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Where dragons are born

By cat-meff
a little ash dragon leaving it's nest c:

something i started yesterday to calm myself down. you know new school and stuff... i am not that kind of person who handles stress easily.

hope you like it c: BTW my mum gave it the name
"glühschwänzchen" xD

EDIT: wallpapers of this image can be found here:

EDIT/2: related images - removed from gallery -

EDIT/3: more baby dragons:

EDIT/4: deleted the wallpaper pack due to massive copyright infringement
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© 2012 - 2021 cat-meff
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*gasp* Teeny tiny shadowkahn.
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H O W   I N   G O D ' S  B L U E  B A L L S
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I don't know how you drew this but it is freaking awesome!!! great job! :D
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Beautiful, adorable and cute. This is an amazing art piece
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What a wonderful image.
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This is officially the first piece of art I've ever purchased. I'd have opted to have it shipped to you to be signed first, if there had been an option for it on the order form.
This is amazing and I have no words to adquately express the depths of my awe...

Paging Feanor-the-Dragon
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Very cute!

Someone from reddit (Adorabledragons) linked it... :D (Big Grin) 
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OH MY! This is awesome! Very nicely done! Love I think I've fainted. :happybounce: +fav 
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+Friend that is sitting next to Nuku-Neko 
*Can't express happiness with words* 
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I love your dragon drawings!!
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Someone needs to do some C&D
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Definitely. Bloody art thieves...
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You are truly an amazing artist! I don't get what an amazing artist like you is doing living amongst us stupid people, but holy crap. I am stunned by your art and amount of thought and details put into each one. You are truly amazing. :)
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That's adorable!!! ^^
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What a stunning graphics! Beautiful!
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That is awesome and so cute. >.<
mysterious and detailed
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