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Out of darkness

uhmmm.... this is some sort of greyfox-assassin-ninja-robot-guy :iconpokerfaceguyplz:

this was lurking on my HDD since a month now. i still have this massive art block thing, but i followed some advices people gave me (like watching a movie/listening to music or just keep drawing) at least i finished something today.

so this image is dedicated to all the awesome people who wre helping me with this problem! thank you!
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reminds me of the old Cyberpunk RPG - Full Body Conversions. Woohooooo! 
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Erinnert mich an Warframe, nur sieht deins wesentlich besser aus! :D
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Now that is cool
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How do you even come up with this? Seriously, I have the hardest time with stuff like this. Amazing!
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He like look badass!! Ene (Smile) [V7] 
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These look amazing!
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When I see your art work, it gets me inspired to draw something. Then I start to draw something and it just looks 'ehhhhhh' compired to your art, so i just give up xD ill stick to cats x3
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Man i do so feel you on this particular art block! LOLOLOL!! But trust me your artwork rocks!
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I can see this in Metal gear rising
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Amazing work! You've got incredible skills.
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Simply awesome!
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People like you make me jealous of your art skills, and the fact that you can do more than simple doodles, but that's a good thing!
I really like your Anthro and cyber/future/robot-ninja stuff, especially the details and imagination put in, keep up the great work! :icongrin--plz:
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Go fuck yourself.
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I like the red mark, it really adds character - well done!
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Love the helm!
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Anyone else sees the Penguin(batman series)-like face in the abs zone?
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