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future cop

sir, i think your laser-gun might be broken :V

some concept art for my comic.

psd.file for this piece:

EDIT: this guy neither a robot nor human.
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how cool the gyro on his suit
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cat-meff : do u still have the psd.file for future cop?
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how you do that 3D effect if you dont mind me asking?
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Yooooooooo cops need to be rocking that armor today that looks AWESOME!! 
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cyberpunk 2020 (or for now cybrepunk 2077) :D 
nice work
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Just saw it on reddit, looks awesome.

The gun looks like a graphics card, would make for an interesting game character.
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the guys you draw remind me so much of tron, couple of iphone shooter games, dead space, deus ex, and crysis
THEXRISER's avatar're the one who made this?i saw it in a dubstep and favorited it because of this pic, i love yuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!
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dopeman dopeman!
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Awesome details and shiny equipment :iconla-plz: One question out of curiousity, how large the canvas do you work on and what resolution pixels rate that you use? Thanks and :iconbravoplz:
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Cool accents, really like this.
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Seriously Cool! Loving the light effect in the rain!
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Movielie's avatar
Jolted a memory of one of my favorite games when younger, with same title though slightly different looking "protagonist". It looks really awesome though! I especially like the bright red and blue against the monochrome tones. :3
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you draw mechanical things soo well! question, do you think about every wire and metal bit on the robot/not robot and if it would work or not? like do you draw random shapes to make it look mechanical or the do you plan it out? not that if you dont plan it out that its insulting, but im just curious because you paint so many amazing machines and i know to an extent some thought goes into the engineering aspect, but to what extent? because what i do is draw random wires n' shit and voila, theres a robot! haha
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planning? ain't nobody got time fo' dat :'D i sort of throw some shapes on the canvas and see what happens.
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XD if only i could fav a comment, and good, im not as stupid as i thought 8I
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Dude this is AWESOME! May I use the upper part of this artwork for the track-cover of my upcoming electronic track?
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Looks like a cross between Tron and Mass Effect.
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Wow! Man that police robot is so cool.
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