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Pokemon Fusions 2017

By cat-meff
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Ey, I'm so sorry I made some of you guys wait for the next batch for so long!
Most of these could have been halloween-themed fusions haha

Also in that regard, check out Trickywi's Youtube Channel, she does cool videos about all sorts of pokemon-related things and she's featured some of my fusions in her videos, which always makes me happy!!
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OOOH! those Kalos Ghost Pokemon fusions are just:

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Maby, not many.

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I was thinking about something like an Arceus/Mewtwo thing. Also, many a Darkrai/zera ora fuse, too.

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Oh god, that trevenant and sawsbuck fusion fills me with life. Utterly gorgeous and amazing design. Love the way these were colored by the way!

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may i use lycanroc and sharpedo? i want him to be my pokemon partner

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Oh my goodness my first time on this and it's already epic I love Pokemon fusion arts

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You should consider working with someone and create one of those Pokemon-like games from Google Play, or one of those modified Pokemon roms that uses your designs instead, or at least use them as alterante evolutions.

I usually don't like fake pokemon that much, but yours are incredible. I'd love to play a game that features all of them.
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Hey Josephine, I want to use a concept or yours, specifically Altaria+Reshiram, and turn it into an actual legendary for a rom hack my group is currently making I'm asking for permission to use it. Although I won't actually use the original I do want to modify into something new yet retaining it's key features. May it use your concept? I'd like to send you my art for suggestions!
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I LOVE THESE! i'd always admire the artists from this website. it's kinda one of the reasons why i signed up :,) i am not too sure if you take suggestions but an entei and moltres sounds STUN-NING. keep up the good work!
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It probably has to be tricky trying to balance a fusion as to represent both Pokemon.

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The two fusions at the top are my FAVS! I LOVE Gardevoir and Lopunny including their megas, so these fusions make them even cooler! Also, my two other favorites are fused with my top 2 favorites, it just makes them even better!
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They look so cool ! Are those overpainted 3D renders or did you work full 2D ?
Sorry for asking I have a sudden doubt ๏̯͡๏) Loving the cleanness !
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these are awesome as hell
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The Luxray one is my fav
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where are all your other sets?
Also, have you thought on doing/redoing all starters in your style? That'd be awesome. Just saw your redesign of scissor and blaziken
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some of these fusions look like they should be featured as a Sonic the Hedgehog villain XD ( probably the first, second, and last one )
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Woah! You're so good at drawing!!
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I had an idea for a fusion, but I don't have the skills to pull off any artwork for it. I saw some of your work on a Top 10 Pokemon fusions video and I was wondering if you'd be willing to help. I posted the original concept and description on Google Plus, so if you're interested you can find the post right here:…
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Wow! this is awesome! Great work!
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Very nice!
Can I Use your images to make Pokemon fusion video?
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I am in awe of that Luxray and Noivern fusion, it is so gorgeous! You have such amazing skills! How long have you been drawing?
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I love all of these but the Mega Gardevoir/Darkrai has all my yes. Love how you've blended them, and love the colors used. And so smooth, too. :love:
Awesome job! :D And happy Thanksgiving!
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