure if this is good or bad D: some please explaint this to me xD
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EDIT!: i guess i was wrong. sorry if i caused any inconvenience, i was just kind of shocked. but please before you submit my work to any other page ask me first. i'll say "no" in the fewest cases :)

if you do this i will lose all rights to facebook! PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MY WORK TO ANY OTHER PAGE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
this is importent!
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